Congratulations on your new home! Though moving to a new apartment is not exactly stress-free and as someone who has gone through the process before, I can tell you that planning can make moving much easier.

Imagine having to figure out how you are going to move everything without breaking the bank, your precious center glass table, or your back. Yes, it could get overwhelming but we’ve got you covered with these tips that can make it easier for you to move to your new apartment.

Notify Your Landlord

Your lease will give details on the notice period you need to give your landlord or management company that you will vacate the apartment. Though it is usually thirty days while some properties require sixty or ninety days.

Your lease will also state how you need to give your notice, it is usually preferable in writing. Make sure you sort this out correctly, so you won’t be paying additional rent for an apartment you will no longer be occupying.

Do Away With Unimportant Belongings

It doesn’t have to be everything, but the more unnecessary items you get rid of from your home, the lesser you will have to pack, drag around town, unpack and organize.

First, be stern with your items. That boot you bought on your first vacation to another country and you have not worn in a year, donate it. The very first cot you bought for your baby and it is now rusting away, you can ditch it too. Doing massive decluttering will have a tremendous impact on the efficiency and ease your entire moving process.

Hire Movers or Ask Your Friends For Help

If you decide you want a DIY move, make sure you get all the help you can get from friends and other acquaintances on a moving day. You will also want to consider renting a truck, as well as any other equipment you might need such as packing quilts, hand gloves.

Asking your friends to help you with moving your stuff and hoping they come through can sometimes be a disaster, not to mention, moving can be daunting. You need all the help you can get when moving; hiring a moving company can make things effortless and specifically reduce the stress of your move.

Consulting a moving company to help you with the logistics of carrying boxes is a lifesaver. The Dallas movers suggest getting a quote from any moving company within your area to see if you can work it into your expenses. Moving companies know how to properly move your boxes, including your electronics, even the fragile things.

Don’t forget, you may need to make provision for a copy of the moving company’s proof of insurance to your leasing company. Find this out before moving out so you can drop a copy at the management’s office before moving out.

Sort Your Stuff By Category

Instead of spending an entire day just going around in circles and cleaning the entire house, start with sorting your clothes, empty your closet, hamper, and your laundry room until you have them all in one place, then sort into piles and box them.

You can repeat the same process for books, shoes, bags, your collectibles, important papers, and home items. This will save you a lot of time on apartment moving day, as it will assure you of where you put a particular thing.

Prepare Everything The Day Before

You shouldn’t be doing anything extra on a moving day than just to move. Everything from doing the dishes, to cleaning out everything in your fridge, to packing every toiletry should be done the night before.

You can sort out every item you will need on a moving day into a tote bag or small suitcase and put every other thing in its box. You should also confirm and be sure of the time when the rental truck, movers, or your friends will be coming.

Your aim on a moving day should be to wake up, do a final cleanup, and start carrying boxes, anything other than this will slow down the pace.

Schedule A Walk Through With Your Landlord

It is a delightful idea to be present when your landlord does the move-out inspection. This way, you get to document or resolve any issue as they arise before you leave the apartment keys with him or the agent.

Thankfully, if you have done everything on the moving out checklist, moving into another apartment should be pretty easy, cover all bases, and you will be fine.

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