Small apartments offer a unique interior design challenge: you have to make the most out of a very limited amount of space. How can you do that without making everything cramped and cluttered? Here are some design tips that you can follow:

Get Convertible Furniture

Getting big, bulky furniture is a big mistake when you have an apartment. If you want to make the most out of your space, you’ll want to get convertible furniture that you can shrink down when it’s not in use. Take a look at options like the Transformer Table — this is a customizable table set that you can modify to match your dining needs. For your everyday life, you can arrange the table for 4 seats. For those special occasions where you have a lot of company over, you can arrange it for 12 seats. And on days when your apartment is really tight on space, you can covert it into a single seat.

Dining room tables aren’t the only convertible furniture you should look into. There are convertible couches, coffee tables and patio furniture sets out there.

Go Vertical

In a small apartment, your floorspace is limited. You don’t want to take up more of that precious real estate than you need to. So, to keep your floorspace clear, you should take advantage of the available space on your walls and ceilings.

What can you do?

  • Install floating shelves or cubbies in every room. Use them to store dishes and cookbooks in the kitchen, houseplants in the living room and toiletries in the bathroom.
  • Line your walls with bookcases and shelving units for easy storage and organization.
  • Install corner bookcases to add storage to tight, unused corners of the room.
  • Move your houseplants to the ceiling by arranging them in hanging planters.
  • Add sturdy hooks to walls and doors. You can use them to hang clothing, towels, bags and more.

Fold Outs

Another way that you can take advantage of vertical space is to install fold-out or fold-down furniture in the walls. You could install a murphy bed into your bedroom wall. Whenever you get up in the morning, you can tuck the bed back into the wall and free up plenty of floor space. Or you could install a fold-down desk for your at-home workspace. Once you’ve logged out of your computer for the day, you can fold your desk back against the wall and clear the area.

Under the Bed

If you don’t want to install a murphy bed, that’s okay. You can use your bed to maximize space in your apartment.

How? Small apartments tend to have minimal storage opportunities. You’ll be lucky to have more than one closet to store your clothes, linens, cleaning supplies and other home essentials. If you’re desperate for storage, you should look under your bed. There’s plenty of room there.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of storage space under the bed:

  • Get a bed frame with built-in storage under the bed, with pull-out drawers and cubbies.
  • Put your shoes and boots in an under-bed shoe organizer.
  • Add clothes and linens to fabric storage bags under the bed.
  • Slide suitcases and travel bags under the bed. You can also fill them with items that need storage.

Get strategic with your interior design. Follow these decorating and organizing tips so that your small apartment doesn’t feel small at all.

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