You had a long, tiring day at work. Your body is aching and your mind is completely done for the day. All you want to do now is relax and take it easy before having to do it all again the next day. Sound familiar?

We have all been in the situation describe above. After finally coming home from an exhausting day or work, school, or just hanging out with friends, most men just want some time and a place to relax and recover from it all.

For some, the bedroom is the first place they consider going after a day of stress. While the bedroom can be a great place to wind down from the day’s events, sometimes it isn’t enough.

Bedrooms are meant as a private place to sleep or just relax. But what if you need some fun and enjoyment after work? Sure, a flat screen television on your bedroom wall can provide some entertainment, but what if you need something more than that?

Image source: Architectural Photographer Ron Rosenzweig

What if you want some games, food, beer, and enough space for several of your friends to come hang out with you without worrying about making a mess in your bedroom? Well, there is a perfect solution for that: the man cave.

Man caves are a great place to take it easy after a long day. Because of this, the idea is growing rapidly in popularity. Join in with thousands of other men by building a man cave of your very own!

What Exactly is a Man Cave, and How Can You Build a Mancave?

Image source:
JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

To put it simply, a man cave (also known as a “man room”) is any space that is designed to cater to the desire of a man for their relaxation and enjoyment.

This space can be anywhere in any part of the house. However, some places are better and easier to use as a man cave than others.

One of these places is the basement. The basement is a large, open space that is perfect for converting into the ideal man cave.

It is also an area that is not entered on a regular basis, so your man cave can remain undisturbed and you don’t have to worry about anyone tampering with anything—particularly the kids!

Another great place that can be easily transformed into a terrific lounge for men is the garage. So long as there is not a car that needs to be there, the garage can be just as good, if not even better, than a basement.

Unlike a basement, you do not have to worry about flooding when it rains excessively or about mold as a result. With a garage, you can also easily go out or leave the garage door open for some fresh air or natural sunlight.

This also makes it easier to air out the man cave after an exciting sports game or after painting the space.

It is true that it can be rather expensive to finish up a basement or a garage. Paints, man room decorations, rugs, a television, games, and other things to add to the man cave décor can all add up and take a toll on your wallet.

However, this does not have to be the case. Using DIY man cave ideas like those provided in this article can help save you time and—more importantly—money.

Just start off with a basic design, such as a piece of furniture and the beginning of a theme. Then, over time, you can slowly build up from there, adding other decorations and improving the layout and such.

Image source: Premier Garage

Many man caves start out as a simply TV room. You can use this as an example of how to start off your man cave. Simply install a television into the basement, garage, or other extra room of your choice.

Since you are just beginning to transform the space, it is all right if the television is not brag worthy. You can use an old, left over television that has been left in storage.

This TV may have poor video and audio quality, and it may be rather small with few capabilities, but for a makeshift man cave, it can be just what you need.

Next, you can expand upon the simplistic TV room by adding a game element. Perhaps after a long game, you just want to be alone and wind down with some video games.

Connect a PlayStation or Wii to that old television and you have just what you need. If you are not very into video games, you may want to consider adding a pool table or a darts board.

For now, you do not need to worry about placement or decorations much. As you are getting starting, focus on the bare essentials and work you way up to making the area more fancy and luxurious.

Image source: Michael Kelley Photography

Once you have your main forms of entertainment down (TV, games, computer, etc), the next main thing to focus on before you make the place more sightly is your theme.

While it may seem that a theme should only need to apply to the main parts of the house and the exterior, this is not true.

For a lot of men, the only places they feel need a design theme the man cave and any other rooms meant for entertainment or relaxation purposes.

This is largely because the theme helps make the room more fun and provides a sense of familiarity that can be comforting after a stressful day.

Design Theme Ideas For a Man Cave

Image source: Sight And Sounds

It can be difficult to think of good ideas for man cave décor. You have to consider how well you will able to execute the theme, if your friends will like it, etc.

If you need some help brainstorming, here are some man cave ideas to consider using.

Mountains Theme

Image source: Design One Interiors

If you are into the outdoors, express that throughout your man cave. Have wallpaper depicting luscious, green valleys and seas of mountains.

You can have hiking gear and rock climbing supplies in the corner or spread throughout the room. Really complete the theme by using a freshener with a mountain inspired scent.

Sports Theme

Image source: Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

There is a sport for almost everyone. If you have a sport that you love, let anyone who enters your man room know about it. If you like football, decorate your walls with posters and cut outs of professional football players.

