It can be hard to know what housewarming gifts to get a friend or relative.

Everyone has different needs for their new home, and they certainly have different tastes! Some people need cooking accessories and utensils, others are looking for home décor.

Some people prefer an ornate look, others enjoy the latest technological toys, and others will want to keep things simple.

Housewarming parties can have a lot of people at them, each with their own housewarming gift. What should you bring as housewarming gifts? You don’t want to bring the same thing someone else did.

You also don’t want to bring something useless or unpleasant for the home owner. Good housewarming gifts really do make the new house feel like a home and are well-tailored to the homeowner’s tastes and needs.

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Here are some great ideas for housewarming gifts to give you a start.

Housewarming Gifts Etiquette

First things first: if the host told you—either in person or on the invitation—‘no gifts’, then don’t bring any gifts. There’s a reason they don’t want gifts. Instead, you should bring a smile, a good attitude, and possibly some baked goods if you really want to bring something.

There is no set spending amount for housewarming gifts. Your gift should seem heartfelt and personal. Look into nice gift boxes, but don’t feel the need to use the price of the gift to show how much you value your relationship with the host.

Spend as much as you need to in order to get nice housewarming gifts. Don’t feel any pressure to spend a certain amount. Sometimes a simple $10 spoon holder is more worthwhile toy our host than a $100 wall sculpture.

If your host tells you that they registered at a store, you should get something that is on the list. This makes everything easier for everyone involved. You don’t need to scramble for housewarming gift ideas and the host won’t desperately need to find a use for your housewarming gifts.

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He or she already knows what they want to do with the housewarming gift, since they basically picked it out! A lot of housewarming party gift registrations are at home improvement or home goods stores.

If a friend or relative is throwing the housewarming party for someone else, ask them about the home’s color scheme and style, especially if you’re buying home décor. They will probably tell you in the invitation.

As with any get-together, remember that you are a guest. Good friends get some leeway with all sorts of things, but housewarming parties often include coworkers and occasionally even supervisors.

There are often children in attendance, as well. Your gift should be appropriate. If you have a gift idea that a friend would love but won’t look good in front of coworkers or children, give it to them in private.

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Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts are a very old tradition, and so there are some traditions you can rely on. As generic as these traditional housewarming gifts can seem, they really do make great housewarming gifts.

They are things that most people can use around the house or old symbols of good luck. There’s no shame in relying on these housewarming gift traditions. Don’t feel bad because you’re following them.

A candle is a very useful item, and also has a bit of symbolism to it. Scented candles are great for around the house. They can be used to add a bit of atmosphere to a space or to cover up particularly pungent smells from cooking.

Some have seasonal scents, like festive pine or pumpkin pie. A candle is also a symbol of hope, especially in dark times. Candle holders are nice additions, too, especially if you know it will fit into your host’s décor. Again, you can find all sorts of fun, festive candle holders, much like candles.

House plants always freshen up a space. Make sure you choose one that requires minimum maintenance, otherwise you are just giving your host another thing they have to do.

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Salt, spices and herbs are always welcome, particularly if your host cooks often. Modern specialty stores offer all sorts of different and interesting spices. Olive oil is another housewarming gift that works well for the same reasons. It’s often associated with good health, too, which makes it an even better one.

Wine is also a traditional option for housewarming gifts, as well as a good item to bring to any house party. Just be sure you know whether or not your hosts drinks. You should also see if they drink white or red wine, as some people don’t like one or the other.

If all else fails, get a gift card! While it might seem like the lazy way out of getting housewarming gifts, it can work very well for a host you don’t know well, or one you do know is very particular.

If you know that someone likes to go to the movies, for instance, bring a gift card for the movie theater. If you know a friend has a favorite restaurant, get a gift card for it.

This is also a great option for couples with children, since they are often on a budget and could probably use a date night. Going to a party for a book lover? Get them a bookstore or Amazon gift card (actually, you can probably get anyone an Amazon gift card).

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People will appreciate a gift card, whether you know them well or not. It’s more personal than giving them cash, while still being quite useful.

Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Personalization is quite easy these days. A quick web search shows a number of options for monogrammed towels, personalized welcome mats, and other items you can get for particular people or families.

This can be a great addition for a new home, as it will do the ‘warming’ of a housewarming. A home that was only just recently filled with boxes can use a nice human touch to help people settle in. If a homeowner recently moved cities, this can be even better, as it helps them know they are welcome here.

