Garage door maintenance is important for two reasons: to keep your garage door in good working order and to help it last longer. It can also assist you in extending the life of your garage door, which wear and tear may prematurely cause it to deteriorate.

Depending on the material and care invested in it, a garage door may last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Some garage door owners, though, neglect to maintain their doors properly. Instead of investing a large amount of money on a high-priced garage door repair or replacement, consider performing these simple garage door maintenance procedures for your own gain.

Here is a list of garage door maintenance tips you can do yourself.

Visually Examine the Garage Door System

The most basic approach to determine if your garage door is malfunctioning is to visually inspect it. However, if you’re not sure what to look for, this may be complex. Here are some of the most common garage door component failures that you should check:

  • Rollers. The rollers must revolve along the tracks and their shafts.
  • Cables. You must get a garage door cable repair if the cables are broken.
  • Springs. Springs are prone to a lot of strain, which makes them potentially dangerous. It’s preferable to schedule a garage door spring repair rather than attempting to repair them yourself.
  • Tracks. Check for debris accumulation and remove it.
  • Bearings. Check for indications of wear and tear, damage, or bending in the bearings.
  • Weather seal. If there are any indications of dry rot or damage to the weather seal, it must be replaced.
  • Cable drums. Examine the cable drums to ensure that they are not cracked or deformed.
  • Garage door panel. Examine door dents and termite damage on wooden garage doors in steel or aluminum garages.

If a garage door component malfunctions, it must be replaced to ensure that the rest of the garage door system remains functional.


Test each component of the garage door.

An inspection of the garage door system may occasionally overlook a problem. As a consequence, it’s necessary to check the garage door components in addition to doing regular maintenance. The following are some of the garage door maintenance checks that you should do:

Garage door balance

By pressing the open and close button on your garage door opener’s remote control, you can determine whether or not its springs are properly balanced. If the door moves strangely due to faulty springs, cables, rollers, tracks, or mechanisms, there is a problem with them.

Auto-reverse mechanism 

Garage doors with automatic openers have safety sensors that trigger the auto-reverse module of the automatic opener if a obstruction is placed beneath it. If you put an obstacle beneath a garage door with an automated opener and it closes, rather than reversing its direction, it has malfunctioned.

Garage door opener remote program

Program the remote device for it before using the opener. Check to see whether the remote device’s button controls the garage door correctly after programming. If you don’t know how to program your garage door opener remote, you can always contact a professional to assist you.

Limit Switch Settings

Limit switches on garage door openers limit the distance that a garage door can open or close. If you set them incorrectly, your garage door will refuse to entirely open or shut. As a result, you should reset the limit switches on a regular basis to guarantee that your garage door works as it should.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance Work

The moving components and hinges in the garage door mechanism require silicone- or lithium-based lubrication every six months. It will decrease friction and make garage door movement smoother. If you’re not sure how to lubricate garage door parts, check the handbook or call a professional.

Tighten loose parts

Over time, garage door components such as brackets, hinges, and the opener’s drive mechanism can become loose due to vibration. As a result, if you find loose garage door components, you should tighten them with the correct tool.

Apply Finishing Treatment

If the paint on the garage door panels has faded, you can paint them again. Furthermore, by applying a termite-repelling finish to your wooden garage door, you may prevent termite attacks.


Garage door maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your garage door in good working order. It may save you money on garage door repair or replacement services. Hopefully, you will follow the recommendations outlined below to keep your garage door safe. A well-maintained garage door with a beautiful design may really boost home value and improve curb appeal. So don’t wait any longer; start doing some Garage Door Maintenance right now.

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