Are you a San Diego resident looking to replace your roof? If you’ve been living in your home for years and are unsure if it’s time to replace your roof, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We know that roof replacement is a major decision and process.

That’s why we put together this list of 5 signs for San Diego residents to look out for, indicating it may be time to invest in a new roof.

1. Shingles Are Missing or Damaged

The most obvious sign you need to contact a roofing company San Diego is when the shingles on your roof show wear and tear. If shingles are missing or damaged, they will no longer provide adequate protection from the elements. In some cases, shingle damage can also result from poor installation or inadequate maintenance.

Holes in a roof compromise the structural integrity of your home. It can also reduce energy efficiency. If you see bent or corroded shingles, large gaps between them, or waved surfaces where the roof has not properly adhered to the roof deck underneath, these are signs that your roof needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

2. Age (15 – 20 Years)

How old is your roof? On average, roofs last between 15-20 years. However, environmental factors such as heavy rains or high winds can significantly reduce the roofs’ lifespan.

In San Diego, especially, weather patterns make a difference when it comes to roofs. Wind, sun, storms, and humidity can all contribute to the wear and tear of a structure. If your roof is nearing that 20-year mark and shows signs of wear and tear, it may be time for a replacement.

3. Strange Noises Coming From Your Attic or Ceiling

At first, strange noises coming from your attic or ceiling probably won’t give you much cause for concern. It’s easy to overlook something like that until it becomes louder and more frequent.

However, it could be indicative of a bigger problem. If your home is experiencing banging, thumping, popping, or squeaking sounds, then it’s a telltale sign that your roof has seen better days and needs attention soon. Contact a roofing company in San Diego ASAP.

4. Moss Growth

Summer in San Diego is characterized by long, hot days and those balmy coastal breezes. But unbeknownst to many who live here, excessive sunshine and a humid climate are like catnip to moss. Before you know it, you’ll see patches of moss growing on the roof, signaling that it’s time to talk to a roofing company in San Diego.

5. Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage can often be caused by an aging roof that hasn’t been maintained properly over the years. If you start noticing things like peeling paint around window sills or dark spots on walls that weren’t there before, then chances are it’s time for a new roof.

Talk to a Roofing Company in San Diego Today

Replacing an old, worn-out roof can save you lots of money (and headaches) down the line. If you live in San Diego and think it may be time for a new roof, consider these five signs before making any decisions. Professional help is always recommended when dealing with major home renovations. Talk to a roofing company in San Diego today and get that roof fixed.

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