If you’re getting housewarming gifts for a family, items that are personalized with their family name are a great idea. What can you get with the family name on it? Doormats, pillows, dishes, ornaments, signs, wall décor…pretty much anything. Young families or recently married couples really appreciate this, as it is a sweet touch to remind them of their togetherness.

Monogrammed towels, whether for the bathroom or the kitchen, are a great choice, too, especially if you know someone doesn’t have many or any. They are practical and the monogramming adds a nice personal touch. You can also find a door mat with monogramming, as well, which is a great housewarming gift for the same reasons.

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A recent thing to do is to get a pillow or sign with the house’s grid coordinates or latitude or longitude on it. This is a cool touch, especially if your friends have been looking forward to their own home for a long time. It commemorates just how special this house is to them.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, you can find many stores that will engrave items to your specifications. They can not only engrave names and dates, but also images and other decorative touches. Any item that can have an engraving surface fitted on it can be personalized like this.

Homemade Housewarming Gifts

If you want to give some great unique housewarming gifts, make them yourself! This is a great option for people on a budget, since it’s generally cheaper. You can make some really creative housewarming gifts with just a bit of effort.

If you already crochet, you can make some nice items for your host. There are a lot of patterns and instructions available on the internet and in hobby stores. If you’re looking to learn how to crochet, this is a great excuse! Just give yourself time to make it before the housewarming party. A lot of crochet patterns make for some very cute housewarming gifts.

All of this holds true for embroidery and cross stich, too. These skills can make for some amazing personalized housewarming gifts. Not only can you include your host’s name, but you can also add other personal touches: favorite flowers or animals, an image of their actual house, a shout-out to your host’s profession, or some humor. These items can become prized elements of home décor that will hang on your host’s walls for years to come.

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Pottery that you made or a painting that you created are great options, too, as is any item that you make as either a profession or a hobby. Your main investment will be time, which always means a lot to the host of the housewarming party.

Depending on the project, you can get your children in on it, too. Family enjoys this and creating the housewarming gift makes for a great family bonding experience. It can be a fun item to see around as your children grow up.

If you are on a very tight budget, consider creating a takeout menu book, especially if you know a friend is new to the area and eats a lot of takeout or delivery meals. Give your friend options more interesting and unique than the nearest Pizza Hut!

Compile the menus from the best local takeout places so that all he or she has to do is grab the book and pick out what they want to eat. It makes life much simpler and saves you a bit of money.

Funny Housewarming Gifts

Nothing makes a house a home quite like a sense of humor. If you are close friends with your housewarming party hosts, giving them a funny housewarming gift is a great idea. There are few things better than making friends laugh and this is a great opportunity to do so.

What are some cool housewarming gifts you can get your friends that will make them laugh? There are a lot of funny quotes out there about a place being home, like “I like this place and could willing waste my time in it” and “Home is where they have to let you in!”. You can get pillows, doormats, signs, and other décor items that feature these quotes in fun colors and fonts.

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For pet owners, there’s all sorts of fun home décor items that have fun sayings about their pets. A quick internet search yields up a lot of options.

You can find cutting boards and specialized holders for all sorts of things with clever sayings on them that might be perfect for your friends and their new home. You can find a lot of funny unique housewarming gifts at all sorts of price ranges.

If your friend is a quirky sort of person, look on Etsy or specialty sites for great items. Have a friend who loves old B monster movies? Get him or her a little needlepoint wall décor that features the King of Monsters and the line “May Godzilla destroy this home last.”

These kinds of items are great personal touches that your friends will really love. You’ll probably see them around every time you visit, the sure sign of a great housewarming gift.

If a funny saying or image don’t seem right, then try something a bit more original. For wine drinking friends, get them a bottle of wine and tie a hammer to it with a sign saying ‘take a break and get hammered’. You can do this sort of silly pun with all sorts of items. Be creative and have fun with it!

Practical Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts that will see use are always appreciated. If this is someone’s first real house, they will be wanting a lot of items, some they might or might not know they need or want. A real kitchen needs real kitchen utensils, after all, and your own experiences might show a particular item is very useful for the house.

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If you know someone has a hobby, see if you can find something that might help them with that hobby. It could even be something that you’ve known they have wanted for a long time, something that they’ve mentioned before.

If someone has simply told you ‘oh, just bring something practical’ what kinds of housewarming gifts should you get? Well, it’s important to have a sense of the person you’re buying for. See if you can find out his or her hobbies. From there, a quick internet search can point you towards items that will help them with that hobby.

