In feng shui, color plays an important role and is linked to many of its principles. A lot of feng shui experts believe colors shift the energy of a room and incorporate objects in certain hues to create balance and harmony. Adjusting the colors present in a space is also an easy and effective way to have good feng shui. In terms of aesthetics, applying different colors can improve the visual appeal of any space. You can paint the wall, hang new artwork, or place throw pillows using specific colors.

If you are interested in the ancient art of feng shui, you can reach out to a California feng shui consultant or a practitioner near your area. In the meantime, you can explore how you can use colors to promote good feng shui in your home or workplace.

Cultivate Different Aspects of Life 

The Bagua map displays nine life areas and each one is associated with a specific color. When considering which areas to enhance, feng shui experts recommend choosing no more than three living areas. One way to do this is by finding the dedicated colors of each life area and incorporating them into your space. The different living areas and the colors associated with them are:

  • Wealth and abundance – Purple is connected to wealth and abundance. It also represents financial prosperity and self-worth. If you want to manifest abundance in your space, adding purple objects will help.
  • Fame and reputation – To improve support in this life area, the color red must be present. It can help ignite your passion and open your heart to the world.
  • Love and partnerships – In case you want to invite a new relationship, pink is a good color to choose. When the hue is incorporated into a space, it also encourages softness and understanding.
  • Family and new beginnings – For those who want to enhance family harmony, they can use green and blue in common areas of their home. These colors also motivate and energize individuals to start new projects.
  • The center and health – Earth tones, yellow, and brown have grounding effects. They are also associated with boundaries and creating a center.
  • Children and completion – To invite joy in a space, you can use white on the walls or when choosing accent pieces. Since the color is also linked to completion, using the color in a room can help you gain clarity for accomplishing projects.
  • Knowledge and self-cultivation – In feng shui, dark blue and indigo colors are associated with improving skills. When the colors are incorporated in a space, they can support inward expansion and enhance spiritual growth.
  • Career and path life – Placing black objects in your home office or workspace can be beneficial to your career. The color can help show your path in life, deepen wisdom, and expand your social circle.
  • Helpful people and travel – Gray is associated with support. When used in a space, the hue encourages the exploration of new places and ideas.

Bring Energy from the Five Elements into a Space Through Colors

In the ancient art of feng shui, balance is achieved through the interaction of the five elements in a given environment. Water, earth, fire, wood, and metal serve as the foundation of the traditional practice. While you can put objects related to these elements inside a space, you can also use the color that represents them to enhance the energy of any room.

If you want to bring in wisdom and have a deeper connection to the world, introduce the element of water into the space through the color black. Black is often described as the absence of light and associated with darker themes. But in feng shui, it has a positive effect.

The earth element is about self-care and stability. To welcome the element into your space, use objects and furniture that feature earth tones, browns, yellows, and oranges. On the other hand, the fire element represents passion and inspiration. If you want to evoke these qualities in a specific room, place red-colored pieces. Red can also be very energizing, but placing too much of the color can give an overwhelming feeling. In case you intend to have a relaxing space, it’s best to avoid putting a lot of red objects. To bring in the energy of red, do it subtly with accents like a red rug.

To let growth, healing, and fresh energy enter your home, include the element of wood. You can use the color green to represent the element by adding home decor, paint, or a living green houseplant. If you are looking to enhance joy and beauty in any space, bring the metal element through whites and grays.

Using colors provides an easy and effective way to promote good feng shui in any space. It can also improve a room visually. When approaching colors from the feng shui perspective, make sure each hue complements the other present in the room. Explore with different color variations and create a harmonious space that suits your purpose.

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