It’s normal to get a little bored with your home decor after spending years in the same place. However, a full-blown renovation every time you get the ‘blah’ isn’t within the realm of possibilities for most people.

There’s still a lot you can do to refresh and renew your home design. Touching upon small details here and there adds up with time. Before you know it, you’re looking at entirely different rooms, this time in line with your style and preferences.

What better place to start than the kitchen? After all, that’s where most of the family interaction happens. While appliances can get pricey, sprucing up the cabinets makes a world of difference. Let’s examine some straightforward, cost-effective, and positively stunning ideas.

Spaciousness for Innovation

You can’t do much about your cabinet design if all the storage space is overflowing with items. So, start by examining your current situation.

Is there enough room for everything, or do you find yourself struggling to open the doors without a bag of chips or an old mug falling out? If you resonate with the latter, you’ll need to start by ensuring there’s enough space to keep everything well-organized.

Sometimes, all it takes is a weekend of decluttering. In other cases, getting an extra, flexible ready-to-assemble cabinet that matches the overall style is the way to go.

It might feel counterintuitive to add extra cabinets if you don’t like the ones you already have. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you reorganize the contents of your existing storage, though, and a world of brand-new design possibilities.

Choose a provider that lets you build around pre-existing features. For example, enjoy free shipping on Best Online Cabinets and use their experts’ advice on the best solutions for your existing arrangement.

Use the Corners

Once your storage issues are out of the way, it’s time to take a long, hard look at the kitchen, noting features that make it feel dull and uninspiring. One answer that often pops up is the dead corner.

Most design plans install one corner cabinet that ends up being close to useless. It’s hard to find anything in it, the door space is limited, and it tends to act as a home to items you rarely use.

Lazy susans and pull-out trays here can easily make the space more accessible. However, you can also take it one step further.

Removing the doors turns this piece of furniture into corner shelving that’s clean, bright, and open. You get bonus points for replacing the clutter with splice trays and fresh flowers!

Open Design

You removed one door – why stop there? The open shelving style isn’t necessarily for inaccessible cabinetry only. This design option adds a new charm to a small, stuffy kitchen just as well.

You have two main options here – glass doors or no doors.

The former works well for fragile items. It lets you display all your beautiful china and glassware without worrying that you’ll knock and break anything.

The alternative is excellent for the more confident among us, as well as deep cabinets that let you keep the delicates away from the edge.

You could employ this tactic for more mundane items, too. All you need is some stylish boxes and the willingness to declutter to make your shelves feel spacious, modern, and attractive.

Retrofit for Functionality

Most old-fashioned kitchen cabinets could do with some customization to become more stylish and functional. There’s a host of easy-to-DIY accessories, including:

  • Corner organizers
  • Sliding baskets
  • Hanger racks
  • Slide-out shelves
  • Corkboards

These additions expand the storage potential and add some flair to your cabinets. Plus, they do wonders for aesthetic appeal.

Small Finishing Touches

Finally, if you’re satisfied with the functionality, focus on purely visual improvements.

Grab a paint bucket and repaint or repolish the wood to restore its shine. If you’re feeling adventurous, use a bold complementary color on the knobs.

Under-cabinet lights are another easy solution. Purchase a strip and stick it below the cabinetry base. Your kitchen will feel like a magical place for fancy dinners and romantic date nights.

Mix and Match

As you explore the remodel options, consider which ones fit best in your desired aesthetic. Don’t follow fads for their own sake, but focus on improvements you like and enjoy seeing in decor magazines. Combine our tips with original ideas to add some personality to the area.

The point is – it’s your kitchen. These ideas are there to help you overcome the plateau and make you see endless design opportunities. Play around with these ideas, and the wow factor will unveil itself in no time.

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