Burglars are on a quest to get in and out of your house as fast as possible. Often, they’ll choose your front and back door as the main point of entry. But what if the front and back doors aren’t that easy to access? In such a case, they’ll probably look for alternatives. Nine percent of the time, their alternative route is to access your garage.

However, the problem is that many homeowners tend to forget about their garages, sheds, and gardens when keeping their homes safer. This scenario can cause risk to these specific areas and the whole house for most of the places are linked together. And so, this leaves a danger for the possessions and lives of the people inside the house.

To prevent such possible misfortune, knowing how to keep thieves out of your garage must be a priority you shouldn’t ignore. This article will delve into some of those.

Secure Your Garage Door

Enhanced security systems that you put in place are useless if burglars can break into your property by picking out locks. And so, always remember the basics when planning to keep unwanted guests off your garage.

One of the basic practices you should apply is to keep your garage door secured. Avoid traditional doors made of thin metal that can be levered from either side quickly and can be peeled open using handy tools. Moreover, if there’s a side door with a standard turnkey lock in your garage, try upgrading it with something stronger. You can upgrade it by substituting its materials with steel and armor along with a deadbolt.

Likewise, you should never forget to use locks in the main door and the door leading into your home. You must also use heavy-duty anti-snap garage door locks paired with secure padlocks and bolts to add another layer of security. Also, the garage door locks you choose must be of high-quality, tamper-proof, and capable of withstanding force and handy tools.

Overall, if you’re thinking of having someone design and install your garage door, there are services that you can find online. You can also check Prestige Doors for more details.

Secure Your Garage Windows

Windows allow for natural light to enter your garage while livening up the look of the garage door. However, most burglars scan your windows first to see if they’ll find something worth stealing. They also check if it’s high time to break in by peeking into the garage window to see if the car is absent—a sign that nobody’s home.

You can add another layer of security to your windows by using curtains and blinds designed specifically for garages in such circumstances. However, if you always want to avoid reminding yourself to close the blinds or curtains and keep a naturally lit garage, you can opt for a translucent film over the window panes. You can also use frozen glass films that also allow for natural light without the need to become transparent.

Use Motion-Activated Lights

It can be ideal to use lighting to secure your garage and house. A home or garage with insufficient lighting can be an attractive target for thieves because they like to take advantage of the dark as another layer of concealment from other people. And so, it’s vital to have well-lit entrances to prevent burglary.

One way to light up your entrances is to use motion-activated floodlights. You can select a basic unit motion-activated floodlight that switches on when there’s a movement to more advanced ones that can send text alerts whenever the motion sensor is stumbled upon. You can install these lights in your garage windows and doors, in your garage’s boundaries, or even throughout your house.

Overall, doing this kind of installation can cause thieves to second guess their plan of breaking into your garage during the night. Therefore, think about this one approach when planning to secure your garage.

To Sum Up

Burglars are always on the job of entering your house and escaping it with zero problems. Usually, their point of entry is your front and back doors. But when these entrances aren’t accessible, they’ll try to access your garage.

The issue, however, is that homeowners tend to downplay their garage when it comes to home security. This action can leave such a particular place vulnerable and the entire house. And so, it’s necessary to know how to keep thieves out of your garage. This will help you keep your home more secure and prevent the loss of prized belongings. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you plan and prepare.

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