When designing bathrooms, each comes with its own aesthetic, size, and function. Some people prefer showers over baths because they are more efficient and agree with their lifestyle. If you are one of these people, ensuring that your shower room has the right drain should be a top priority.

Shower drains ensure that the water you use during a shower does not collect around your feet. The water needs to be drained immediately for hygiene and safety reasons. You wouldn’t want to stand on your own filth or accidentally slip while showering. If you’re planning to buy a new drain to match your bathroom, consider these tips to pick the best one;

  1. Decide Between Linear And Point Drains

There are typically two categories when it comes to drain types, namely linear and point drains. Here at https://veitchstainless.com.au/, you will find a variety of drain designs that fit into these category types. Most homes have a point drain in their shower located at the center or corner of the shower floor. Point drains can drain water via a slope in the floor that directs water towards the drain. These drains are ideal for those who use minimal water in the shower and want a minimalist design in their bathroom.

On the other hand, Linear drains only recently became popular amongst homeowners. These types of drains can add drama to the ambiance of your bathroom. Linear drains are usually installed vertically near the wall that guides water towards the drain. It’s an out-of-the-box design idea that is great for homeowners who shy away from the traditional aesthetic. These are ideal for those who use excessive water while showering as it collects water quickly.

Linear drains are long and narrow and are somewhat expensive to install, so only consider them if you have the budget. You will have to decide which drain suits your lifestyle better and match it to the aesthetic of the rest of your bathroom.

  1. Consider The Grating Style Of The Drain

Grating refers to the framework style of the drain and materials used to allow water to pass through it. It can come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

To create a more uniform look in your bathroom, you can match your grating to the finishing in your bathroom. If you have a chrome finish in your bathroom, then you should get chrome grating style options for your bathroom.

With tile grate options, you can create a flawless finish for your shower, especially when you match the tiled grate of the shower drain with the rest of the bathroom. Grates need to remain in place but should be able to be easily removed for cleaning purposes by the plumber.

If you are unsure which grating to pick, ask a professional for advice on which option best suits your design style and lifestyle.

  1. Consider Your Shower Flooring When Choosing Between A Multi- Or Single-Piece Drain

In bathroom designs, the shower can become the room’s focal point. Each homeowner has shower floors comprised of different materials. Shower drain options can work well with the various flooring options. After you have decided between a linear or point drain, you can now choose between a single or multi-piece shower drain depending on the type of flooring you have in your shower.

Tiled showers with a pre-molded base or single-piece showers can benefit from having a multi-piece shower drain. This drain consists of brass, a rubber compression gasket, a brass locker ring, and a flange. Multi-piece shower drains are installed above the shower floor with all the other parts. It’s a great idea to install the drain before you can start fixing the base.

You can get a three-piece shower drain if your shower has a wooden subfloor. A three-piece shower drain can protect your wooden floorboards from any water damage that can occur during drainage.

On the other hand, consider the straightforward single-piece drain if your shower floors are tiled with a concrete subfloor. Single-piece drains can easily fit into a socket, and you can fix the filter to the top with a screw. Concrete is a good choice because it’s a durable material that doesn’t get water damage easily during drainage.


By taking note of these factors, you can choose the best shower drain for your bathroom and lifestyle. You can enjoy using your shower with your seamlessly designed drain that drains away all the water. Make sure to create a budget before deciding and consider all your options. Always consult a professional with experience in bathroom installations if you are unsure about your choice. Also, approach different companies to compare quotes.

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