Have a few footballs lying around and turn your floor into a football field. If you are more of a basketball fan, have some quotes by Michael Jordan on your wall and add a few bobble heads and other collectables of other basketball players.

If you are into tennis, set up a net in the middle of your man room. Love ice hockey? Make your floor a slick, white marble and paint the walls white with a rail.

Can’t decide which sport to showcase? Do them all! Have a collection of various sports equipment in each corner, a mirage of different athletes across multiple sports on the wall, jerseys hanging from the ceiling, and video recordings of your favorite sports moments to really show your love of athletics.

Historical Theme

Image source: Renaissance Design & Renovation

If you have a thing for history, let it show in your comfort room! Have paintings of famous historical figures on your walls along with some of their best known quotes.

Paint your walls brown or tan to really make the room seem historic. Add glass cases around artifacts to give the man room a museum like feel to it.

Build or install shelves full of books, magazines, movies, and documentaries that revolve around historical fiction or historical discoveries.

To really make the place feel ancient, don’t include any technology, modern food, or modern furniture.

Antiques Theme

Image source: W Dylan Gilliam

This theme is quite different from the previous one. While a historical theme focuses on the history behind people and objects, an antiques theme focuses on the objects themselves.

To achieve this theme, incorporate a lot of antique items throughout your man cave. You can go to a local antiques store or shop online to find the right items.

Make sure to always have something protecting the objects. You wouldn’t want the antiques to get damaged!

Gamer’s Theme

Image source: K&W Audio

Are you into video games? Let it show! Line your shelves with games of all sorts. Have one or more gaming system connected to your television so you can start playing as soon as you walk in.

Decorate your wall with characters from Zelda, Mario, Dark Souls, Sonic, League of Legends, Assassins Creed, and whatever other games you may like.

Fill the room with merchandise, such as a replica of the Master Sword or figurines of soldiers from Halo. You can even paint the walls, floor, and ceiling to resemble a dungeon or world from your favorite game!

And, if you can afford it, you can include classic video game machines found in old arcades. Invite your friends over to relive your childhood by playing classic Pac Man and Space Invaders.

You can even get into competitions or tournaments in which they winners gets all the quarters in the machine!

Bar Theme

Image source: Dorlom Construction

Sometimes, what you really need after a long day is a drink. However, bars can be too crowded and noisy to truly relax. It also makes it a hassle if you need someone to act as your designated driver.

Rather than leaving the comfort of your own home to go to a local bar, just bring the bar to you. This theme can also be great if you need small man cave ideas.

With a bar theme, you do not have to do much decorating or include much furniture. All you need is an area to mix drinks and shelves or coolers to store your alcohol.

Nothing else really matters. You can also use a bar-themed room as a place for you and your friends to drink away from your children.

Beach Theme

When it comes to vacations, the beach is one of the first places that people have in mind. However, this can be costly and time-consuming to do if you do not live near an ocean.

Turn your man cave into your own private beach for those days when you want a vacation, even if you can’t actually go on one.

Paint palm trees on the wall or buy some to put in the corners of the room. Cover the floor with a sandy colored carpet. Use wallpaper of a beach scene or paint your own ocean and skyline.

Don’t forget about the ceiling! To really feel like you’re at the beach, keep the temperature in the room toasty.

If your man room is large enough, you may want to install a small indoor pool or corner tub. A glass case containing real sand, crabs, and sea shells will add to the effect even more.

Animal Theme


Let everyone know about your passion for animals! It can be for just one species (such as wolves or sharks), one class of animals (such as birds or reptiles), or just animals in general.

Have stuffed animals or other toys line your walls. You can have paw-prints or scales as a pattern throughout your room. If you love dogs, add some collars and a fire hydrant.

If you like beavers, have a pile of wood logs in a corner of your man room.

Buy or adopt small animals such as birds, lizards, rabbits, etc that do not require a lot of attention so that they can stay in your man cave.

Boat Cabin Theme

If your man cave is in the basement, this space can serve greatly for a boat theme. Being underground will resemble the feeling of being underwater within a small cabin.

Creaky floorboards add to this effect even more. Install wooden walls or paint the walls to resemble planks.

If your basement has a window, attach some blue wallpaper to it to make it seem as though you are looking out onto the sea.

Sailor’s Theme

Image source: John Kraemer & Sons

For this theme, you can either add to the boat theme or start from scratch. Bring the nautical theme to any man room by including flags or sails in either red or navy blue.