If they drink a particular kind of alcohol, get them items that improve the experience of drinking it, like wine bottle sealers or whiskey stones. Items that help out with the local climate, like a heated blanket for cold weather or a fan for hot summers, are good choices. Friends and coworkers always appreciate the show of concern from these sorts of gifts.

This writer is also of the opinion that no one can ever have enough long kitchen spoons and/or spatulas. Most of them seem to be dirty when you need them. Wooden ones also eventually get warped, and accidentally leaving the plastic ones near excessive heat can destroy them.

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It’s a fairly cheap gift. Even very nice ones are inexpensive. This is a very good gift to pair with a nice spoon jar that matches your host’s décor.

If you’re looking to spend a decent amount of money, get your host a Roomba or similar item. These are some of the most practical housewarming gifts you can buy. Modern robotic vacuums can have all sorts of fancy settings. They can be set to run at certain times and have different brush attachments for different kinds of issues.

Pet owners in particular appreciate these vacuums, since they keep pet hair from accumulating throughout the home. These are great labor saving device that can make a big difference in the lives of homeowners.

There are Roombas and other robotic vacuums available at a variety of prices, so see what’s out there.
If your host has a limited amount of space, consider bringing food or drink.

This is always welcome at a party, where food tends to run out or not be to the tastes of some people. It’s also a great way to show off your baking or cooking skills. During the holidays in particular, homemade cookies are always appreciated. Even if it doesn’t get eaten at the party, it can be kept as a snack for later.

A bottle of wine is a very traditional housewarming gift, but beer also works for food and drink. For non-drinkers or more child-oriented housewarming parties, consider bringing soda or juice. Food and drink are perhaps the most practical of housewarming gifts, so don’t count them out if you are having issues thinking of housewarming gift ideas.

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Housewarming Gifts for Men

Getting housewarming gifts for bachelors can be very hard. Guys are notoriously terrible about giving friends and family good gift ideas, and they often do not decorate in the same way as couples, families, or women.

You might find yourself at a loss as to good housewarming gifts for a bachelor’s housewarming party.
If you can’t think of anything to get for your male housewarming host, see if you can learn his hobbies and interests.

If you find out he likes to BBQ, you suddenly have more options for housewarming gifts than you can imagine. The same goes for cooking or even an enjoyment of fine liquor. Spices, utensils, specialized accessories like whiskey stones or specialty meat thermometers are great gifts.

For sports fans, get them barware, coasters, or other useful times with their favorite team’s logo. Athletes might like fancy ice wraps or other items to help theme excel at their sport. Golf players could enjoy personalized golf balls or nice shirts for golfing.

Not every guy is that easy to shop for, however. If this is a man’s first home, however, it isn’t too hard. Basic kitchen items are a great choice, as are towels. A lot of guys have never thought they might need these things, and suddenly they have a lot more space to decorate and accessorize.

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Cool storage items might also be a good choice. Masculine art, like cool movie posters or industrial photography, might be helping fill the empty wall space your host suddenly finds he has. While a single man might not think he needs or want these sorts of items, he’ll find that women will notice what is missing when they visit.

Practical housewarming gifts are always smart, too. Look for items that will make life easier, like bottle openers or kitchen items. Even if your host probably already have these things, see if you can find versions that have a bit more personality.

A clever Star Wars themed knife holder will still mean a lot to a man who has a perfectly serviceable normal knife holder. The internet is your ally. You are not the only who has trouble shopping for a single guy.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

All that said, here are some more specific ideas for housewarming gifts. We’ve tried to keep them to small, somewhat unique items that are sturdy, useful, and reasonably priced. Take a look and see if they work for the upcoming housewarming party in your life!

Foodie and Cocktail Dice

A great way for a cook or cocktail aficionado to decide on what to make for dinner.

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There are a wide variety of bird feeders available, ranging from traditional ones for songbirds and some very lovely ones designed for hummingbirds. Make sure you get one that is squirrel proof and also designed for birds native to your location.

Combination Bottle Opener and Corkscrew

Wine? Beer? Why not be ready for both? Excellent for parties or everyday use, this is another item the writer has found one cannot have enough of.

Address Labels

While these seem pretty simple, they are also often overlooked by homeowners. Make some up. New homeowners will be especially touched, as having an address label with the address of your first house means a lot. You can get all sorts of fun and creative designs printed on these, offering a great way to add a further personal touch.

