How great would it feel to have your own personal sauna at home? Just a rhetorical question; we know it would be great! The good news is that it is super easy to turn your bathroom into a sauna. And we will tell you exactly how to do so in this post.

So, if you’re deciding to turn your bathroom into a sauna, you’re at the right place! Let’s get started!

1. Choose a bathroom:

You have to be smart when choosing which bathroom to convert into a sauna. The smaller the bathroom, the sooner it gets filled with steam, and the greater will be your sauna experience. So, always choose a small bathroom with a bathtub to convert into a sauna. Also, choosing a bathroom that lies in the warmer area of your home surely helps.

2. Clean your bathroom thoroughly:

It is obvious that you’d want to sauna in a clean space. Also, you will probably be exposing a lot of your skin while in the sauna.

So, clean your bathroom thoroughly beforehand and get rid of all cloth clutter as they can be the biggest turn-offs while you are in the sauna. Also, store q-tips, cotton balls, and other necessities in a basket nearby for a high-end sauna experience.

3. Close the window drapes and cover all the gaps and ventilations with a towel:

Now, it’s time to insulate the bathroom. Start by closing all the window drapes and covering the windows with a towel. Then, roll up towels and cover the gap below the bathroom door.

Remember that the more you insulate, the more steam gets trapped within, giving you a luxurious sauna experience. So, if you have a closet inside your bathroom, make sure you place rolled towels below the closet door as well.

4. Close your bathtub drain plug and fill it:

Firstly, close your bathtub drain plug and turn the hot handle as high as possible. Fill your bathtub for about 15 minutes or to around half such that the water creates dense enough steam.

If your hot water runs out, close as soon as possible as you don’t want to lower your water temperature by the addition of cold water. And remember to open your shower curtain or door such that the steam can cover the entire bathroom.

5. Set the mood:

When you are having a personal sauna session at home, why not personalize it to your choice. Dim the bathroom light, spray your favorite air freshener, or light some scented candle instead. Some awesome aroma options for the sauna are vanilla, geranium, lavender, chamomile, or lemon.

Another great option can be to put a few drops of essential oil in your bathtub or a diffuser. Remember that some essential oils can be allergic to those with sensitive skin. But as long as you’re just enjoying the steam, you will be fine.

6. Relax and enjoy:

Now that your bathroom sauna is ready sit near the bathtub and enjoy the steam. Close your eyes and release all your stress and negative energy during this period.

Some tips for sauna enthusiasts:

1. Keep a bucket of cold water and a washcloth ready:

Whenever you feel too hot or light-headed, having a bucket of cold water and a washcloth nearby the tub helps.

2. Remove jewelry:

An important tip is to remove all your jewelry before you sauna. Firstly, metal jewelry can get too hot during the sauna. Though these will not necessarily burn you, such uncomfortable distractions should be avoided during the sauna.

Secondly, the steam can tarnish some of your metal jewelry, dulling its shine and aesthetics.

3. Hydration is the key:

If you are planning to sauna, make sure you hydrate yourself every hour beforehand. On top of that, drink a cup or two of water before jumping into the sauna.

Sauna makes you sweat profusely,i.e., your body will lose plenty of water and electrolytes. Drink plain water or include low-sugar fruit juice or electrolyte drink in your post-sauna hydration routine.

4. Shower before the sauna:

Showering before the sauna can have multiple benefits. It helps you get rid of the greasy film on your body helping your skin be more breathable and easy to sweat. Likewise, showering also helps you clean all the makeup which might otherwise sweat and irritate your eyes.

Last but not least, if somebody else is joining your home sauna, cleaning your body for hygiene purposes is a must.

5. Let your body cool gradually:

We understand that the sweaty and sticky feeling on your skin after a sauna is not great. But having a cold shower right after a sauna session is worse.

Cool your body for a few minutes at room temperature before jumping into the shower. Or, have a lukewarm shower instead of a cold shower. After the shower, you can nourish your skin by applying a rich moisturizer.

6. Be wary of your health condition:

While a sauna session is considered therapeutic if done properly, some might suffer more harm than good from a sauna session.

If you are pregnant or have a chronic heart or kidney condition, you should discuss the sauna and its potential benefits and risk with your doctor beforehand.

Low blood pressure and diabetes patients are also often advised against sauna. So, if you have a disease or a health condition that you doubt might not benefit from a sauna session, ask professionals instead of assuming yourself.

Can turning your bathroom into a sauna cause damage?

Yes, turning a bathroom into a steam-filled sauna room can cause mold in the wall. It might also result in the peeling or chipping of the paint. So, to make sure the steam dries as soon as possible, turn on the bathroom fan after your sauna session if you have one.


It felt relieving knowing how easy it is to turn your bathroom into a sauna, didn’t it? So what are you waiting for? DIY a quick home sauna for yourself and let us know the experience in the comment section. From one sauna enthusiast to others- enjoy your personal home sauna!

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