Add some boat-like decorations or patterns in a taupe (brownish gray) color. Mix in a navy floor and red furniture for even more of this effect.

A red ceiling will really add to the sailor theme by referencing the old adage of the red sky.

Anime Theme

Anime is becoming increasingly popular in western nations. Regardless of whether you prefer sub or dub, let your love of anime show throughout your man cave.

If you are a fan of mainstream series, have characters from Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Yu Gi Oh!, Bleach, and other series illustrated on your walls.

If you are not into the mainstream, express your interest in Darker Than Black, Another, School Rumble, Paranoia Agent, The Devil is a Part Timer and more.

If you are more drawn to manga than anime, install shelves or bookcases full of your favorite manga serials and light novels.

If you like to draw anime-inspired characters, have your artwork show with sketches attached to the walls and with your sketchbooks always open to some of your best work.

Keep DVDs and soundtracks of your favorite anime shows and movie along with character figurines. If you are into cosplay, store all your costumes in your man cave for safe keeping.

Dungeon Theme

Pretend that your man cave is a deep, dark dungeon at the bottom of a tower. Use only the faintest light in this room—a dim light bulb, a fraction of natural light from a window, or maybe even a single torch in the corner.

The stone cold floors of most basements work perfectly for this ominous theme! To darken the mood even more, include replicas of torture devices and attach chains to the walls.

Have one or more sections of your man cave blocked off by bars, symbolizing the prisons in the dungeon. This theme can be great to use around Halloween!

Train Theme

Some guys are really into sports cars. Others, however, have a love of trains. If you are the latter, this theme will be great for you.

The man cave gives you a nice place to store and show off all of your train sets and model trains (tip: add some HO scale buildings to complement your set). Have a conductor’s costume near the entrance of the man room so that you can instantly change into an attire that fits the theme.

For seating, you can have a row of seats within a small train replica so it feels like you and your guests are actually inside of a train!

This theme can also be very family-friendly. If your son loves Thomas the train, incorporate this cartoon character throughout your cave.

The man cave could serve as a brilliant place for some father and son bonding since the privacy will lower the risk of interruptions from other members of the family.

War Theme

Want to imagine that you are in a war zone every time you enter your private space? Try out this design theme! Put on a soldier’s uniform and take (replica) arms.

Use a camouflage or jungle pattern for your walls. If you want to depict a specific war or battle, include clippings of newspaper articles and artwork about it.

Have replicas of grenades, knives, swords, bombs, and other weapons throughout your man cave. If there is a certain soldier or team of soldiers you favor, honor them with statues or paintings of them as the focus point of the room.

Science Fiction Theme

Science-fiction was once thought of as a genre just for nerds. However, the genre has been rapidly growing in popularity. It has a fan base world wide and includes various subgenres.

If you are into the outer space aspects of sci-fi, include pictures and toys of astronauts, planets, aliens, moons, asteroids, stars, spaceships, satellites, and any other space aspect you can think of.

If you love Star Wars and Star Trek, let each one dominate one half of the room or integrate them together.

If you’re a sucker for a good time travel story, have a large replica of the TARDIS from Doctor Who or the Delorean from the Back to the Future trilogy in the center of the room.

The TARDIS can have a working telephone inside of it, and the Delorean can provide seating. Have the greatest time travel stories ever written and the best time travel shows and movies ever produced lining your shelves.

You can also have elements of the past mixed in with potential objects we will have in the future. For example, have on your wall a picture of a dinosaur next to flying cars and jet packs.

Perhaps you have a soft spot for robots. Whether they are killer robots in a dystopian future or incredibly human-like androids or just drones, depict them in your man room.

You can have R2D2 from Star Wars, The Terminator, or one of the Synths from Humans as the main character in your room. Give the entire room a crisp, clean, industrialized feel to it to really contribute to the theme.

Gray tile can be used for the flooring, the walls, and the ceiling without there ever feeling like there is too much tile.

With gray tiles, you can create an industrial, somewhat “chrome” feel to your man room. Consider adding elements of stainless steel to complement thenew age look and feel.

Cultural Theme

Image source: Wolff Architects

You may have a deep sense for your culture or deeply admire another culture. Embrace that every time you come into your man room with the cultural theme.

Express your culture of choice through clothing, national flags, foods, drinks, and traditional music of that culture. For fun, you can demonstrate a different theme very week or month.