Key Cover Caps

For the household with too many keys! These caps help sort out what keys are for what. Some homes have different keys for front and back doors that may look exactly alike. By some occasional fluke, office keys can even look like house keys. Marking them can be a great help! These key cover caps can also be a great way to add personality to a key ring, as well.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one of those items we all need but we are all constantly running out of. Giving a friend a stack of it at a housewarming gift will save them money, time, and possibly an embarrassing, annoying situation. It’s also a rather funny gift that makes everyone giggle.

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Starter Coffee Supply

Great for the new homeowners on the go. Coffee is another crucial home staple that always seems to be running out. Help your friends out by giving them some pretty nice coffee, especially if it’s their favorite kind.

Crumb Catching Board

This kitchen item helps keep the house clean and is one of those innovations most people don’t think of.


Coaster sets are rarely people’s first buy, but they are great for protecting furniture and keeping surfaces clean. The designs and themes are limitless, so you can find some great ones that are perfect for your hosts. If they throw a lot of parties, they’re especially great, as drinks end up all over a house during events.

Shower Speaker

These waterproof speakers can play music from FM radio channels and Bluetooth enabled devices. They’re great for singing along during a morning shower or for playing relaxing tunes during a bath. Sports fans will love them, too, as they’ll never miss another moment of the big game again if they can listen in during a shower.

Night Lights

A great item for a new house, these offer subtle light that illuminates a dark room but doesn’t hurt sleepy eyes. They’re great for kids and help keep nightmares away, but also useful to keep adults from bumping into walls of chairs when moving around unfamiliar spaces.

You can find them at all sorts of price ranges and in all kinds of different shapes. Some have features like also releasing sweet scents from scented oil jars for multifunctional purpose.

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Spice Jars

One of the great things about a real house is that there’s now a kitchen big enough to display all sorts of things, including some cool spice jars. There’s all sorts of beautiful, clever, and fun spice jars available.

These are great for anyone, whether they’re a foodie or simply desire to cook more. It gives the homeowner a chance to add a bit more personality to a kitchen.

His and Hers Pillow Cases

These are great gifts for new homeowners, especially if this is their first home together. They often feature cute and/or funny designs that look great together or apart.

Makeup Organizer

These offer a great way to keep makeup from ending up everywhere. Busy, hurried mornings can result in a chaotic mess, but these items keep that from happen. You can find these in elegant home versions or in travel-friendly styles, all in a number of sizes.

Shower Organizer

While a few homes have a shelf in the shower to help organize shampoos and body washes, many do not. You can find shower organizers in a very large variety of styles. Some hang from the showerhead, while others stick to a wall. Others are little collapsible shelves that are great for anyone with physical issues.

These shower organizers often provide numerous shelves, dividers, and hooks, to help make sure that bottles and other items stay organized and upright. Many are structured so that shampoo bottles can be kept upside down, making it easier to get every last ounce of shampoo.

Image source: FitzHarris Designs, Architects + Designers


While a vase might not be immediately useful, they often come in handy for displaying various items. Sometimes a new homeowner might find a gap in their décor or want to display some poinsettias somewhere for the holidays.

Those who garden as a hobby might enjoy the opportunity to display cuttings for a fresh, naturalistic addition to their home design. There are a lot of beautiful and fun looking vases out there, including some that are pretty humorous.

Smart Item Finders

Does your host have issues finding his or her keys? These Bluetooth-enabled trackers guide people to their attached items through their linked phones or tablets. Many of them also have the item send out a sound to help them be found. You can find these are a lot of different price points and complexity levels.

Key Holders

A key holder will help keep a home organized. You can find all sorts of fun ones out there, either character, funny sayings, or simply clever designs. There are ones that attach to walls like pictures and others that attach magnetically. These can be used for more than just keys, like badges for work or lanyards. If they’re sturdy enough, they can even hold small purses.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Auto pet feeders come in a number of styles, from water jugs set up to fill a bowl from throughout a week to ones you can program from an app on your iPhone. Busy pet owners will appreciate these time-saving items that help them make sure their pet is taken care of. If you choose one of the more complex, programmable auto pet feeders, make sure it is compatible with your host’s phone, as some have operating system restrictions.

WiFi Range Extender

These are great for large homes or homes with thick walls. With a wifi range extender, anyone in the house can get a good wifi signal, whether in the kitchen or across the house in an upstairs room. It’s a great device for families where people can be anywhere in the house on a given evening.

