If you’re aiming for the understated luxury look, you need the right MINDSET first.

If you’re conflicted, you’ll keep humming and hawing between your choices. Unfortunately, the chaos will be apparent in the interior design too.

Here are some useful tips to get you on the right track with furnishing and decorating your luxury condo.

Let Minimalism be Your Watchword

At every step of designing and decorating, you should weigh your options on the scale of minimalism.

Keep what’s necessary, and say goodbye to the rest.

Do you really need the antique chest in the living room? Or the extra couch in the living room?

If these things serve any purpose, don’t bring them into the Condo in the first place!

Unwanted furniture and unnecessary showpieces would only clutter the space. If you stick to a minimalist style, it’ll be easier to resist the temptation of buying and displaying such superfluous items.

Remember, luxury is not defined by the number of items used for decorating the condo. Instead of making your condo a museum of wonder, focus on thoughtfully curating a handful of items that are truly class-apart.

Go for an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is the latest trend in luxury Toronto condos for sale. The open floor plan combines the living room, the dining room and the kitchen in a massive common space.

This setup gives the family members the ideal environment to bond and spend quality time together. The ambiance is relaxed yet crisp, understated yet luxurious.

The combined living space can be planned and personalized to suit the unique needs of the family members.

If the family loves music, a drum set can adorn the living room, setting the stage for awesome jam sessions. For a family with kids or pets, the space can double up as their playroom.

Select an Understated Color Palette

For an elegant and stately appeal for your luxury condo, you’ve got to be wise about the colors.

Pure white is sometimes a choice for grand interiors. It’s grand alright, but it won’t help you keep the rest of the decor understated. When you add furnishings and artwork, even if they’re in soft pastel shades, they’ll pop out in high contrast against pure white walls. And that’s not what you’re aiming for!

The interiors should be pleasant but not vibrant. Neutral colors are the best choice for wall paint and furniture. If you must add a pop of color here or there, go for deep red, royal blue, bottle green, or black.

Bright colors and neons are a strict NO.

Choose Natural Materials

There is a growing popularity of synthetic materials like resin or acrylic in the modern furniture industry. While these materials may be more sustainable, they’re not ideal for an understated luxury condo’s interior design.

Natural wood is still the most preferred material among top furniture designers. Designers can exhibit true craftsmanship with these materials. And of course, natural materials symbolize class.

High-finish high-quality wood like teak, rosewood, or oak is the best choice for furniture. If you’re looking for a more expensive and rare wood, you can opt for sandalwood, African blackwood, or ebony.

Similarly, go for natural stone or wooden flooring instead of tiles or laminates. The natural beauty of these materials will complement your luxury condo brilliantly.

Jazz Things Up with Leather

Leather is incredibly versatile. In the traditional sense, it’s used for upholstery. But there are many other ways to use leather to add splendor to home interiors.

Leather carpets and rugs are ultra-luxurious yet blend subtly with the rest of the understated design theme.

Another option is to use leather for paneling the walls of the study room in your condo. It will give a very aristocratic feel to the room, even if it is small.

Coffee tables, center tables, and ottomans with leather table tops look very classy in the living room. Leather-finish wardrobe fronts and doors look very regal too.

There’s a catch!

Leather doesn’t fare as well in hot and humid climates. So if you’re designing the interiors of a waterfront condo or a condo in a high-humidity area, you’ll have to choose the right kind of leather too. Go for top-grain or bonded leather to resist the climatic effects on your leather furniture and furnishings.

Try the Tricks of the Lights

Your design plan should aim for lots of natural light. If the condo developer has planned the construction with large windows and skylights, your job is nearly done.

All you have to do now is to design the interiors keeping more open spaces around these windows and skylights so that the condo is well-lit and feels roomy.

If the condo doesn’t boast vast windows and natural light, you can always include a few strategically placed focus lights and make the place look bright and lively.

Ambient lights and chandelier lighting are also necessary to make your place warm and cozy for the evenings.

Be mindful of the lights you pick. The designs and style should be subtle and elegant. Look for chandeliers and lights designed in wood or metal with geometric frames that blend in with the overall minimalist look.

Dress Up the Walls

Can’t find the wallpaper with the pattern of your choice? And you’re not happy with a solid-color wall either?

Don’t worry. There’s a middle path you can choose!

A simple yet effective way to decorate the walls without making them look very noticeably decorated is to add trims or moldings, which may be white or the same color as the wall.

You can also go for textured wall paint to stay true to the understated luxury theme of your condo.

Limit the Personalization

No doubt, putting up personal photographs and collections lends more character to your place. But you need to keep the display very tasteful and limited.

Instead of displaying frames and frames of family pictures in every room, dedicate a single wall for this.

The same rule applies to displaying artwork. Don’t buy a lot of cheap paintings to fill up the condo. A few pieces by distinguished artists are better than a crowd of average ones.

If you exercise a little restraint while personalizing the condo, the place will exude its character and charm. That’s exactly what the understated luxury look is all about.


Following the tips and suggestions listed above, you can create a luxurious ambiance in your condo without pushing the limits too far. There is a magnetism in such subtle interiors that will make the condo look grand and dignified.

Here are a few more points you need to bear in mind, though.

Firstly, never compromise the quality of materials and fixtures. Don’t be lured by misleading offers. Always buy your supplies from a trusted supplier.

Secondly, executing the interior work of a luxury condo is also about striking a balance between the extravaganza and the bare essentials. Take inspiration from both luxurious and minimalist designs. But on the matrix, your choices should lean more towards minimalism.

Like we said before, you’ve got to achieve the right mindset and you’ll ace the understated luxury look that you’re aiming for.

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