You can turn your man cave into a sort of cultural appreciation room that will also be very educational and inspiring for your children and guests.

Deep Sea Theme

Image source: Dennis Foote

Even though human beings are land creatures, that does not stop many people from having a fascination with the sea. If you are one of these people, you can make your man cave seem as though it is in the middle of the ocean.

Use ocean themed wallpaper or paint the walls a deep, ocean blue. Add paintings or pictures of marine life, including small fish, sharks, dolphins, whales, starfish, coral, squids, jellyfish, and other sea based lifeforms.

Keep the temperature in the room cold to really feel like you are underwater. Place stones and other rocks along your floor. For added effects, install an indoor pool.

Have the walls of the pool in blue with images of ocean life. Add sand to the bottom of the pool, as though you are reaching the ocean floor. You can even have actual fish in small aquariums around the room!

Gambler’s Theme

Image source: Beaugureau Studios

Hit the casino’s! What’s that? You can’t go to Vegas? No problem! With this theme, bring the gambling spirit into your own home.

Set up poker tables, blackjack tables, and slot machines. Use fake gambling chips or real coins to make bets and wagers with your friends.

Hone your poker face and test your luck on the wheel of fortune.

Bring in alcohol and cigars so you and your friends can have hours of fun, just like at a real casino but without the risk of losing out of large amounts of money.

Comic Book Theme

Image source: CHC Design-Build

Times have truly changed. Once upon a time, only “nerds” read comic books.

However, with the popularity of DC and Marvel movies over the past two decades, this stereotype is breaking. Now, it is perfectly all right for even the coolest guys to love a super powered man in tights. Love superheroes yourself? Then this is the theme for you.

Whether you are Team DC, Team Marvel, Team Capcom, or Team Mortal Kombat (or a combination of any of the four), your love of comics is something that should be shared.

Love the DC character Nightwing? Plaster his emblem all over your wall. Have his costume at the ready if you are into cosplay.

Have all his gadgets, including his escrima sticks and wingdings, displayed on a table, as though you were displaying arsenal (no, not Arsenal as in Speedy/Red arrow).

Use Nightwing’s defining colors (black and light blue….or add yellow if you are a fan of the “DiscoWing” costume) for your man cave’s color scheme.

Have comics strips of the character of your wall, and showcase all the comics books you have of him.

You can even show him in his multiple identities, from the cheery, original Robin to who became known as the “Batman who smiles”.

More a fan of Wolverine or Johnny Cage or Ken Masters? Do the same thing for them or for whoever your favorite comic book characters or teams are!

Log Cabin Theme

Image source: Lands End Development – Designers & Builders

If you need more man cave ideas for a small room, try this one out! Pretend you’re Abraham Lincoln or just a regular lumberjack living in the woods.

Attach split logs to the walls of your room to make it seem as though the man cave were actually constructed out of logs. Have a pile of logs in the corner to add to the effect.

Avoid using modern technology within your log cabin man cave. Have all or almost all of your man cave furniture be wooden, including chairs and tables.

A log cabin theme can be your home away from home. Inside a log cabin, without any modern devices, time seems to slow down.

This makes the theme a great choice for those who just want to unwind after a long day and not do much else.

Green Theme (or Environmentally Friendly Theme)

Image source: Sennikoff Architects, Inc.

This is a theme for guys who are passionate about the environment or just love nature. Use a wallpaper with a nature scenery or attach bits of real plants onto the walls.

You can lightly line the floor with soil or use brown carpet to mimic this effect.

Have living flowers, young trees, and other forms of plant life either lining your walls or placed throughout the room. Add a few birds to really get a sense of nature within your man room.

If your man cave is made out of the garage, you can incorporate a garden into the space.

Though this will be costlier and less efficient than have an outside garden, you can still do this if you feel your man cave will not be complete without it.

One way to make a garden in the garage is by digging up some of the foundation so that you can plant things there. After that, you will need an opening in the ceiling in order to let natural light in.

There are a few problems with this garden idea. If it rains and you do not have anything to patch up the opening, your garage will be flooded.

The plants will also attract insects, such as bees and caterpillars. This could be a major concern if you are somebody in your house is allergic to bee stings.

However, if you are passionate about having a miniature greenhouse in your garage, there will be a way to make it work!

If you do not have a window in your man room, you will have to use some artificial light. Though this takes a toll on the environment, using only energy efficient light sources adds to the green theme.

LED lights are known for being energy efficient, so you can save on your electricity bill while also helping the environment.

