Home renovations can be a big undertaking, depending on what kind of work you want to do in your house. There are many possibilities when the project falls onto the basement. Fundamental changes can cost from around USD$1,000 to USD$3,000. Significant renovations can range up to USD$30,000. But many factors affect the average renovation cost this year, and you can break down the expenses to determine how much budget you should have. Below are ways to determine the potential cost of your project.

Factors Affecting Renovation Costs

Room Conversion

Having a basement increases the home’s resale price a bit. A basement offers flexibility because a homeowner can turn it into a living space, recreational room, office, or guest room. A basement with a 12×12 foot size may cost around USD$1,200. But if you add another feature such as a bathroom, the cost can be around USD$7,000. If you’d like to have your basement renovated, you can also contact construction services similar to Reno Duck which specializes in basement remodeling.

If you are to base the renovation costs on room size, you can get around the cost of expenses per square foot:

  • Small: 300 – 700sqft (up to USD$52,500)
  • Medium: 700 – 1500sqft (up to USD$112,500)
  • Large – 1,500 – 2,000sqft (up to USD$150,000)

Remodeling costs can also vary if the size of your basement size doesn’t fall under the given options.

  • Average Cost (National) – USD$18,500
  • Common Range – USD$ 5,100 – USD$7,150
  • Low End – USD$5,000
  • High End – USD$70,000

Hiring Contractors

The cost of basement renovation will depend on whether you’re going to do the work by yourself or if you’re going to hire professionals. Those without building experience will work with contractors because they know building codes, ventilation, plumbing, and installing electric points. Electricians will charge between USD$50 to USD$100 per hour. For plumbers, they’ll charge between USD$45 to USD$150 per hour, depending on the complexity of the plumbing. If you want to work on the walls, hiring painters will also cost USD$15 to USD$20 per hour.


The basement must keep dry no matter what the reason for the remodeling project. It’s considered the most expensive renovation task and can reach up to USD$4,500 on a national average. More problems can arise if you delay waterproofing your basement, increasing expenses.

All basements will take in water because of misdirected gutters, wrong pitches of landscapes, and mulch that gathers water against the foundation. About 80-90% of moisture problems in the basement start because of these exterior problems. Before fixing the inside, you must take care of the root cause.

Ask your contractor to install a pump if your basement doesn’t have any. It also won’t hurt to have a backup if the main one fails. It’s critical, especially if the basement is to house family members or tenants.


The purpose of the basement should indicate the type of flooring you need. Since basements are built under the ground, using wooden flooring is detrimental and is easily damaged by moisture levels. If you want it to be a comfortable living area, choose ceramic tiles, vinyl tile, sheet tile, or carpeting. The materials used will cost differently, and the installation charges add to the renovation expenses.

Basement Framing

If you hire contractors, they’ll create the framing to determine where the spaces and the rooms are. That’s if you started with an open basement without any separations and you want to create rooms. The ballpark cost of framing is around USD$1,000 for a thousand-square-foot basement. But the price will depend on the existing layout and other structural issues.


Plumbing in the basement will require essential considerations because you’ll need proper drainage that correctly connects to the main sewer line. Some subcontractors from construction companies who work on a lone toilet in the basement can charge up to USD$2,500 for a macerating function instead of gravity to prevent clogging. On average, a bathroom fixture will cost up to USD$900, and a three-piece can reach up to $3,000 on fixtures alone.

Electrical Wiring and Lighting

On top of the per hour charges, rewiring costs usually depend on the basement size, sockets, switches, and electricity points. A standard basement will incur between an average of USD$1,000 to USD$1,500. If you add the cost of fixtures, each can reach between USD$90 to USD$250. Basements need extra lighting because of the lack of natural light sources. In some areas, the price of rewiring and lighting also relies on your zip code and the extent of electrical work.

In Conclusion

Whatever the reasons you have for remodeling your basement, it’s essential for you to have the primary and most important issues first to ensure the health and safety of the occupants. Moisture problems are catalysts for mold and mildew growth that can cause harm to your health. Renovations can also help reveal other potential problems that could lead to more expenses later. Be sure to scout for reputable contractors who can help you remodel your basement at reasonable prices while addressing the crucial areas.

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