Interior design and your personal choices when it comes to home décor are both entirely subjective things, and as such, it may well be the case that your best friend, family members, or even your husband or wife often question your style and vice versa.

The holy grail of interior design is to plan a space that is simultaneously comfortable and conducive to relaxation yet still on trend and fashionable, and so, in an attempt to help you achieve this balance, continue reading.

Embrace Minimalism

As you will have no doubt heard many times before, a tidy house does, indeed, contribute to a tidy mind, and with that being said, looking to design your décor around the theme of minimalism will certainly help achieve both style and comfort.

Elements of minimalism you may want to consider for your own rooms could include:

  • Add indoor plants to your bathroom and kitchen
  • Keep all surfaces as clear and free as possible
  • Ensure there is as much natural light in each room as you can
  • Prioritize neutral colors and simple shapes

Make the Radiator Shine!

Often, even when a person decides to entirely renovate one room or more, they seem to forget that the radiator is moveable and replaceable and so an upgrade should be considered when transforming the room. A heated room is a comfortable and relaxing one, and these days, there are a seemingly endless number of options for the style, shape, and size of units. If you want more wall space for furniture or belongings, then tall radiators are ideal. You may prefer more diminutive ones which blend into the background. Upgrade this and see how it brings both comfort and style to your room.

Learn All About the Art of Zen

Zen is the philosophical teachings of the Japanese-born way of thinking, which is all about balance. In the context of home décor, it means the balance of the physical positioning of your design features and the colors and hues you choose. Focus on timeless colors that are perpetually in style, such as light pinks, dusty browns, and light greys. Think carefully about any item of furniture or ornament you are considering – should they be bright and bold in color and design?

Get in Touch with Your Bohemian Side

Bohemian style is, when all is said and done, one of those interior design frameworks that essentially represent following your own personal preferences and abandoning any real structural motif.

Layering is also a key component of a room designed with the bohemian free spirit in mind, so let your creative juices flow and look for more unusual pieces that represent who you are and what you love.

Earthy Tones & Natural Furniture

Finally, to combine both a comfortable and fashionable aesthetic with a move towards a more environmentally friendly design framework, you could alternatively consider an English countryside aesthetic.

This means eradicating any industrial elements to your décor, such as brass faucets or metal chair legs, and repurposing and upcycling secondhand wooden furniture pieces. Additionally, stick to earthy tones and hues when deciding on a color palette, such as browns, grays, creams, whites, and beige.

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