Doors seem to be more an asset for privacy or climate control, relative to the openings in your home, but a door can provide an aesthetic impression as well as an environmental statement. There are a variety of door material types on the market, including aluminium, fiberglass and hollow core doors, but there’s only one type of door that will last, insulate, look beautiful and be sustainable. If these are your concerns, for doors as well as other building components of your home, then timber is a natural choice for you.

Timber Doors

Timber doors offer many benefits that other doors lack. They insulate better than aluminium doors and, if nicked or damaged, can be refinished rather than having to be replaced, saving you money for replacement and reducing your carbon footprint. Timber is a renewable material, unlike fiberglass, that exudes a natural warmth that fiberglass and steel doors lack. Timber doors can be custom shaped to fit any room in your home and the unique grain pattern of the timber makes each door one of a kind.

Whether you’re interested in a sliding door, a bifold door or a solid door, timber can accommodate any of these options and more to make your door, and home, stand out

Timber Windows

A properly fashioned, stained and installed timber window and frame can last as long if not longer than a fiberglass window. Timber windows also have exceptional insulation properties versus aluminium frames. Likewise, as with timber doors, you’re using sustainable materials that present a unique appearance for each window. Timber windows and frames can be custom made in a variety of styles, from double hung to awning to casement and just about every other type, allowing you to enjoy a window that is perfect for your design scheme.

Timber Staircases

There’s nothing quite like the radiance and comfort that a timber staircase exudes. Your custom staircase can exhibit a traditional spiral or floating design as well as whatever custom design you choose. There are a variety of wood types that you can use, including Parana pine and Merbau, to give you a staircase that meets your standards while generating stares.

Bespoke & Custom Furniture

If distinct is your preferred design style, then timber is the perfect material for you. Whether you’re trying to incorporate the unique shapes of driftwood or gnarled timber or you have a favourite knot you’d like to exhibit, beds, tables and bars are great ways to incorporate timber into your indoor environment. There are an amazing amount of wood types that you can use, including Tasmanian oak, Blackbutt, Rose wood and Jarrah, to capture the beauty of timber.

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