In this way, you can spend less money on lighting and more money on plants and other aspects of your green themed man cave.

What makes LED lights an even more tempting option is that they can come in many different colors. Keep in line with the green theme by ordering your LED lights in a natural green color!

You can also use LED floodlights. These are environmentally friendly yet still provide massive amounts of light.

Another option for lighting is the use of solar lights. Solar lights use energy directly from the sun, stored in a solar cell.

Because of this, solar lights are even more environmentally friendly than LED lights and may be the most cost effective option for lighting your deck.

This makes them great man cave ideas on a budget when you are in need of energy. Solar lights can be installed in several places, making them more useful than a traditional lamp or overhanging bulb.

You can install these lights near your plants so that you can better monitor them in case bugs start to much on them or if they start to wither.

These lights also come in a variety of designs, making them better able to suit your theme.

With LED glasses, you are able to light up your man room without having to worry about installing hidden bulbs or trying to move lamps out of the way.

The energy-efficient LED lights rest inside glasses that have been designed for safety.

These glasses are portable, so you can add lighting where you need it most on your deck.

Another portable option is portable lamps.

These are commonly used as garden furniture. The bulbs inside use a low voltage and is not exposed, saving energy and limiting safety hazards.

Rustic Theme

Image source: JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

Rustic themes have been gaining popularity in the world of interior design.

This is largely because people want their homes to be a place away from the hustle and bustle of large cities. They want their home life to feel simple and calm.

After a long day, this can be exactly what a lot of men need. There are a couple of ways you can achieve a rustic theme

One way to achieve a rustic look for your man cave is by using taupe for your seating. Use that in addition to white floors, wooden furniture (besides your seating), and copper insertions for the desired look.

Another way to get a rustic man cave is by pairing the taupe seating with the colors rustic red and cream white. The smooth nature of the rustic red complements the creaminess of this shade of white.

They combine to create the ultimate effect of gentleness coupled with elegance and balance. To obtain your rustic look, include some wood tones. Use wood for the central furniture.

The elegance and serenity of this rustic theme does wonders to calm the nerves and help your relax from the second you step into the room.

If you want to use a brick wall to achieve a different version of a rustic kitchen, here is how you can. Use a regular white—the color of purity—and the texture of bricks to your advantage.

Just the brick wall itself creates the rustic feel, so there is no need to worry about different colors throughout your man unless you want your man cave to seem as rustic as possible.

If that is the case, you can incorporate some of rustic techniques mentioned above.

Fishing Theme

Fishing is a nice pastime that has been decreasing in popularity lately. This has been for a multitude of reasons, and it can be disheartening for those who really love to fish.

Bring the pond or lake to you by turning your man cave into a fishing space. Have fishing poles in the corner of your man room.

Allow a collection of different types of lures line a walls in display. If you have a fish you caught and are very proud of, show it off on another wall, along with a plaque and brief caption of how you caught it and where.

You can fill a small pool or tub with water and small fish. Have little scoops used to catch the fish. This can be a quick game, or it can turn into a serious competition between you and your friends.

It can also be a fun, safe way to get young children interested in fishing. This man cave can be a great place for friends who also enjoy fishing to meet with you on the weekends to discuss fishing adventures, tactics, and aspirations.

Music Theme

Image source: IMI Design, LLC

Music is a great way to relax and lose track of the world around you in favor of something better. So why not include something so comforting into your private room?

You should always have your favorite songs ready to be played on an MP3 player, CD, or even record player so that you can immediately start to relax as soon as it starts playing.

For visuals, have some of your favorite album art as wallpaper or as pictures attached to the wall. If you love music in general, get wallpaper that resembles sheet music or paint notes on the wall yourself.

If you like to play or make music, a man cave is the perfect place to do it. This way, you can jam out without having worry about disturbing others or about others disturbing you.

Have a wide variety of instruments line your walls with your favorite instruments being displayed in the front or center of the room.

Always have a notebook or method of recording for when a sudden spark of inspiration hits you and you need to get your idea down before you lose it.

Install large speakers into the man cave so that you can fill the room with pure, bliss music. Surrounding yourself with great music will help you forget about the stresses of the day and escape the troubles of the real world.

Old West Theme

Image source: Dream Home Environments

From cowboys to Indians to the great open plains to showdowns, what is there not to love about the old west (well…besides quite a lot, but…)?

