Electric Fireplaces: Keep warm, Keep simplicity

Simplicity is key with electric fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces needs plenty of woods or charcoals which unfriendly to the environment – they are also unfriendly to someone who needs warm air in 5 minutes. When you compare electric fireplaces to a real wood burning fireplace, you don’t have to be concerned about smoke damage or the smell of smoke lingering in your home. Electric fireplaces offer an innovative and convenient heating option for homeowners. Now get rid of the vents, screens, wood fireplaces and update your room. Install and start your electric fireplaces, sit and have some drink- enjoy all the atmosphere of a fire with none of the fuss or mess of a wood fireplace.

Electric Fireplaces: Create Modern Spot in Your Room with LED Flames

Electric fireplaces come in so many styles and designs, you can find one perfect for your decor. Wall mounts, freestanding mantel fireplace, recessed, and TV consoles, are some of the options you have.

From modern to traditional, electric fireplaces resemble a real fireplace so they add ambiance as well as warmth to your room. Built-in electric fireplace makes it easy to enjoy with dancing LED flames, authentic logs, and warmth when you want it.  Interested in Indoor Electric Fireplace? Choose from a range of models to add year-round ambiance to any space in your home with Costway.

Remember The Following Points to Durable Electric Fireplaces

Adjustable heat: Different heat settings will provide you with greater control over heat output and temperature, making the space feel more comfortable. A low-temperature mode of 750 W (2559BTU) and a high heating temperature mode of 1500W (5118BTU) keep you warm in winter.

Variable flame settings:  The ability of electric fireplaces to change color height, and intensity of the flames can help your set a cozy atmosphere. Choose electric fireplaces which have 5 modes of the brightness of flames. If you enjoy the look of the flames without any additional heat , choose an electric fireplace with heatless operation.

Timer: A timer allows you to run the fireplace for a specific length of time, automatically shutting it off afterwards. Coming with a timer, the fireplace sets you free by turning on and off at a previously selected time and automatically working from 0 to 8 hours.

Safe to Use with Different Ways: It is convenient to operate the heater both manually as well as by remote control. And the electric fireplace should gained certification from ETL and is equipped with a safety cut-off device for overheat protection.
Various Installation Modes: The fireplace not only can be wall-mounted but also can be embedded in the wall. Pay attention to the dimensions of your TV stand and cabinet.


How Long Does Electric Fireplaces Take to Heat Up a Room?

Since electric fireplaces use a fan to circulate heat into a room, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes to heat the space.  The air tends to stay warm for about an hour after the unit is turned off, so the electric fireplace acts as a good heat source and can save on energy bills.

How Much Does it Cost to Run an Electric Fireplace?

The total cost of running an electric fireplace depends on three main factors: power consumption of the unit itself, operating time and the cost of electricity in your area. Using the general specifications (120 volts, 1,500 watts, and 12.5 amps), we can provide a reasonable estimate of the cost to operate an electric fireplace. Currently, the average cost of electricity in the United States is approximately 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. This means it will cost you approximately 15 cents per hour to operate an electric fireplace.

If we extrapolate this number, we can provide several other cost estimates:

2 hours/day: $0.36/day or $10.95/month

6 hours/day: $1.08/day or $32.87/month

12 hours/day: $2.16/day or $65.64/month

(All the above data is only estimated cost based on the U.S average data. If there is any discrepancy between estimated cost and actual cost, then the actual cost will take precedence. )

How to Use Electric Fireplaces Safety and Keep Daily Maintenance?

Summary of Safety Considerations and Tips:

  • The main reason of safety of electric fireplaces is that an electric fireplace does not have real flames or needs venting. Simply turn down the thermostat if it’s too warm for the family room or living room.
  • Try to avoid bare skin touching hot surfaces.
  • Ensure UL certification, whenever possible. UL certification typically has tested in a lab where the unit is tested for potential hazards and finally approved if it meets strict criteria.
  • To reduce the risk of fire, keep all materials made of combustible substances, such as furniture, clothes, bedding, pillows, drapes, and curtains at a safe distance such as 3-5 feet away from all sides of the space heater or electric fireplace insert.
  • An electric fireplace safety can be increased by unplugging the unit when away from the home — especially for extended periods of time.
  • Although electric fireplaces are a nice option for room, avoid using bathrooms, laundry spaces, and other indoor locations, likely to be exposed to liquid or water.
  • Use an extension cord only if absolutely needed – as a heavy-duty, grounded cord. Please avoid extension cords overall. Best to plug directly into the wall.

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