People often think that Feng Shui is a way of arranging a home that contains a lot of mystery in itself. In fact, Feng Shui is an art form and science of living and working in a properly regulated environment

It deals with the flow and circulation of life energy called Chi which is dependent on yin (positive energy) and yang (negative energy).

The universe is a vast energy field. Feng Shui studies that energy, its movement and how it acts on us directly or indirectly.

It leads to improvement of the quality of life, health and love.

It helps to find a favorable location for an apartment, house, create a Feng Shui office space, to sort out the interior decoration, environment and repair the health and energy balance, develop your career and private business.

Feng Shui for office

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The office place is a part of our everyday lives where we spend most of the day. If you work in an office, a few Feng Shui tips can greatly assist you in establishing harmony and positive energy in the workplace.

Offices arranged according to Feng Shui are pleasant places where harmony increases your productivity, positively affects your relationships with the coworkers and helps to get the work done faster and easier.

Although you cannot move the office furniture as you want and make big changes, you can do a few simple things to create a Feng Shui office that will protect you from negative energy and make your office a pleasant and productive Corner.

Here, we will present to you some office Feng Shui tips.

Get rid of the negative energy

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It should be borne in mind that everything that happens in the area where you work, is “soaking” in the walls, objects and furniture.

So, the main idea behind “getting rid of negative energy” is to remove the deposited energy “rubble”, which is a consequence of negative emotions, events, thoughts and stress.

After cleaning, the energy is again fresh, it enlightens and can freely circulate through space.

There is a belief that old items capture the stagnant energy, especially if you have them in a big number.

Thus, some items from the past can still keep the emotion that you feel when you used them – sadness, depression, anger … Some items can hide bad memories even though they were not yours.

Well, if you want to get rid of negative energy, remove these items from your office. The first and most important step in Feng Shui is cleaning the area from the mess.

Overcrowded working paper, stationery and so on, lead to stagnation that will reflect not only the quality of work, but your mental state.

Remove everything that you are not using, arrange the documents and place them in closets or drawers.

Smartly arrange the entrance and let success come in

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According to the principles of Feng Shui, the door is considered the “mouth of chi” due to the fact that energy enters in the office through the front door.

According to Feng Shui, solid door represents the proper care of the office and retains the bad chi. The door should be always wide open, free from obstructions, ready to meet success.

How to position your desk

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If you design your desk according to the principles of this ancient Chinese wisdom, you will ensure a harmonious and prosperous flow of energy which in turn will bring you more business success.

The most important aspect in arranging the office is equipping the desk.

There are set of rules for how to create a Feng Shui desk and how to arrange the things on it. You should never place the desk so that you are facing with your back to the window. Never sit so that your back is turned to the door either because you’re vulnerable to attacks.

The best position is when your back is turned towards the wall. The desk should be in the corner of the door and looking toward the front door.

That way, thanks to the Feng Shui office desk you will actually welcome the success and the new opportunities.

Believe in yourself

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When you have made the most important changes, look around your office and figure out how you feel. Are you feeling comfortable?

Do you feel positive energy, or something is creating stress? Follow your instinct and continue with the arrangement.

Artwork and decorations

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When choosing photos, posters and images you need to pay attention to their symbolism.

In general, the images should not contain disturbing and depressing scenes (war, skeletons, lonely, sad faces, etc.), you should not include images of wild hungry animals (a lion or a tiger with open jaws, sharks et seq.), as well as dead animals.

Nature should be displayed on the mesmerizing way (avoid displaying a stormy sea). In the case of modern art, it is necessary to see how it affects you.

Certainly, photos of your family that present some happy moments will make you more productive and creative.

For decorating use various figures, decorative lamps and aromatic flowers, and souvenirs from trips. Check whether the symbolism of those items is acceptable.

Create balance

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The concept of yin and yang in space is one of the basic and most fundamental theories of Feng Shui, which is based on balance and change. Yin and yang are opposites that are interdependent and that should always be in balance.

Opposites move in a natural cycle and constantly change each other. Just as the changing seasons, yin and yang circle through the active and passive, light and dark … They are mutually dependent – when yang weakens, yin strengthens.

To choose the right location for your office and the right way to arrange the space, you should be familiar with the principles of yin and yang.

The right balance of yin and yang depends on the purpose of the room. Generally, the offices in which we work should have more yang than yin characteristics, but yang should never be the predominant.

What about the chair

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The chair that you use in your office should provide a maximal comfortability. Hard chairs are much more effective for the lumbar spine.

The rear part of the body needs something to hold and relies on. The health of the spine is crucial for everyone. To support your back you can also use anatomical pillow.

Feng Shui colors

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According to Feng Shui, colors in your offices play a major role in your mood.

If you use them smart, you will get the best strengths they affect, and if you make a mistake in their usage, they will fed your negative characteristics.

With choice of colors according to Feng Shui, you can create a more harmonic and productive environment.

The red color visually reduces the room while objects in red look bigger than they are. It is useful when we want to put an accent on something.

It also has a positive impact on prosperity. The yellow color is associated with light and intelligence. In the presence of this color the human gets optimism, reason and decision.

The green color reminds on growth, fertility and harmony. It rests the eyes and spirit, inserts optimism, freedom and balance.

The blue color is associated with peace and linked with spirituality, mystery and patience. The pink color encourages happiness and romance.

The brown color influences the regulation of weight and stability. It feeds safety and elegance. The white color symbolizes a new beginning, purity and innocence. It is creating freshness, but it can also be cold and lifeless.

Create the perfect lightning

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The most important element in the office is daylight, because it plays a major role in creating a positive atmosphere in the room.

Do not cover the windows with dark curtains, but also enable good ventilation and light, it is very important for the supply of energy, and also fresh air.

Regularly ventilate the office and put green plants that will bring freshness and beauty. If you do not have a window, buy lamps that emit warm white light.

Bring flowers

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According to Feng Shui, there are indoor plants that will bring positive energy into your office. It prefers the plants that have a round shape, because the life energy develops in cycles or circles.

First of all, it is important to discard all that is artificial flowers or plastic ones. The more such flowers you store, you become more negative towards yourself and the environment.

In a vase hold exclusively natural flowers placed in the middle of the table. It aims to absorb different aromas and toxins. Daily change the water and collect the dry leaves in order to last longer.

The only exception to this rule is the lavender, which can stay in the room even if it is drained. Lavender, besides being a symbol of peace and its smell nice and acts positively on everyone.

Get rid of the stress

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According to the traditional Chinese belief, music can break some energy schemes. The positive spiritual music breaks the negative energy.

Such music is also good for the office and the soul, because it creates positive thoughts and emotions. Also, the sea salt is great for cleaning the negative vibrations.

If you feel that your office has accumulated negative energy, sprinkle sea salt in the corners. You can also use essential oils to relax yourself and keep the stress to a minimum.


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As you can see, the Feng Shui principles can be applied to any type of room, even to an office. You can also use them to create a Feng Shui home office.

Good arrangement of the workspace, with offices distributed and maintained in accordance with Feng Shui rules, will create a healthy working environment and quality base for productivity and prosperity.

With respect to the principles of this ancient Chinese art, you will ensure a harmonious and prosperous flow of energy, which will bring more business success.

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