It’s safe to say that if you’re a pet owner, you love spoiling your furry friend every chance you get! As you should, too. They are family and deserve a whole lot of love.

Sometimes, though, you just need your own space. It’s not that fun when you have to share showers and you find yourself standing in sandy dog fur after a trip to the beach. No, you need a pet-friendly bathroom to suit everyone.

It means guests don’t feel like they’re walking into a doggy kingdom or a cat castle. A pet-friendly bathroom is a clean space that invites all in a practical manner.

Whether you want to treat yourself or spoil your pets, everyone deserves the best. A pet-friendly bathroom will deliver comfort and convenience for all. Here’s how you can achieve it with some professional plumbing upgrades and other neat tips and tricks.

Install a Dedicated Pet Bath

If you have a dog, chances are you know just how messy those post-beach walks can be. Sure, you can hose off your pooch outside, but what about a dedicated pet bath?

A proper space for bathing a dog – or cat if you’re brave enough – means you can avoid dog fur in your bathtub or shower. It’s an additional feature that really spoils your best fur-riend.

Small dogs will be best suited to an inbuilt dog bath that elevates and contains. You don’t have to bend over as much, while the high sides reduce mess from splashing and unexpected shakes. Large dogs are better suited to ground level baths or showers. You want plenty of space – and you want to avoid lifting a heavy dog into a raised bath.

Installing a dog shower or bath will require some planning. This includes plumbing alterations, additional water outlets, waterproofing and tiling. Tailor-made plumbing solutions and installation may also be required, meaning your dog shower isn’t a quick DIY plumbing job.

Therefore, it could be best to consult with a local plumber before any work begins. You can assess whether it is budget-friendly to introduce a dog bath to your bathroom.

Handheld Shower Heads

Whether you choose to install a dog bath or stick with sharing a shower, make sure you upgrade to a handheld shower head. And if the full extent of bathroom plumbing involved with a dog shower is too much, a handheld showerhead installation is far easier.

Some professional plumbing will be required, however, it most likely won’t require any serious alterations. Shower plumbing is bread and butter for licensed plumbers who can swap over an old showerhead for a new one.

The convenience  of a handheld showerhead cannot be understated. You’ll be able to soak, wash and rinse with ease regardless of your dog’s size. There’s increased control so you can also keep the suds out of sensitive eyes.

Also look for a handheld shower head with adjustable settings. It’s beneficial for yourself, and your pets, as you can adjust spray pressure quickly. The extra reach and maneuverability will make pet cleaning a breeze.

Non-Slip Tiles

Paws and claws hate slippery surfaces. Have you ever witnessed late night zoomies and seen your cat or dog slide straight into a wall?! Just think about how much grip those little paws will have when you add soapy water on slippery tiled surfaces.

Textured tiles are a fantastic way to keep you, your family, and pets safe in the bathroom. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available with a durable textured surface that increases slip-resistance and stability. It’s just enough texture that you feel secure, but not as though you’re standing on gravel.

Meanwhile, you can also purchase DIY anti-slip mixtures from your local hardware store. Just use a sponge to apply the mixture to your tiles and it will safely alter the surface texture without damaging your bathroom tiles.

Purchase Hair Filters

If you regularly wash your dog in the bath, you probably spend just as much time cleaning up wet dog fur. And just like human hair, pet hair will seriously clog your drains. It’s better to be proactive than have to call out an emergency plumber for drain clearing services.

It’s easy to avoid any issues by installing a pet hair filter, or pet hair snare. Flexible and self-sealing, pet hair filters adapt to standard drains for incredible convenience. Now, they’re not the most attractive so you might not want one in your luxury bathroom. But if you have a dedicated tub for washing pets, a pet hair drain filter will be perfect.

Convenient Storage

A pet-friendly bathroom, or human-friendly one for that matter, is an organised one. Therefore, you should have convenient storage for all the toiletries, food, leads and harness, and any other accessory floating around.

Shelves and tubs are a handy way to keep everything in place. You can quickly pull out the right one so you have all the pet shampoos in one spot. You’re also less likely to mix things up if you label each drawer.

Also look into securing your storage. No one wants a nosy cat or dog tipping over valuable makeup or spilling bottles. Think about child locks so you can keep harmful chemicals out of the way, or store things up high so they’re out of reach.

A Safe Toiletry Space

This one’s for the cat owners. Consider where the litter box lives. You don’t want to step on cat litter every time you have to go to the toilet, however, the bathroom might be the best place for their litter tray.

If that’s the case, really consider the best location so you can all enjoy safe – and private – toileting. If you have a litter tray in the bathroom it would be best to look for an enclosed tray. That reduces the amount of litter spillage and increases the efficiency of cleaning.

Good Ventilation

Finally, let’s think about the ventilation. If you have a shared space for washing pets and humans, chances are it’s going to smell a little funky at times. Wet dog mixed with all the other normal smells of a bathroom can be a touch off putting.

That’s why ventilation is so important. Your ceiling exhaust fan will remove bad smells while also circulating air to reduce moisture build-up. Keep it on while washing any pooch. Or, if they dislike the sound, flick it on once you’re done to clean up the air.

If your bathroom has windows, throw them open! Nothing beats natural airflow. It will create a welcoming space for all and doggy smells will drift out the window – rather than into the house.

Look Elsewhere – Laundry or Mudroom

The most pet-friendly bathroom might not even be located in the bathroom. The laundry or mudroom could be the perfect place for your pet to call home!

Renovating or remodelling a house is the best time to consider a major upgrade. Plot out the ideal spacing in a bathroom and laundry to see whether you can fit a dog bath in either location. Also consider other elements, such as where a cat litter tray may go and where you want to store all your pet accessories.

Dual purpose equipment is always handy. Perhaps your laundry sink could double as a great place to wash the dog. It’s a more manageable space to clean as you’re not doubling up on people traffic. Meanwhile, the space underneath benchtops or counters can be pet friendly for storage, litter boxes and kennels/carry cages.

Your pet-friendly bathroom will be a space that suits you – and your pet – the best. You have to consider what’s practical and convenient. And once you have a clear image in your mind, it’s time to get creative and build the dream home!

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