Image source: E.R. Miller

Smart Plug

These are very neat little devices. Smart plugs allow homeowners to turn electronics on and off with an app on their phone from anywhere. If someone is worried they left their hair straightener on, for instance, it can simply be checked and turned off if necessary from the app.

Some of these items (new developments always have more than one version) have scheduling features that mean you can regulate a child’s television time or have nightlights automatically turn on at a certain hour.

Digital Art Frame

These picture frames are a screen set in a frame, meaning the display can easily be changed. They can even scroll through different pictures and many can also display video. Cheaper ones can be controlled by connecting them to a computer, though many newer ones can be controlled by a phone. It’s a great way to display pictures without having to go through the hassle of printing them.

Portable Speaker

A great gift for people whose hobbies take them to the yard, shed, or garage. These speakers are normally quite small and can link to wifi and Bluetooth to play whatever music the listener wants. A lot work as hands-free devices as well when linked to a phone.

Mobile Charging Ports

A lot of mobile charging points have some very clever designs. The lamp designs, in particular, are great, because they reduce the length of cords required to charge your phone at your desk or nightstand. There are also some great clock designs that look really good in minimalist home interior designs.

Image source: TZS Design

LED Liquor Shelf or Stand

Give your mixologist host an awesome way to display their liquor collection, or give someone a way to show off their prized liquor bottle. It adds a very professional and modern look to any bar area. These items also look great as mood lighting for those who don’t drink.

Wine Decanter

For the wine aficionados in your life, pick up a wine decanter. Even if they have one, having another means they can serve different kinds of wine. A quick perusal of the internet can show you all sorts of decanters, from some with scientific reasons behind their design that help wine taste better to others that are simply designed to look cool and fun.

Aroma Diffusers

If you want to give your hosts a candle but know they have all-too-curious children or want to give them something more unique, get an aroma diffuser. Some of these slowly heat essential oils to release lovely scents throughout a home, while other slowly melt wax to do the same and provide a soft glow to a space as well.

You can find some very simple versions or more complex ones that allow you to modify a band of color changing LED lights. These aroma diffusers also allow for scents to be changed out very easily and from a very large catalog.

Wall Mounted Planters

Wall-mounted gardens are very trendy and modern, allowing a touch of naturalism inside in a quirky way. They’re a great way to bring plants indoors while not taking up any floor space or table space.

Bedside Essentials Pocket

For a bedroom with no space for a nightstand, these pockets are meant to offer easy access to everything someone might need while hanging out in bed. You can store tablets, reading glasses, lotion, and books all close at hand. It’s also great for use on a couch to hold a remote, snacks, or make sure you don’t lose your phone in the cushions.

Image source: Kropat Interior Design

Home Repair Guides

While your housewarming party host might be pretty handy, a new home comes with new home repair challenges. A number of books on home repair have been published in recent years to help people figure out how to do everything from unclog a drain to sewing on a button.

Many of these handbooks are designed to stay open as someone follows their large, well-illustrated step-by-step home repair instructions. There are often a lot of very helpful charts, as well. Some are quite funny. These books are great gifts for any first-time homeowner and a great confidence builder for anyone who wants to learn how to ‘adult’ on their own.

Salt and Pepper Sets

If you know your host’s tastes or décor, think about bringing them a fitting salt and pepper shaker set. There are a lot of cute, clever, and even elegant versions of these shakers. Sometimes they are even paired up with a matching sugar bowl. You can get personalized versions, too, which are really great for young families and new couples.

Popcorn Maker

One of the many wonders of the modern world is kitchen popcorn makers that can fit on your countertop. These are a great addition to movie nights or even snack time. They produce popcorn hat is often healthier than the kind you get from microwaveable popcorn bags. Some versions even use a hand crank, which is a lot more fun for kids than you might imagine.

Fun Snack Plates

Colorful, fun snack plates are a great housewarming gift. They’re useful for everyday activities as well as parties, often prompting a smile once they’re brought out of the cupboard. They’ll help keep the house clean and keep people from eating off napkins or paper towels.

Image source: Mosaik Design & Remodeling

Blankets and Throws

Soft blankets and throws are always appreciated. Whether used by guests or children, these cozy items get used a lot and see a lot of wear and tear. A lot of people switch hem out for different seasons and holidays, so feel free to get ones based on Christmas or spring.

Bird Watching Glasses

Great for friends who love nature, these make some of the best housewarming gifts to pair with bird feeders. Get a bird watching book to go with them, as well.