If you share this thinking, let it show I your private room. Have paintings or pictures of cowboys in action on your walls. Have real rope, hay, cowboy hats, and a saddle littering your floor.

Get into character by dressing up like a cowboys, complete with spurs and an overall dusty look. Or, you can dress up like a Native American, complete with face paint.

This theme can be fun for adults and children alike, so don’t be afraid to let your kids into this man room.

Hunter’s Theme

Image source: Ink Architecture + Interiors

If you like to hunt, a man cave can be the perfect place to store your prizes. If your spouse or kids are grossed out by the head of a deer you recently caught, mount it on a wall in your man room.

This way, you can still display it proudly without having to worry about upsetting anyone. Add to this theme by purchasing or laying down your own bear skin rugs.

On one wall, display your favorite hunting tools, from guns to knives to traps and everything in between.

On another wall, you may want to attach photos of you during a hunt and of some of the greatest captures you have made.

Get into your hunting gear whenever you come into this room to really put you into the right mood.

Royal Theme

Image source: Cravotta Interiors

When you are in your man cave, you are the king! Sit upon a throne and wear a crown while holding a septor. Be surrounded by piles of (artificial) dollar bills or gold coins.

Every so often, have large feasts in your royal palace with all of your fellow king friends.

Black and White Themes

Image source: Alexander James Interiors

Black and white is simple, yet powerful. If you have a small man room, this theme can be a good one to try out. Having white as the dominant color in the room can help a small room feel larger.

In this room, make the smaller accessories black. This will put more focus on all things white while not ignoring the black.

All major parts of the room should be in white—walls, flooring, ceiling, furniture, etc. Paintings, the TV, etc will be in black to demonstrate the full scope of the white—and thus, the full scope of the room.

If you are wanting a black and white design that is chic but not overbearing, there are options for that, as well. To achieve a stylish yet neutral appearance, gray should be added.

A gray-patterned wallpaper with a black couch and white pillows is a visually appealing yet somewhat calming black and white bedroom design.

To further add to this design, accessories of differing shades of gray can be included. A dark gray lamp, a light gray bookcase, a silver gaming system, and other features all add to the appeal.

Gray, being the bridge between white and black, ties the entire room together and makes every additional piece fell as though it truly belongs in the room, rather than making certain items stand out.

Racing Theme

Image source: Cantara

Races can be exciting and invigorating, which is why so many people love them. Horses races, NASCAR races, track and field races, etc all have their fans.

Decorate your walls with whatever kind of racing you like best. If you love the Kentucky Derby, have a horse based artwork as the centerpiece or focus of the room.

If you like swim races, you may want to have images of the Olymipic swimmers with the fastest times. If you like track and field, you can have your floor painted reddish brown and white to resemble the classic track field.

If you are into car races, you can use a car model for your seating. Regardless of what type of racing you love, there is something you can do to let that passion show.

Contemporary Theme

Image source: Schill Architecture LLC

One of the simplest ways to capture a more modern look is by using to traditional colors: black and white. Achieve this theme by making black the focus color of the room, putting white and additional colors in the background.

A modern vibe can also be achieve by using a black and white striped pattern. Couple this with some accessories toned black or gray.

To further the “industrialized” look, use metal pieces throughout the room. Add some eccentric wallpapers and vintage-like accessories for more emphasis.

Another way to get a contemporary theme is to make the tiles gray and to consider adding elements of stainless steel for more of an industrialized look.

If you have a window in your man room, it will allow natural light into the room, allowing the gray to truly shine. Having concrete elements or other, more “natural” seeming materials for the floors, walls, ceiling, or furniture allows gray to stand out all the more.

This brilliant combination of texture and color makes the man room more sophisticated and provides an interesting modern spin on a classic look. As a tip, you can accent gray room with bit of white to make the gray seem even more sleek and modern.

If you are looking for a contemporary room that is more colorful, try a room containing the colors midnight (a dark, almost black, shade of blue), scarlet, and gold.

Midnight blue has become increasing popular in recent years. It’s widespread popularity makes the color very modern, thereby also “updating” the other two colors when paired with it.

Use this deep, insightful color as the backdrop, focusing it on walls, floors, and other major aspects of the room.

It is the least energetic of the three colors, so you do not have to worry about overpowering or annoying guests as you would with certain orange walls or with yellow flooring.

Scarlet is one of the more vibrant shades of red, used to uplift the midnight blue.

