A modern home is not complete without a beautiful outdoor space. This is why many homeowners are going above and beyond to create unique landscapes that add life to their homes. More often, these landscaping designs are affordable and easy to achieve and you can handle most of them alone if you have the time and patience.

Many homeowners prefer to use a natural and organic design for their landscaping. This is because it reflects the beauty of nature in your home, making it look more relaxing and inviting.

Many people don’t like artificial flowers or plants as they make the house fake, but there are some exceptions, such as silk flower arrangements that can be placed indoors. Here are some of the leading landscaping designs you can consider for your modern home:

Woodland Landscape

Natural, organic, and rustic elements are the best landscaping ideas for a woodland landscape. This is because it makes your house appear as if it’s surrounded by trees and natural vegetation, making you feel that you’re still close to nature inside your home.

It can also allow more sunlight into your living space, making it brighter and warmer during winter. This is an ideal choice if you’re not the type that likes doing regular landscape maintenance work because a woodland landscape is a low-maintenance landscaping idea.

Prairie Landscape

A prairie-style landscape will give you the feeling of being at peace and calm because it has open spaces, lots of greenery, and water features such as ponds or creeks. Expert landscapers like Malone’s Landscape will tell you that prairie landscape gives your home more breathing space, making it look bigger and wider.

You can consider a combination of prairie, woodland, and water features such as ponds or creeks, which will give your home more breathing space while making it look bigger and taller at the same time.

The best thing about this type of landscaping design is that these three elements work together harmoniously, creating a beautiful landscape for your home.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete patio resurfacing is another excellent way to get the most out of your landscaping ideas. It gives you more flexibility in design since it’s easy to sculpt and mold into different shapes or forms without compromising its strength.

Concrete resurfacing is aesthetically perfect for modern homes and if you’re in an area where heavy foot traffic is expected. It will also give your home a more luxurious look, increasing its value and attracting potential buyers when it’s time to move or change houses.

Concrete resurfacing costs around $3 to $5 per square foot, making this landscaping design a more affordable and practical option than most.

Tropical Landscape Design

A tropical landscape design is a perfect way to bring an island, tropical vibe into your yard. It can create a more relaxed feel, almost as if you’re on an island retreat with its lush vegetation and rich colors.

If you want your home to look like it belongs somewhere in Hawaii or Florida, this landscaping type will do the trick. Here are some tips to help you create a tropical landscape design at home.

  • Plant tall trees around the perimeter of your property – Use large ornamental rocks for borders along walkways and roads. Try using black or dark color stones, as they absorb heat which can damage surrounding plants if exposed to direct sunlight for too long.
  • Add grass and flowering plants indigenous to tropical regions – This will give your home an overall lush appearance. If you’re not sure which trees or flowers work best in your area’s climate, ask a professional for advice on what is suitable for planting there.

An English Garden Design

This is usually a low-maintenance landscape: plant hedges and places potted plants in various accessible areas for easy upkeep. Besides the ordinary trees, shrubbery, and flowers, a body of water is one thing you can’t miss in an English garden.

It could be a pond or a small pool of water in your yard to bring out a complete picture of an English garden. You can also add a gazebo or two for an added touch for this landscape style.

A Mediterranean Garden Design

This type of garden with multiple entrances and exits is trendy in France because of its beautiful scenery. There are usually low walls surrounding the garden to give it more structure and different paths to explore. You don’t have to live in Spain, Southern France, or Italy to use this type of garden design.

Tuscan Garden

In a Tuscan garden, you can see well-established vines and grapevines with an entrance usually made of local stone. There are often views of the distant landscape and trees within your property boundaries. In addition to this natural backdrop, there’s also room for a Roman statue or two in the garden to give it a little more culture and refinement.

Swimming Pool Designs for an Outdoor Oasis

Even if you already have the perfect landscape, there’s always room for improvement in your outdoor oasis. You can go with vintage-style designs like grottos, which are great for offering privacy and shelter from the rain or scorching heat.

You can also go with a more modern look that consists of natural stones and rocks and an infinity pool design. You might be surprised at how much the ambiance changes when there’s water surrounding your outdoor space.

A Butterfly Garden

The beauty of butterflies in a backyard is heavenly. If you want to attract more of these winged wonders into your backyard, then consider having a butterfly garden. You can plant different types of flowers that will not only be attractive to the insects, but also provide shelter for them.

Butterflies love open areas, so make sure that no trees or structures block the sunlight from reaching your garden. Don’t forget to provide a source of fresh water such as a small pond to enjoy drinking and taking baths after having their meal which consists mainly of nectar.

As you can see, landscaping designs continue evolving to suit the taste and preferences of modern homeowners. If there’s only one way to beautify your home with a landscape design, it is by making sure that whatever style or idea you choose will complement your house as well as its surroundings. You can also work with professional landscapers for the best results.

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