Moving to a nearby place is already challenging, so imagine what an interstate move will feel like. If you decide to move to another state for whatever reason, no matter how good you are at planning, it may still not be as smooth as you want it to be. Besides decorating your new home, you must also ensure your old place is in perfect shape before moving out. Expect some bumps and inconveniences along the way, but you’ll get through it with the help of these tips.

Start packing as soon as you are sure about moving

Do not wait a few days before the actual move to start packing. It would be stressful to finish everything within a short time. So, you might be unable to handle items properly, or it will be unorganised. If you pack early, you can do it one room at a time, so you will have time to rest. Plus, you can segregate things properly and decide what to do with them. You can bring, donate, sell, or throw them away.

Clean the old place and fix the damages

You will not be able to get the deposit in your old place back until you clean it and fix any damage. The landlord will inspect the property to determine if it was in the same condition as when you moved. You can do the cleaning or hire a professional cleaning service to do the job. Consider the trash disposal, too, as cleaning the place may produce plenty of trash. Hire a skip from the likes of, and they will dispose of the waste for you. They are also committed to recycling, segregating and salvaging recyclable items before disposing of the rest in the landfill. Also, check the house thoroughly for any damage that needs fixing, like leaky faucets and broken door locks.

Consider how you will transport your things

Transporting your things to another state can be expensive, especially bulky ones. As much as possible, bring only the essentials. You can sell items like furniture and appliances and use the money you earn to buy new ones for your new place. However, if you prefer to bring those things into your new home, then contact moving companies that offer interstate move. Compare their prices, and ensure that they cover moving from your current state to the new one.

Clean and decorate the new place

Most landlords will clean the new apartment before the tenants move in. However, the term clean is subjective. So, one’s definition of clean may not be the same as yours. If you are unsatisfied with the place’s cleanliness or want to ensure it’s thoroughly clean, you can do another round of cleaning that will satisfy you. Organising your things and decorating the new place could take time. So if you’re uncomfortable staying there while settling everything, you may consider temporarily staying in a motel nearby until it’s ready for your move.

An interstate move can be challenging, so start packing as soon as possible and have your new home ready so you can settle in fast.

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