Modern home designs are undoubtedly one of the biggest and most popular design styles at the moment. With a minimalist touch, a muted colour palette, and bold, abstract pieces, it is no surprise that it is so popular. The end product of each modernised room renovation always looks impeccable, no matter how basic the room may look furniture-wise. With a modern home, we like to exaggerate that less is more. With regards to décor, too much going on within the one-room can counteract the modernised effect, as clutter build-up is a complete no-go when it comes to a contemporary atmosphere. Stay tuned as we list some top tips on how to modernise your home interior.

Keep it ultra-modern – electronic wise

One of the main ways to keep your home looking super modern is to ensure that your techy pieces are always the latest, or at least still in date. This starts with your TV. Although we hope that this is a past memory for most, if you have a box TV or TVs within your home, be sure to update them.

There is simply no point in renovating your living room with a new sofa, coffee table, rug, or even revitalising any part of it if you have not updated to a flat-screen TV. Not to panic; as flat-screen TVs are no longer considered a luxury item, the price of them is extremely reasonable. For an extra modern and sleek look, wall mount this device, not only will you utilise floor space by getting rid of your old TV unit however, it will be at a lower risk of damage on your wall. Click here for TV aerial installation Glasgow. Another way to modernise your home interior is to incorporate smart devices. For extra security, why not install a Ring Video Doorbell by Amazon onto your front door, this links directly to your phone meaning that you can see or communicate with any individual at your front door at any given time! Smart speakers are also a great contribution.

Amazon Alexa/Echo or a Google Home does not only provide you with top-quality sound for your weekly cleaning regime or weekend gathering, but they also provide you with your very own voice-activated assistant who can let you know the weather forecast without even touching your phone or a TV!

Stick to a colour scheme of three colours per room

If you are wondering how to avoid a cluttered environment, a simple solution is to reduce the number of colour schemes going on within one room. Although it cannot always be avoided, especially if you are trying to make a kid’s room as fun and as energetic as possible, try to keep your colour schemes at a limit of three. For example, if your main room colour is grey, incorporate white and perhaps a pop of fuchsia pink. Alternatively, if your room is beige, add in a touch of black and maybe even a small pop of orange. Do not exceed any more colours than three! Also, make sure that your colours contrast efficiently!

Use glass and mirrors to create additional space

Glass and mirrors have the ability to open up space. To modernise your home interior excess open space is helpful in achieving the look! Use glass where you can, depending on how much your budget has the ability to expand. For example, switch regular doors for glass-panelled doors, stair banisters for glass, or even replace shower curtains or doors for glass doors or panels. Trust us, your bathroom will look much better with glass as a replacement for that old, worn-out shower curtain!

Mirrors are another great way to create space. Due to the illusion created by the reflections, they have the ability to make a space look a lot bigger than it actually is. Mirrors are great to use within your living room area, either horizontal on a wall, perhaps directly above the sofa, or even placed on the floor vertically within a corner of the room. They even work well by generating the illusion of extra space within narrow hallways. Although a few mirrors within a room is acceptable and can work well, be sure to not overdo them. Too many reflections can be a bit confusing and cause a slight headache!

Maximise storage space

As we previously highlighted, clutter build-up diminishes the look of a modernised home interior. We are aware that sometimes, clutter can be inevitable, especially in a home with kids. Therefore, a solution to keeping clutter as reduced as possible is to maximise storage facilities within your home. There are so many ways you can increase space including installing hooks behind doors, using stacking baskets, double hanging clothes, or even opting for beds that incorporate ottoman storage or underneath drawers. The options are endless, and each home size offers different possibilities for incorporating storage. Find what works best for you!

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