Pool maintenance and cleaning costs can vary from one service provider to another. Your pool features and maintenance requirements will also determine the final costs. However, we have compiled a list of helpful tips and techniques. They will help you save on pool maintenance costs hassle-free. However, you must spend some time understanding pool costs and maintenance.

If you want to save a hefty chunk that usually drains down the “maintenance hole”, avoid running the cleaning pool filter 24/7. Over that, you can keep the pool covered when not in use to limit exposure to dirt, dust, and debris. Let’s find out more ways to save money on pool maintenance!

1.     Invest in a Pool Cover

The best way to save money on pool maintenance is to opt for a pool cover. The level of dirt, dust, and debris in your pool will determine the time and electricity consumption during the maintenance routine.

Investing in a pool cover will generate recurring ROI. We’re not talking about cash or any other monetary benefit directly. Keeping a pool cover will ensure less dirt and debris falls into it. Further, if you have to warm the pool every time before getting in, you can invest in a solar cover.

That way, the solar cover will use the sun’s rays to warm the water, and you won’t have to spend money on expensive water heating appliances. A pool cover will also reduce the evaporation rate, leading to fewer water refills in your pool.

2.     Turn Off Unnecessary Features

If you’ve got deck jets and waterfalls in your pool or other features, keep them off to save electricity and water. It’s an environmentally-friendly approach that could also ease the pool maintenance burden on your pocket.

Running waterfalls can increase the water evaporation rate or cause the water to get cool. However, some people love the ambient sound of deck jets and waterfalls, so they can’t get enough of them. Still, you’ll have to turn them off if you want to save on maintenance costs.

3.     Avoid Running the Pool-Cleaning Filter

If you had your pool built recently, you’re no stranger to a pool-cleaning filter. While a filter reduces the manual work, it can cause a significant strain on your pocket in terms of maintenance costs. It consumes electricity which could raise your utility bills.

Many homeowners don’t realize that unnecessarily running filters 24 hours a day can make pool maintenance a financial issue. By reducing the runtime of your pool filter, you can ensure money savings over the long run.

4.     Go for a Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Variable-speed pool pumps are underrated components of a pool maintenance routine. Homeowners ignore this special equipment to pay more for their pool cleaning tasks. Conventional speed pumps have a single speed option.

So, even if you don’t want to fill the pool with a lot of water and it’s a low-intensity task, the conventional speed pump will still run at the same power and consume unnecessary energy. You may end up saving a few hundred dollars in the long run.


Understanding pool costs and maintenance can help you save money. Sometimes, using the right equipment and technique can help you save both time and money on pool cleaning tasks. Research and find the perfect pool cleaning equipment manufacturer. If you lack skills and knowledge in the pool cleaning department, contact experienced professionals to handle the task for you.

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