If there is one thing that a man wants when it comes to their home – it’s a room that is entirely theirs, whether that room is a man cave or a bedroom; it just has to be some sort of room that they can go to relax, unwind, and hang out with their closest buddies.

So how exactly can you make a masculine atmosphere in a room when others might have to use it as well? Well, let’s take a look!

Darker Colors

One of the easiest ways to give a room in the home a masculine atmosphere is to use darker colors in terms of wall paint, décor, and furniture. You don’t want a light and airy room but one that speaks of mystery and strength.

Use black wood furniture with a medium red or burnt orange on the walls. Think décor in the form of treasured wall hangings, some custom made coasters, wooden coasters, a low-slung coffee table, etc.

Minimalist Furniture

Don’t get overstuffed and elegant furniture for that man cave – you want something that looks as if it belongs in a cabin or mountain retreat. Think plaid, minimalist furnishings, or sleek black leather. Throw blankets can work but make sure they aren’t visibly soft and fuzzy to keep the right atmosphere you are going with.

Hidden Storage

One mistake is to clutter up the room with storage options because while these things do keep everything in the room organized, it isn’t exactly “manly” to have delicate and slight cabinets. You want to have your storage hidden in the bottoms of furnishings, classic and rustic trunks, and even hidden storage for your guns. Keep the belongings out of immediate view which adds to the dashing mystery.

Clean Lines

Keep everything in the room nice and linear by using only items that have clean lines as well as the classic design. You don’t want to clutter up the room by using futuristic furnishings but instead, pick those that are clean-cut and look as if they fit together like one big puzzle piece.

Heavier Materials

The use of heavier materials, such as flannel, leather, corduroy, and similar textures will automatically give a more masculine vibe to the room. When you use light and sheer materials such as silk or chiffon – you run the risk of the room being overly feminine with no middle ground.

Include Facets of Your Personality

Avoid a boring room that looks as if it’s a showcase for a magazine, devoid of any personality or warmth. You want to bring in parts of your personality in terms of the decor and overall color scheme. For example, if you love to be outdoors and hunting/fishing – then showcase that with pictures of your favorite hunts, proud moments, signage, etc.

Used items

All too often, people tend to decorate with items that are meant purely for that reason and that reason only – decoration. You want a room that is filled with items that are beneficial to your daily routine or your hangout with the boys.

Think wireless speakers, a big-screen TV, a bar fridge, or whatnot to make the ultimate use of the space without having to move things out of the way that provides zero use.

Seating Space

It doesn’t matter if you are infusing the bedroom or a man cave with a masculine atmosphere – you want to increase the seating space. Seating space in a bedroom is just as important as seating space in a porch or kitchen.

You want somewhere you can sit down, take a load off, and complete random tasks. Think of trying to tie your shoes while sitting on the edge of a cushiony mattress (spoiler: it’s not fun). Get a sleek bench that sits at the foot of the bed. Or have stools and comfortable but minimalist chairs in your man cave.

Blackout Curtains

When going for a masculine atmosphere, you don’t want to install match curtains in a light and breezy shade; you want blackout curtains. Curtains that are heavy, thick, and darker in color (while fitting in the theme of the room). This way you can control the amount of natural light that seeps into the room in question.

Relaxation Corner

Install a relaxation corner in the room, whether it be the bedroom or a man cave, and have it reflect who you are as a person. You want to be able to use this space to unwind after a busy day and just relax.

Think of a reading nook with a heavy, golden lamp that could be out of a vintage movie or a big-screen TV on top of a wooden entertainment unit while the bottom shelves hold your vintage vinyl records and gaming consoles.

Shades and Contrasts

Keep things interesting by playing with different shades and contrasts in the room. Think darker colors that are brightened slightly with complementary color shades on the lighter side of the color wheel.

Or you can give a great visual impact by contrasting dark colors entirely; for example, having a black leather couch surrounded by black cherry furniture but a punch of color with a royal blue rug.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are numerous ways to decorate a room to create a masculine atmosphere that doesn’t include dirty clothes on the floor, unwashed dishes in various corners, and strange scents that permeate the air. You want masculine, not frat boy, when creating the perfect room.

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