If you’ve got a small apartment, it can be hard to figure out how to decorate it.

Modern apartments often have a stark, minimalist style to the rooms that don’t seem to offer a lot of space for either storage or modern apartment décor.

When there’s not a lot of space to work with, this is even more noticeable.

This doesn’t mean you can’t turn your modern studio apartment or modern loft apartment into a pleasant place to be.

Modern apartment decorating ideas

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It just needs a few ideas and a little love! Here are some great ideas for a modern apartment design that makes the most of small space in a stylish and fun way.

Clear Away the Clutter

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Because modern apartments have so little space, you need to minimize the amount of stuff you have. Take the time to go through everything and decide if you really want to keep it. All of us collect things as we move.

We might have needed or wanted them at the time, but as our lives have changed, we don’t need them any longer. You need to start your modern apartment redecorating by clearing out the things you don’t really want or need. Recycle, donate, or trash them as you see fit.

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When you’re trying to decide if you need a piece of furniture or not, remember to be realistic about your daily routine.  Do you use your breakfast bar more than your table? Does anyone ever sit in that chair? Remove items that are just taking up space.

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It can be very hard to clear away clutter. Even items that are really junk can have memories attached to them. If you’re having challenges cleaning out your modern apartment, consider hiring a professional organizer. They will work with you to sort through all your things so the items that really do matter can get their proper spotlight.

Create Distinctive Color Schemes

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Rooms in modern apartment buildings tend to be white or off-white. They blur together. Help give your modern apartment more personality by giving your rooms their own distinctive color schemes.

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Blue creates a more calm and soothing space, especially in combination with cool greens and earthy browns. Cleaner, starker colors like gray create a minimalistic look. Golden yellows and warm brown can be cozy. Combine them with jewel tones to create a luxurious space. Every space should have its own tone.

Use Texture

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Texture is rarely used in a modern apartment building. Break the mold by using a variety of textures. Farmhouse and countryside atmospheres are reinforced by ample use of unfinished wood and natural fibers. Sheen, silk, and velvet are luxurious.

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Glass, plastic, and sleekly finished wood are great for modern design. Mix up your textures to create visual and tactile interest. Include rugs and throws. Don’t forget about your curtains and window treatments. Consider how every texture in the room contrasts and complements the others and your theme to make the best use of them.

Place Mirrors on the Walls Strategically

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Mirrors can help a modern apartment seem much larger by playing with space and light. Place them so that they reflect natural light. This is a useful optical trick even when the room isn’t that small.

You don’t have to stick with simple square, round, or oval mirrors. You can find them in patterned designs or even sets of mirrors that are designed to work together to form one shape.  This is a great way to keep visual interest and add some fun personality.

Look for Furniture with Clean Lines

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Modern apartment furniture should look great but save space. Look for furniture with clean lines. You don’t want extra frills and a sense of visual weight. You want furniture with simple lines and angles.

Clean-lined furniture is more compact so you can make better use of space. Even a few of these compact furniture pieces can make a big difference in the room available in your apartment.

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It will also create a sense of flow and help reduce the sense of clutter, which will help create a soothing space. Last but not least, these light, clean-lined modern apartment furniture pieces tend to be very budget-friendly while still looking great.

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If you really want to maximize the space, get clear furniture. There are many good-looking options made of plastic. Glass tabletops really open up the space, whether you have one on your coffee table, dining room table, or even on your end tables.

Only buy furniture pieces that you really need. You need to seriously evaluate a piece before you add it to your home. Where will it go? How much will you use it? Will you like it this month a year from now? Think about these sorts of questions before you bring another piece into your modern apartment.

Use Corner Space

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Corners of modern apartments are underused. They’re not limiting, but are instead great resources. You can buy corner shelves to turn your corners into storage space. You can also use them to anchor seating.

Look into getting L-shaped sectional sofas for placement in your corners to maximize the space of your living room. If you’re working with a modern studio apartment, using your corners well is very important.

Use Shelves

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Shelves are a great way to reduce clutter yet display décor and keep items easily accessible. Shelves will keep your books from getting tossed around.

They’ll give you a place to put keys, mugs, and collections. Shelves can double as bookshelves and bookshelves can work as ordinary shelves. Floating shelves take up less space and are easy to install.

Show Off Your Personality

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Even a small apartment should show off your personality. Minimizing clutter and leaving a lot of open space doesn’t mean you need to get rid of all the personal touches that make your modern apartment into your home.

Instead, it allows those touches to stand out even better. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality throughout your small modern apartment.


Modern apartments may be small, but there’s a lot you can do to turn them into a pleasant home. Just remember that you have more space than you think you do!

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