Whether you’re thinking of selling your property or just looking to make your home more comfortable, the way you utilise space is a key factor. If you’re one of the many British renters and homeowners who resides in a modest-sized property, you could significantly improve your living conditions by taking these simple steps to make better use of the space and reorganise your home:

Why are spaces important in homes?

No matter the size of your property, the way you arrange, divide, and utilise different spaces can have a transformative effect on the appearance and functionality of your home. The sense of space in your property can also directly affect your mood, productivity and mental health. If you happen to live in a smaller house, flat or rented single room, it’s important to arrange the layout of your home to maximise space, reduce clutter and help you stay organised – but what are some cost-effective ways to utilise space?

Build more storage – Storage space is essential if you want to minimise clutter in smaller homes – whether you decide to invest in new multi-function storage furniture or build your own cupboards, shelving, or drawers from pre-loved items, ensure that you have sufficient space to stow away bulky and unused items. If you’re shopping for new storage, remember that less is more – try to go with smaller units (and keep the number of these to a minimum) or incorporate storage like under-bed organiser drawers.   

Renovations – If your budget allows, consider undergoing space-making renovation works such as knocking through walls to create open-plan rooms and adding extensions to the property. Before you decide to make any major structural renovations to your home, make sure that you hire a reputable contractor – if you live in a rented property that’s undergoing renovation or building works, consider getting renter’s insurance to cover your possessions.

Organise bulky recycling – While recycling may seem trivial, it’s essential to properly organise your recycling waste to save space – it can accumulate quickly and make smaller spaces feel cramped, untidy and disorganised. Rather than keeping different types of recycling in separate containers, consider combining these into one smaller unit with an in-built organiser box.

Hide recycling storage – Stowing away your recycling in obscured kitchen storage units is a great way of improving the appearance of your home and maximising space. If you don’t have available storage space to ‘hide’ your recycling, try to get containers that look appealing and match the design and colour scheme of your home – ensure that these have lids to reduce odour and obscure waste.

Rearrange furniture – The way you arrange furniture can have a dramatic effect on any room – it’s important to remember that the presence of furniture can create the illusion of extra room in smaller spaces. To maximise space, try to leave room between walls and pieces of furniture and consider positioning your furniture so it faces a focal point in the room.

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