Renovating a residential, commercial, or industrial space can be exciting yet stressful. The thing is, you want the end results. However, you’re also aware that unwanted surprises can occur. Of course, these unwanted surprises might mean loss of money, wasted time, and a great deal of stress.

Nobody wants to deal with the latter. If we all could, we’d all have a smooth, fast, and overall successful renovation. Chances are, that’s the goal you have in mind too. That said, before you begin the process, it’s critical to learn how to prevent common renovation problems before they happen.

Conduct Thorough Research Beforehand.

Knowledge is power. The more you know about what your particular renovation will entail, the better prepared you will be. Going into a renovation project blindly, on the other hand, can bring about so many issues and create a slow, jagged process to completion. Talk about stressful.

That said, research is very much necessary long before the renovation begins. This includes what type of equipment to use, how to get the job done correctly, and how to prevent various hazards or dangers while doing the work. The more you know, the better. You can never know too much.

Hire a Trusty Crew to Get the Job Done.

One of the best ways to prevent an unpleasant surprise during renovation is to hire the right team. The last thing you want is a crew that is careless, inexperienced, and unreliable. You deserve competent team players who know how to renovate a building correctly while keeping things up to code.

So, where exactly do you find the right set of workers? Doing research is critical to ensure you find the best team possible. Look for a licensed contractor or team members who have years of experience, several happy clients, and who have the skillset your particular renovation project requires.

Never underestimate the power of the internet and what online reviews can tell you about a particular work crew. Never settle for the first set of workers you hear about, especially if the cost for their work is too good to be true.

Legally Protect Your Construction Site.

Even with a solid knowledge base and a great team of workers, renovations still pose a risk. Anything can happen, regardless of carefulness and level of experience. There’s also a chance that one can claim your construction crew created damages that they didn’t and try to sue you for those damages.

So, if there’s a risk of the latter occurring while renovating, what can you do? Dilapidation report experts can help protect your construction site when things do go wrong. A dilapidation report can protect you against third party claims, so you aren’t liable for damages that weren’t your fault.


Renovation can bring about great surprises. You can almost guarantee that at least something bad or unpleasant will occur at any given point during renovation. From conducting research, to hiring the right team, to protecting your construction site, there are ways to prevent tragedies before they start.

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