Swimming pools can be great addition to houses. They look great aesthetically and are great for relaxing and cooling yourself on a hot summer’s day.

When thinking about pools however, no one this about swimming pool landscaping and how it was built, who built it, how much time it took them to build it, or what challenges it presented.

In an effort to distinguish between the various kind of pools, we’ve put together some swimming pool design ideas to not only present you with the knowledge of differentiating between pools, but sparking up your imagination for swimming pools.

Image source: Exterior Worlds Landscaping & Design

The pool shape

For most pools, rectangles and other angular shapes are used because of their practicality and simplicity. With varying sizes come varying building materials, so it should be of no surprise that fiberglass pools are available. A popular geometric shape is the “L” shape, which allows for an addition of more shapes like triangles or rectangles. Whatever pool you choose, there’s no denying, geometric shaped pools are some of the most beautiful pools.

Image source: Lewis Aquatech

A pool that fools

A pool that can create the illusion that it stretches to infinity is an awesome one. They look stunning and are one of the best objects for illusion design, as they make the effect seem extremely dramatic. This is created with math and science: water is passed on to a hidden tunnel into the pool’s weir, from where it is brought back and recycled into the pool.

Image source: Polhemus Savery DaSilva

These types of pools work best in places where spectacular scenery is viewable from the pool. Mountains, rivers, oceans or even tall cityscapes. If there’s dense vegitation or palms it can be used for the same effect.

Is it a spa or a pool?

It’s both actually. The term for such a creation is a spool. They are 12′ X 14′ oversized spas that resemble pools. However seeing as how they can be difficult to build, even with their relatively small size they cost somewhere in the region of a normal pool.

They are easier to maintain for sure and are great in particular for anyone with not much yard space. Also, rubber pool decking has a lot to offer to homeowners who want a long-lasting deck with plenty of safety benefits.

Image source: Lang Pools Inc.

A different kind of pool

When you want to save space but also comibine comfor and relaxation with health and exercise, a lap pool can be perfect. It is designed with swimming laps in mind. If they are built and designed properly they can be a great aesthetic addition to a home, as well as something that can keep you in shape.

Image source: Tanby Swimming Pools

Entertainment value

Sometimes, you don’t need a big or deep pool. If all you want to do is sit and relax, play some water games or even swim laps from time to time, a play pool can be the best choice. It’s less than 5 feet deep and offers great entertainment every time.

Image source: Prestige Saunas Ltd

A round shape

Oval and circle shaped pools allow for a more uniform look, while providing a softer shape than a geometric shape with sharp lines and corners. These are perfect for the pool owner who wants something uniform yet natural.

Image source: Garden Of Eva Landscape Design Group

Oval shape can be placed in a more modern surrounding as well as contribute to a nature inspired landscape, depending on the materials, elements and features used in and around the pool. These shapes can also be provided in various materials ranging from fiberglass to gunite.

Kidney Shaped Pool

This kidney shaped pool is similar to a long oval with an indentation on one side. It is a popular choice because it is conducive to nearly any size of backyard space. Without the crisp lines of a geometric-type pool, the kidney-shape tends to look more natural. It also provides natural placement of a shallow end and a deep end for swimmers.

Image source: Woodburn & Company’s

To add to the kidney-shape design, some homeowners place a spa in the indented area or shrubbery and greenery.

Freeform Pools

A free form shape depends on what the pool owner can dream up and what the pool designer and contractor can supply. Most pool designers work diligently to make the pool owners vision become a reality when choosing a free form shaped pool. This shape is also ideal for both big and small backyards. With a smaller backyard the pool can be designed as a spa style pool or pond style pool.

In a bigger backyard the pool owner and designer can get creative with the placement and shape. This pool shape usually requires gunite or shotcrete and tends to be more expensive.

Image source: Pool Stop

Freeform pools are also excellent choices for homeowners who want to incorporate a pool into an asymmetrical space that is already developed. The designer will finish the pool to match the surroundings, thus keeping the poolscape in sync with the entire outdoor space.

The diving pool

Those that prefer a little more action would probably prefer diving pools. These are generally around 8-1/2 feet deep and they also have a diving board or a platform. These pools should only be built to NSPI and ANSI standards and they should only be used with supervision or by those that are absolutely certain of their swimming and diving capacities.

Image source: Vinci | Hamp Architects

Figure-8 Pool

Figure-8 shaped pools are great for families or those who want a pool to work for many activities. One end of a figure-8 pool does not necessarily have to be a mirror image in size of the other end. The figure-8 provides a nice separation for an obvious shallow area and a separate deeper area.

Image source: Talisse Construction Inc

For families, young children can enjoy activities in the shallow area with obvious perception of where the deeper area begins. The indentations on each side of the figure-8 are also natural spots for shrubbery.

Grecian and Roman Pools

Grecian and Roman style pools are classic rectangles gone wild. Mirroring the formal elements found in ancient art, these pools start out as rectangles and then get pushed and pulled into something completely different.

Image source: Absolutely Outdoors

Grecian pools have cut corners, forming an octagon, while Roman pools have stylized corners and rounded ends. Both types blend in with a variety of homes, but especially those of Tuscan or Aegean heritage. When finished in a colorful glass tile and framed with Travertine coping or decking, one can easily mistake either one as a relic from another era.

In the end, the swimming pool needs to be shaped for you and your property. When your project is done, there should be complete harmony throughout the space. The home, the inground pool, the outdoor structures and the landscaping that frames your backyard should all be in sync with each other. Then, when you look around your new favorite spot, you can applaud your designer and builder—and yourself—for a job well done.

The perimeter overflow pool

This is another type of pool that can be very spectacular. The shape is irrelevant in this case. The defining feature of perimeter overflow pools is that the water level is the same as the top of the decking. This style is often combined with infinity edge pools and the results are spectacular.

Image source: Design Ecology

Above Ground Pools

You don’t have to compromise on look and finish with today’s above ground pools. New technology means they no longer have to be installed above ground, but instead partially or completely in ground. They cost less than other pools, and can be moved from one house to another. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and models, and are great for sloping or difficult-to-access backyards.

Image source: The Above Ground Pool & Spa Company

Outdoor pool design inspiration

Most of us have access to the pool on holiday and this is the only place where we’re having fun from sunrise until sunset. You are a lucky person when you have your own garden pool and you enjoy all the benefits of it. Swimming pool design is very diversified and depends a lot from space and shape.

A swimming pool is the place that offers you the recreation you are looking for and this fact is possible with some accessories specially created and designed to make your pool more beautiful.

Some examples of accessories can be mentioned: the lights inside the pool which can have any color, water mattresses and other toys or if your pool allows you, you can build one or more water slides. These are amazing decorations that color your life a lot and, to be honest, slides are desired by children as well as they are by adults. Also, pool builders can also bring about numerous accessories and design suggestions, like using glass windows and water features. Actually, ideas are endless

Swimming pools surrounded by stones or plants, swimming pools placed near barbeques or porch areas, not matter the place or type the effect is the same: joy and ideal places to spend your time in the outdoors doing more activities at the same time. These pictures showcase various outdoor pools designs, so I hope you’ll be inspired when you are building one of your own.

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