But it can easily overshadow the darker color. Limit your usage of red to certain furniture and smaller additions to the home, such as small bookcases. Gold, the brightest of the primary colors, is mainly used to accentuate the room.

Gold is a shade of yellow that prevents from becoming to obnoxiously bright against the dark blue and from competing for attention with the lively red.

Incorporate gold by using it for pillows, a lamp, and other minor additions here and there throughout your man cave.

Coffee Theme

There are two drinks that fight for the title of being universally loved: tea and coffee. If you are more of a bean than a leaf, prove it!

Use a coffee bean wallpaper for your man cave to get a person in the right mood from the moment they enter the room. Always have fresh coffee brewing, or at least always have coffee ready to be made. For comedic purposes, get furniture in the shape of coffee mugs.

Use a creamer shaped lamp for lighting to make it even more humorous. Have the names of different types of coffee on your wall to show off your knowledge of the drink.

Scholar’s Theme

Use the space in your man room to express your love of knowledge. You want the room to be a nice, quiet, study area.

Because of this, it may be best that a scholarly man cave is located in the garage, shed, or other separate part of the house, rather than in the basement or a spare room.

Hearing people walking about you or talking outside of your door can be very distracting. Being in separated part of the house allows you to relax or study in a quiet, calm, and peaceful environment.

One thing you need to accomplish this theme is books. Lots and lots of books. This raises the question of how to store the books.

One of the most classic and traditional forms of book storage is the bookcase. They are usually wooden and can come in a multitude of colors.

When choosing a color, texture, and pattern for your bookcase and the shelves, consider what books you are going to place there.

If most of the books have darker covers, try a bookcase that is either a lighter shade of brown or a lighter color in general. Choose smooth wood with a basic pattern for these types of books.

If you run out of room for bookcases or would rather not use them, try high up shelves. With higher shelves, you don’t have to worry about going around other pieces of furniture or about anyone running into them.

Because of this, you are able to line the inside perimeter of your scholarly room with shelves, literally surrounding yourself with knowledge.

This gives you more space, which will be especially helpful if you are using a small space for your man cave or just need more room for more books.

To add to the scholar’s theme, you should incorporate a desk. You should also have notebooks, sticky notes, pens, pencils, and other study materials at the ready.

In the scholarly man cave, you can have documentaries covering your favorite topics. Keep the room well lit to better enable learning or dimly lit to get more comfortable.

This man cave can be a good place to go when you want to teach your children or other family members or friends something educational.

This room is the optimal learning environment, free of any distractions that are not educational in some way.

When you want to take a break from studying and want to have a bit of fun, you can play some brain enhancing games, such as trivia games, inference or guessing games, memory games, and more.

90’s Theme (or Any Other Decade)

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The 90s were a great time to live in. Relive those years every time you step into your man cave. A fan of the 1970s? 1960s? 1920s?

Or maybe you have a love for the 17th century or pre-historic years. Express that, too! Include clothing and new technological advances from your favorite time period.

Have albums or CDs of music or movies from this time (if music existed yet!). For a bit of fun, require anyone who enters the man cave to only speak as though they were living in that time period!

Your Theme

Image source: Benvenuti and Stein

You can use any of the above ideas, or you can come up with something of your own design. The key to a man cave is doing what makes you most comfortable.

If you have a great idea for a theme that will really help you relax, go for it! But if you are still stumped here are a few more design theme ideas: automobile theme, Greek or Roman theme, fantasy theme, romantic theme, apocalyptic or post apocalyptic theme, womanizer’s theme, safari theme, artistic theme, Bible theme, chef’s theme, jungle theme, Hollywood theme, YouTuber’s theme, rock star theme, school boy theme, restaurant theme, seasonal theme, scary or Halloween theme, Christmas theme, magician’s theme, literary theme, desserts theme, writer’s theme, childhood nostalgia theme, pop idol theme, President’s theme (or any other government official or national leader), knight’s theme, or any other themes you could come up with.

Additional Man Rooms Ideas

Image source: La Casa Builders Inc.

You should now have your theme figured out or at least have a good idea of what design theme to use. The next step is adding other elements to make your man cave as enjoyable as possible.

These items can help contribute to your theme, or they can just be added for your entertainment. If you need help thinking of some addition things to include, here are some of the many man caves ideas for you to consider.

