If you feel that the outside of your house doesn’t look as nice as you’d like it to be, you can take several steps to remedy that. For instance, maybe you feel like getting the windows cleaned will make them look like new. You can look for window cleaning in Seattle, WA, or wherever you are, by researching the best companies in your area that do it. You might also add some exterior flower boxes or install bright shutters on the windows that add an eye-catching effect if your home’s color is drab.

Inside the home, you might also need ideas that will improve the place’s aesthetic. If you have guests arriving from out of town or you’re hosting a party this holiday season, you may feel like you need to make some improvements. Let’s go over a few ideas for interior upgrades that should garner rave reviews from all of your friends, neighbors, and relatives when they stop by.

Use Books for Color

If you read recreationally, you might have many books on your bookshelves. However, you can use books in your home for more than just reading.

Though some people may not think about this, you can use books to add a color element to your room in the same way you might apply a fresh coat of paint. If you get some bookshelves, they will probably be rather large and dominate a lot of space in the room. If you get books with spines that are all one particular color, then that color will predominate the room.

It doesn’t matter what contents the books contain. The color is what matters. You might decide that you want the color red to show up prominently in a particular room. You can look for books with red spines and get dozens of them to create that effect.

You can go to library book sales and often buy books as cheaply as a quarter or fifty cents each. You can get ones with spines that are all a particular color, or you might use an effect where the spines go from yellow to orange to red as the person walks past the bookcase.

To get an idea of what this looks like, you can find pictures online or on a social media platform like Instagram. You can find many pictures and slideshows from interior decorators who have used this technique.

Paint a Room

Some homeowners also feel like they want to change a room’s look very dramatically before company comes during the holiday season, but they don’t have a ton of cash to do the job. They may want to change the look and feel of multiple rooms.

Painting a room makes it look very different, and you can do it for not very much money. You can buy paint at Lowes, Home Depot, or another local hardware store. You can wait for a sale if your redecorating budget is very small.

You can also save money by doing the painting yourself instead of hiring professionals. Even most people who are not very into DIY projects can learn how to paint by watching a few simple YouTube videos.

You can paint a room a lighter or darker color, depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve. If you want something more somber, a dark color is your best bet. If you want your living space to look light and airy, you might choose a paint color like yellow or a light green. Remember that dark colors capture light while lighter colors amplify it.

Add Wallpaper

You can also use wallpaper to completely change how a home looks. Using wallpaper is another relatively inexpensive option if you don’t have piles of money to put toward interior decoration.

Much like painting, the rolls of wallpaper will not cost all that much, but once you apply it, the rooms you target will look entirely different. There are also thousands of wallpaper options, so you should be able to find something that perfectly matches your aesthetic.

You can watch videos that will show you how to put up wallpaper in your home. You might pick something that’s whimsical or something more serious. Again, it all depends on what reaction you want from your guests when they arrive.

Look for Used Furniture

You might feel like you need new furniture, but you don’t have the money to get a brand-new living room or dining room set. You can get used furniture that sometimes has a lot more character than something you’d buy from a showroom.

You can head to Goodwill stores near you or look into secondhand furniture stores. There, you will find pieces that cost a fraction of what you would pay if you bought the items brand new.

You can get creative with the pieces you find. For instance, you might use an old steamer trunk for a coffee table.

You can get pieces cheap at a Goodwill or used furniture store, but you can get them even more cheaply if you wait until these stores have sales. They sometimes designate one day per week when you can get certain items for a dollar if they’re marked with a particular colored tag.

You can save still more money if you have a vehicle large enough to get the items home yourself rather than paying to get them delivered. If you don’t have a vehicle that’s big enough to do the job, you might reach out to a family member or buddy who has a truck or van. You can entice them to come along on this mission with you by buying them lunch. That will usually be cheaper than getting the furniture delivered.

In these ways, you can change the whole way your home looks, and you won’t have to empty your savings account along the way. Anyone who visits this holiday season will be surprised and pleased by the changes when they spend time in your home.

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