Wine Bottle Holder

A lot of wine lovers do not have one of these. They can be found in a variety of designs, from elegant to fun, and many sizes, from large wall-mounted ones that create a sort of miniature wine cellar to others that fit on countertops.

Family Tree Print

If you’re going to a family member’s housewarming party, see if you can get a customized family tree print. It’s a lovely addition to living rooms and kitchens, a way of making a house a home and reminding a family of their closeness while honoring those who came before.

House Planters

Perfect for a gardener with a small yard or seasonal limitations, these planters allow flowers and other plants to be kept inside. Foodies can even grow fresh herbs inside them. Many clever modern planter designs reduce the amount of care that plants require every day.

Image source: Mr. Mitchell

Sets of Mugs or Glasses

Perfect gifts for a homeowner who is just starting out, a nice set of mugs or glasses is a worthwhile addition to a home. You can find some sets that are very specialized, like particular styles of beer glasses meant for drinking particular kinds of beer. There are a near infinite number of styles out there, ranging from serious to silly, turning almost any set into a personalized gift. You can, of course, get sets with a family or individual name printed on them.

Snack Platter

Perfect for parties or simply lazy Saturday afternoons, a snack platter is a very practical housewarming gift. You can find them designed around serving meat and cheese or other similar snacks. Other kinds are designed to serve chips while offering dip in a conveniently attached bowl. You can also find them in any style, from fun to themed to simple to incredibly modern.

Gift Baskets

Whether you know your host loves bath items or simply want to give him or her a taste of local treats, a gift basket makes for a wonderful housewarming gift. Gift baskets always have a personal touch and can be a very good option for a budget. You can even make them yourself. This is great if you live in an area with a lot of small boutiques and local color, especially food.

You can also make a gift basket that is a ‘new home kit’ including anything you think a new homeowner might need. It can also be a very funny item if you select or make one designed to poke fun.

If you choose the right basket, you have also given them a nice storage container for any number of items. Pre-assembled meals sometimes come as gift baskets, saving your host time on food prep some busy evening.

Image source: Kathy Campbell

Fruit Bowl

Perfect for a well-trafficked kitchen, a fruit bowl provides healthy snacks to anyone passing through. These are really great for health-conscious homeowners or families with children as it makes fruit immediately available without having to open any doors.

They are also great decorative pieces that give a room a fresh, natural element. Some fruit bowls include attached hangars for bananas, offering the best way to store different kinds of fruit. You can find them made of almost any materials for the perfect look in any kitchen.

Phone Speakers

Wanting to listen to music nowadays usually means streaming it from your phone. Phone speakers increase the volume of the music played and often sound better. They can be found with cords that connect to a headphone jack or with Bluetooth capability.

Using a phone speaker means that you don’t have to mess with your phone case or tax your phone’s battery too much. Some phone speakers are also charging docks. You can even find very cool phone speakers that don’t require power, but are simple wood carved so that sound is amplified.

Personalized Door Mats

A family usually is proud to let people know whose home they’re entering. You can find a verity of doormats for a home’s entrance, letting people know they’re welcome to a particular family’s home, or delivering some fun quips about the people who live there.

A personalized doormat often makes everyone smile, whether they are residents or just visitors. Many serve practical purposes, allowing mud, snow, and dirt to be scraped off of shoes before entering the house. These personalized doormats work for front doors, back doors, and even side doors.

Image source: Rugs that Fit

Nice Storage Boxes

While these items might seem silly, you would be surprised by how useful a nice storage box is. They corral clutter, whether useful or not, into a space where it can be easily found, kept compact, organized, and look nice.

You can find sets of good looking wood or paper boxes that have a variety of sizes that can be used all over the house. Even if these housewarming gifts end up being kept in a closet or garage for a few years, these storage boxes are very useful items for everything from toys to phone chargers.

Egg Separator

While it’s quite possible to spate eggs with normal kitchen items, an egg separator makes it much faster and easier. These items are perfect for making food from egg whites or creating a variety of recipes. They’re a simple innovation that can work for a budget and will be appreciated by any new homeowner.

Chip Clips

Ever had a bag of food in your home that went stale? Chip clips are the answer. Simple, cheap, and available in a variety of designs, chip clips are great housewarming gifts because they have a number of uses. They can be used for potato chips or dog food. Even if your host already has chip clips, they’re easy items to run out of, break, or loose.

Ending thoughts on these housewarming gifts

The best housewarming gifts are personal and useful for a new homeowner. Whether you go a traditional route or look for something more modern, it’s fairly simple to find a good housewarming gift with these tips.

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