Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? One of the ways you can do this is to upgrade your kitchen countertops. In addition to making your kitchen an ideal place to make your everyday meals, you add value to your home. Therefore, upgrading your kitchen is a great way to spruce it up if you’re looking to sell your home. Installing granite countertops enhances the looks and value of your home. Nowadays, granite is used in residential and commercial places.

It is among the naturally available rocks used in different building services. Granite is available in different colors, including blue, white, black, brown-beige, and red. This color is due to the mineral composition, including mica, amphiboles, quarts, and others found in certain geographical locations. Are you looking to upgrade your home? Below are the essential benefits of using granite countertops. Keep reading, learn and make an informed decision,

  • Resistant to scratches and chips 

As stated above, granite is a natural stone and one of the hardest materials available in the world. When you install granite countertops, they reflect luxury and sophistication. One of the reasons you should consider cheap granite countertopsespecially for your kitchen, is that they come from strong material and are resistant to scratches and chips. This is important in the kitchen, where there is lots of cutting and pounding. After diamond, granite is the second hardest material worldwide. However, when dicing, chopping, or slicing different foods on your granite countertops, it is advisable to use a cutting board. Cleavers and sharp knives can damage your granite countertop. Ensure that your granite countertop is installed by professionals so that it can last longer.

  • Heat Resistant

Another incredible benefit of installing granite countertops is that they are resistant to heat. This rock is naturally formed by heat and pressure. This is why granite is naturally resistant to heat. It is possible to place a hot pan or hot pot on black granite countertops, and it won’t get scorched. However, placing a hot pot and kettles on the holder is extra careful, prolonging your countertops life.

  • Affordable 

Affordability is another reason granite has become so popular—the cost per square foot ranges between $40 to $200 plus the installation. The thickness of the slab determines the difference in pricing. The heavier the slab, the more it will cost you to install. If you want to experience the benefits of white granite countertops and reduce the overall price, then call the best experts for professional advice and installation services of your countertops. When you think about the overall benefits, including increasing the value of your home, you will realize that investing in granite is a worthy investment. Once your granite is installed professionally, it can serve you for over thirty years.

  • Granite is stain resistant

Even if you choose to install white ice granite countertops, they won’t be damaged by any stains. This is because granite is stain resistant, especially when the sealant is properly applied due to its porous nature. However, ensure that the sealant is applied regularly to ensure that the granite maintains stain resistance. Always ensure that any food spills and liquid is cleaned using water and a mild detergent. Remove the spills before they get stuck. This way, you will gently wipe it off. Consult your installation expert about the best sealant to apply on your countertop yearly.

  • Granite is unique

Each piece of granite, including colonial whiteis unique. This way, you’re sure that no one will have the exact countertop like yours. If you want unique pieces, choose the best granite suppliers. Depending on the slab type that will suit your granite countertop best, choose from multiple types. Using a natural pattern of the sealed granite tops helps set your kitchen countertop above and beyond.

  • Easy to clean

The kitchen is one place that is prone to constant dirt. This is due to the heavy foot traffic of people moving in and out of your kitchen. In addition, your kitchen is exposed to food spills. Keeping your kitchen spaces spotless is important. You have to prepare meals in a clean place to prevent food contamination. Whether you install granite in your bathroom or the kitchen, cleaning is vital. Another great advantage of granite countertops is that they are easy to clean. All you need is a simple detergent and a soft cloth to clean your granite surface. Then you will have your countertops shining and spotless. In addition, river white granite is resistant to bacterial and dirt, which makes it a perfect option for your kitchen countertops.

The truth is that spaces like the kitchen are the most significant areas in your home. Great family memories are made. This is the place where the best and most tasty meals are prepared. Therefore you want a family-friendly kitchen. Alaska white granite countertops make an excellent option because they can withstand the spills, drops, and even the bustling bodies involved.

If you’re wondering the best option for kitchen or bathroom countertops, then granite is an excellent option.

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