Since the dawn of humanity, people have wanted to feel good in their homes. This is the place where you rest and forget about the world. Feeling comfortable in your home will recharge your energy and prepare you to face the world once again. However, sometimes we don’t know what to do to make our place homey. We strategically place the furniture and accessories, yet we don’t know what is wrong and why it doesn’t feel like home. Here are some ingenious ideas that will make any room or space have the homey feeling you want.


If you have ever worked with an interior designer, the first thing they decide is what lighting they will use, and where they will put them. We are so accustomed to light that we don’t give it much thought, but it has the power to turn a harsh cave into a cozy home. Stay away from cold lights as your primary light source; they keep you alert all the time. Replace them with warm lighting and let natural lighting be the primary source during the day.

Layer lighting sources to give the room a homey ambiance. Use lamps, string lights, indirect lighting, and dimming lights. You can use candles for a romantic atmosphere, but make sure they do not become a fire hazard. However, you will need some lighting to do tasks at home such as working from home, cleaning, cooking, or any task that requires proper lighting and this can be cold lighting.


You can never have enough pillows in your space. Pillows are great for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and any open space. They are cozy and let you relax wherever and whenever you want. A bed with a lot of pillows is extremely inviting and will have you falling asleep in minutes. Cuddling with a pillow while watching a movie on your couch is comfortable and soothing. Pillows come in a wide range of designs that will allow you to showcase your style and give your space a personalized look.


Fireplaces add a homey feeling as they give warmth and warm lighting. If you have a fireplace at your house, it is a great place to decorate with personal items such as pictures and trophies. Though not every house is built to have a fireplace, don’t let that stop you from getting an electric one. Keep in consideration that not all electric fireplaces are the same; some of them are screens showing a fire while others have a realistic feel to them. The cost of an electric fireplace differs greatly depending on quality and features.


Home is life. To feel at home at any place, you need to host life within it, and what is better than some plants and flowers? Plants look great in any space and they make it look cozy. The green color is inviting and easy on the eyes which will relax you throughout the day. Additionally, the plant pots, baskets, and planters can have unique designs to punctuate the space with your style. Plants need a lot of care to stay alive and if you can’t commit to them, you can buy faux greenery which will give almost the same feeling. Just keep away from the overly fake plants as they will ruin the homey feeling.


If you feel cold, you won’t feel at home. Walking on laminate, tile, and hardwood flooring during the cold seasons can be quite uncomfortable. Rugs work great to separate your feet from the cold floors and make you feel warm and cozy. As a bonus, they look like artwork, but for your floor. You can layer rugs for warmth and design, and remove the layers during warmer seasons. Persian rugs have amazing designs and are great for the classic style.


Bare walls are unattractive, uninviting, and monotonous. Artwork and personal pictures will transform how your whole space looks, not only your walls. You have the flexibility to hang any piece of artwork that suits your personality and style. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get original artwork as you can buy prints that are decorative and affordable. You can also decorate your walls with textile wall hangings, mirrors, quilts, and even your children’s drawings.

You don’t need a huge budget to make any space feel homier. You’ll only need to spice the room up with a couple of things such as lighting and plants. There are no strict rules to making your house feel cozier; just include the things that you love and that match your style. Add a couple of pictures of your family here and a few pillows over there and you will feel the difference.

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