The French king-style bedroom decoration has something really adorable. Even if your personal style is focused on different designs, you’ll always find details that impress you. Colors, textures, luxury; all come together as in a perfect scene, which gives you the feeling of being in a peaceful dwelling. If that’s the feeling you get, why not apply the French king-style decor and arrangements in your countryside home?

Here are 10 tips to create the most relaxing bedroom in French king-style –  a bedroom you won’t want to leave for anything in the world.

1.  Find a pretty classic floral rug in neutral colors

As with decorating any room, it’s best to start with the floor. Find yourself a pretty classic floral rug in several neutral tones, with pink patterns. via The romantic tourist

2.  Opt for a comfortable bed with a great head

No matter the size of your sleeping quarter, the bed should be the main piece of furniture. So when decorating a French king-style quarter, make sure your headboard is big enough. The cushions are necessary for those who like to laze in bed on Saturday morning, perhaps to read or drink orange juice.

3.  Invest in a bench, chair, or tufted chair

If you have enough space for furniture alongside your bed and dresser, opt for a tufted style. Because you won’t find a French king style room without a chair or a tufted bench. When it comes to fabrics, think of linen. By the way, there are many offers of exquisite furniture on Shoppok.

4.  Bedding or curtains touching the ground

And speaking of linen, make sure, when buying fabric, you’ve added a few extra inches. Whether it’s the delicate white curtains or the delicate bed skirt, the fabric must reach the floor as in a French king-style room.

5.  Set up a cozy and comfortable corner

Do you have an empty corner inside the house? Place a comfortable padded chair in a soft sand-colored fabric. Anyone would love to take time to relax and escape. It, therefore, seems appropriate to dedicate a corner for relaxation (and/or reading)

6.  Bleaching a piece of furniture or cladding

In a French king-style bedroom decor, you will always find a little bleached wood, that’s what makes the country atmosphere emanate. Add a touch like this to your room, whitening a wooden piece of furniture, or fully flooring, and why not the ceiling.

7.  Painting vintage furniture or objects

The most fun and enjoyable part of a French king-style décor is the ability to paint vintage furniture in a soothing color. Look for this furniture at the antique store and choose something old, with worn edges.

8.  Have as many pillows/cushions as possible

The room needs a lot, lots of pillows and cushions, wherever you can sit or lie down. Always put pillowcases in linen, because, remember, you decorate a room in the French king mode.

9.  Choose the right wall decorations

For all wall decorations, always opt for metal objects or with a wooden frame. Mirrors in a gilded frame are welcome; as well as painting paintings, all luxury decorative objects.

10. Install a crystal chandelier

The last thing to integrate and not the least is the chandelier. Whether big or small, these hanging crystals will make a big difference. via Lynzy and Co

Now that you are decorating your bedroom, how about the other rooms inside your countryside house?

Your king style is not complete if it’s just your sleeping quarter that you decorated. Other rooms and other parts of the house must be given attention too so here we are.

Living room

When you have the chance to build a French king-style bedroom in a country house with cement tile floors, wooden doors, and beams on the ceiling, adapting the décor is a breeze. We collect a beautiful glass buffet to display the collection of glasses, we add a vintage armchair and we complete with a set of natural fabrics or bayadère, tapestries to curtains.

Reading corner

You don’t have to revisit all the décor to adopt the country house style, you can create a cozy and vintage nook in any room. Just assemble an old armchair in a retaped canning, small patinated furniture, and a retro bedside lamp to want to nest there for a long weekend away from the city!

Open kitchen

A large, bright kitchen with a built-in dining area? Wooden kitchen furniture is used to create an ultra-cozy country house atmosphere, with a rustic dining table and mismatched wooden chairs in the middle. A touch of blue on a country service, a vintage carpet in front of the stove, a wrought iron chandelier, and an old painting, it’s won.

Closed Kitchen

We take the same ones and start again! In a closed kitchen, the country house style codes are the same, and the atmosphere just as warm. An old wooden table, a patinated white chandelier, and a touch of matte blue, it’s all there. What’s the extra thing? A bleached parquet floor, glass cabinets, and a kitchen island matched with its rough wooden tray.

Kitchen and dining area

The country house style in a small kitchen area, is possible, as long as the typical materials of the country and king-style decor are in the spotlight. A brick wall, another paneling, and wooden kitchen furniture, it’s already won. If you opt for a retro faucet, high glass closets, a beige linen curtain, a sandstone jug, and a decorative copper kitchen battery, it’s full of cardboard!

Independent dining place

An independent dining room? The country house style is adapted with a touch of refinement for warm family meals. In other words, we keep the inevitable wooden table with its matching chairs, we expose the old dishes in beautiful blue curtains, the color of country par excellence. One can even dare a touch of modernity on the chandelier!

The main living quarter

With a country house having a French king-style bed, it’s best not to be too afraid of the retro look. Certainly, with typical beams and small windows, the atmosphere is even more successful. But even in a large modern house, a white quid bed top and a headboard made up of a wrought iron bar supporting striped cushions make all the décor!

Apply the above changes if you want a French king bedroom style in your countryside house!

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