  • A sign announcing that someone is now entering or exciting the man cave (or if you want a sign with boyish charm, use a “No Girls Allowed” or “No Women Allowed” sign)
  • A snack machine
  • A soda machine
  • A keg or other type of storage for beer
  • Cigars or other substances (only if legal, of course!)
  • A reclining chair
  • A coffee table
  • Surround sound
  • Magazines you would not want your spouse or children to find
  • A snack bar
  • A hidden safe or vault for your most prized possessions
  • A microwave
  • A popcorn machine
  • Sports equipment
  • Massage Chairs
  • A Foosball table
  • Indoors mini golf course
  • An individual room in the man cave containing a toiler—in case of emergencies or if the other bathrooms in the house are all occupied
  • Curtains to cover windows see that no one can see inside
  • Wine coolers
  • A pool table or billards table
  • Candles
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Pull-out couch in case a friend spends the night
  • A radio or stereo
  • A project to work on, such as fixing up an old car, tweaking the components of a malfunctioning laptop, or building a cabinet
  • A music listening station
  • A sauna or steam room
  • A chalkboard or white board to write down ideas or the rules of the man cave
  • A clock
  • A pool, a hot tub, or a corner tub
  • A massage table for when you really need the stresses worked out of your body
  • A work out stationary
  • A computer or tablet
  • A first aid kit, in case you and the boys get a little too rowdy or you injure yourself while working on a project

Tips on Making Your Man Cave Successful

Image source: Jeffrey King Interiors

It is not enough to simply have a lot of stuff and a theme for your man cave. Those are just what will appeal to others when they walk in.

But the main purpose of a man cave is providing a comforting and stress free environment for you. Here are a few things to make sure you accomplish to make your man cave as effective as it can be.

Make sure everything you add into the room is well coordinated and thought out. It is not very comforting to have a bunch of random items all over the place with little to no pattern or reason to them. In fact, doing so just produces chaos, rather than calm.

Your surroundings, as well as the way they are organized, all have a profound effect on your mood and overall mental health. Try not to use a lot of yellow in your private room because this can be overstimulating and it can actually cause more anxiety, rather than get rid of it.

Image source: JR Custom Living, Inc.

Settle on cooler, calmer colors and shades, such as blues and grays. If you want to include brighter colors like orange and yellow, do so in limiting amounts.

Keep the space comfortable. It is easy to get wrapped up in how your man cave looks. As a result, you may forget to think about how it feels.

A man room should be a place of comfort and relaxation. If you think an alligator theme is cool but are slightly on edge whenever you see it, do not choose this for a theme.

Comfort comes before style when it comes to a man cave. This is vital to remember. Having a nicely decorated man cave that is not able to relax you is like having a beautiful, elegant bathroom that does not have a toilet or bathing area.

It serves no purpose, and is rendered utterly pointless. It looks nice, but, really, that’s all. Don’t put yourself in this situation. Before you settle on a theme and color scheme, consider what will make you feel most relaxed after a long day.

Image source: Shiloh Homes Construction Remodeling

Keep it personal. After all, this is your private space, and it should feel like that. Use this space to hold all the things you enjoy most.

Have an old, lucky jersey that your spouse is constantly telling you to get rid of? Store it in your man cave. That way, it is out of sight and out of mind for your spouse, but you can still see it every time you enter your sacred space.

Have some magazines you know your spouse would not want you looking at? Keep them hidden in your man cave. Anything you want, anything that makes you feel satisfied and free, put it in your man room.

If you don’t have any such items, then this is a great time to start a collection. Figurines, old album, expensive car parts, whatever you want to collect can be easily stored in your private room.


Image source: Gary Keith Jackson Design Inc

A man cave or man room is basically just any space where a man can go to relax after a stressful day. There are several places that can be easily converted into a man cave, such as the basement or a garage.

When creating you private room, start out simple and then work your way up over time. Don’t try to do everything at once or else it will become a big mess and will just stress you out, which is the opposite of the intended purpose of a man cave.

There are plenty of different design themes and color schemes you can use to decorate your man cave and make it feel more cozy.

However, don’t get too caught up in this part of the process. First and foremost is your comfort. Everything else is inconsequential in comparison and can be worried about later.

Image source: Amelia Pearson Interiors

There are a lot of additional items you can add to the space to make it more relaxing or fun, such as a massaging area or a gaming console.

Focus on the things that satisfy you the most, and then your man room will be successful. Keep your man room well organized, comfortable, and personal.

You now have all the things you need to know about creating an effective man cave. With the knowledge gained from this article, you should have no problem building the perfect space to get rid of all that pent up stress and anxiety after a tough day!

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