Regardless of whether you’re a person who loves winter or not, you cannot deny the fact that you need to prepare for the cold weather. If you don’t know how to keep yourself warm, then you’re just subjecting yourself to unpleasant moods and constant discomfort. During the winter and cold months, it is really hard to keep yourself warm, especially when you decide to go outside. This is why it’s so important to keep a few things in mind whenever winter and cold weather come around. Here are a few things you can do to help you feel warmer in the cold weather.

Layer Clothing

This is a very basic tip that almost everyone knows as far back as from their childhood, which is to wear layers of clothing. It is important to understand the function of each layer of clothing you put on to know what to wear so that you’re neither too cold nor too hot. The first layer- which is the base- is the underwear. This layer draws off sweat from your skin. The middle layer, which is the insulating layer, maintains your body heat so that it’s not affected by the outside weather. The outer layer, which is the last one, acts as a shell layer and protects your body from wind and rain. By using these layers, you can keep your body warm while you are outside.

Portable Heaters

Staying in will not prevent you from getting cold; even inside our homes, we need to find ways to stay warm. One option that can help keep you warm inside is a portable heater. You’ll have an array of options when it comes to heaters, but the best portable heaters should have certain specs. If you decide to purchase one, the first thing you want to make sure of is that it is energy efficient to ensure that it will consume the least amount of energy, because you don’t want to increase your electric bill. Other factors to keep in mind include ensuring that it is portable and safe. They should also be able to warm up the entire house, not just one area.

Warm Food and Drinks

Whenever you are feeling cold and want something to instantly warm you up, you should eat or drink something warm. There is a wide range of warm foods you can have to help warm you up. Even if you don’t eat the food while it’s warm, cooking will warm you up from the heat in the kitchen coming from the stove or the oven. If you still want something quick to warm up but don’t have the energy to cook, you can always fix yourself a warm drink in a few minutes.

Stay Active

A good way to stay warm is to be active. Simply walking around will provide your body with warmth. Doing any activity or working out helps in keeping us warm because by staying active, your heart rate increases, causing your body temperature to rise.

Block Drafts and Close the Curtains

You can stop cold air coming in along with trying to warm up. You can do so by always keeping your curtains closed. If you have light curtains, you should replace them with heavy ones to prevent the cold air from leaking inside your warm house. You should also block the door drafts as they let in the cold air as well. You can find many door draft stoppers in shops or you can simply place a heavy fabric there to block the draft from letting air pass through.

Turn on the Ceiling Fan

This tip may sound counterproductive, but you should actually turn on your ceiling fan. Cold air is heavier than warm air, which is why warm air rises up to the ceiling. Turning on your ceiling fan in the lowest setting and in a clockwise direction will push the warmer air down.

Stay Upstairs

If your house has more than one level, then it’s better if you spend your time upstairs. As previously mentioned, the warm air rises up, which means that the higher levels of your house are warmer than the lower levels.

Cold weather is something that we can’t avoid, but there is certainly a lot you can do to stay warm. Following the previously mentioned tips will help you stay warm, regardless of how cold it is outside or even inside your home. You can always add a few extras like staying out in the sun and wearing gloves and fuzzy socks.

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