Whether you love it or not, laundry is a chore that needs to be done on a regular basis. But with a smartly organized and multifunctional laundry room, it’s possible to make doing laundry less of a hassle and even enjoyable.

The Benefits of Getting Your Laundry in Order

Do you find yourself keeping hampers in various rooms throughout the house, or folding clothes on your couch? When you don’t have a designated space to do laundry, you might find yourself getting distracted by other responsibilities, or your home might feel cluttered. By updating your laundry room’s design, you’ll finally get the opportunity to create a dedicated space to do all your laundry-related tasks.

Another great reason to update your laundry room is that, if the space is neat and organized, you won’t mind spending time there. It’s understandable if you usually want to get in and out of your laundry room as quickly as possible, especially if it’s unfinished or disorganized. A more appealing and smartly designed space can certainly change this.

If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, it’s good to keep in mind that many prospective buyers are fond of organization systems. A well-designed, custom laundry room has the power to entice those on the market, and it can add more value to your home.

Custom Cabinets

Since your laundry room is a space where you spend plenty of time, it’s a smart idea to design it in a way that fits your workflow. When you keep all your laundry essentials in an easy-to-find place, you’re ultimately making your job easier in the long run. Custom cabinets give you lots of flexibility in how you can organize and present your laundry room items.

If you have high ceilings, take advantage of them! Wall-mounted custom cabinets can be installed above your washing machine and dryer. This allows for easy access to frequently used items like laundry detergent, softener, and bleach. This option is especially ideal for households with pets or young children, since the cabinets are out of reach.

Floor-to-ceiling custom cabinets are another smart way to maximize the vertical space in your laundry room. As these types of cabinets can be built with multiple shelves, you’ll never have to worry about lack of storage space. If wall-mounted cabinets aren’t suitable for your laundry room, then consider placing lower custom cabinets alongside your machines. With this option, you’ve got an opportunity to add a countertop which is helpful for stacking and folding clothing.

Decorative & Unique Touches

Final touches to your custom cabinets can make all the difference in your laundry room. It’s really the small details that help add more style to the space.

Brighten up the room with a splash of color. There’s no need to stick to neutrals here if you don’t want to – from pale yellow to emerald blue, you have many options to make the laundry room more fun and cheerful.

Cabinet hardware can also really help your cabinets shine. They offer much needed functionality, and help solidify a style within your laundry room. Take, for example, black cabinet bar pulls. If you pair them with lighter colored custom cabinets, the contrast is a delight to the eye.

A mix of open shelves and cabinets with doors offer a more airy and modern appearance, if that’s the look you’re after. This also gives you quick and easy access to items you frequently use.

Cabinet Lockers

Need another, more unique way to organize your laundry room? A cabinet locker might be just what you’re looking for. Cabinet lockers typically have multiple shelves and drawers, so all your essentials can be organized and easy to reach when you need them. Just like custom cabinets, cabinet lockers can be tailored to fit your preferences and requirements. They can be built with wood, MDF, or metal. You can choose an all-white finish for a fresh and bright look, or wood base materials if you’d like to add extra warmth.

Freshen Up Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is often treated as an afterthought compared to other spaces in the home. As a frequently used space, it’s worthwhile to give it some TLC. Explore your options for custom cabinets and get your laundry room more organized than ever before.

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