While beginning a fresh chapter in a new home is an exhilarating process, it’s no secret the moving process is often stressful and headache-inducing. Between finding a reputable agent within your price range, getting a pre-sale inspection, photographing your home, and keeping track of essential documentation, selling your house includes a long-list of high-priority tasks that can surely go awry.

Unfortunately, once you officially accept an offer, the endless list of high-priority tasks will continue to stream in as you enter the next phase of home selling. From detailed organization and packing efforts to transferring utilities and changing addresses, there are limitless responsibilities on your long list you’ll need to check off before you’re ready for take-off.

Additionally, if your intended destination is far away, you’ll need to consider transport and moving services that can carry your precious items safely and promptly. If you’re shipping you’re car, consider partnering with reputable transportation services like Guardian Auto Transport to knock one big-ticket item off your long to-do list.

With numerous duties to keep track of, you’ll want to aim for a quick sale to avoid long-lived stressors and frustrations. If you’re facing a fast-paced timeline or looking for a financial cushion as you undergo the moving process, a quick sale allows you to move along swiftly and free up funds for your future home. Proper staging efforts are an excellent way to speed up processes and increase the chances of a low-stress, quick sale. By showing off your home’s potential and highlighting its design features, buyers are more likely to develop an attachment to your home, pushing them to act fast and put down an offer to avoid competition.

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home to entice prospective buyers, look through these handy tips-and-tricks to ensure a quick-and-easy selling process.

Don’t underestimate curb appeal

First impressions are everything, and this is especially the case when it comes to staging your home. As potential buyers drive by your house and see the “For Sale” sign on your lawn, they’ll use your home’s outside appearance to judge whether it’s worth a look inside. Consider power-washing your sidewalks and driveway, adding fresh flowers and greenery, and keeping your grass mowed and tidy to draw in clients.

Invest in neutral design pieces

Many potential buyers look at homes as a blank canvas they can make their own. Unfortunately, this means your personal preferences and decor style may distract from them as they browse through your home. If you’ve painted walls or designed your house to reflect your unique style, it’s time to pack up your funky knick-knacks and keep it neutral. Staging your home with sophisticated, neutral color palettes and simple designs can help buyers visualize the space with any color or style changes they’d like to make.

Cultivate a balance between clean and lived-in

So, you’ve packed up all of your personal effects in anticipation of private walk-throughs and open houses. However, looking around, your previously lived-in home looks empty and sterile. To keep your home inviting and help potential new homeowners imagine what it could look like when they move in, add a few simple elements to amp-up staging efforts. Vases of fresh-cut flowers and fruit bowls create a homey feeling and entice prospective buyers without distracting them with out-of-the-box decorations.

Keep your home fresh

Any lingering odors or grimy tiles can immediately turn potential buyers off from purchasing your home, which is why a deep clean is essential before showings. However, be careful not to leave your house smelling like overpowering cleaning chemicals. Aim for a fresh atmosphere by placing living plants around rooms and opening window coverings to let in natural light and give your home a light and airy feeling.

Pay attention to small details

Often, the most critical staging details don’t involve furniture or design. Lighting subtly-scented candles and baked goods leave your home feeling warm and inviting for interested buyers. Ensure your bathroom towels are fluffed and spotless and set brand new soap bars in your soap dishes for quick, easy sprucing. Additionally, set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature so prospective buyers aren’t freezing or sweating as they walk through your home.

The bottom line

Staging your home is the best way to make buyers fall in love with your property. Ideally, presentation efforts should show off your home’s potential and allow clients to envision their new lives in this space. By minding small details and avoiding gaudy decor, you’ll have multiple offers on your home in no time.

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