A garage door can last many decades, even a lifetime. Choosing a new one can be a daunting process. However, if you put the necessary thought into your specific needs and situation, you can be sure to make a decision that you won’t regret a few years down the line.

Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the right garage door for your home.

Decide When To Change Your Garage Door

A garage door often provides the first impression to visitors to your home and an attractive one can greatly increase the curb appeal of your home. However, due to the expense and difficulties in choosing and installing a new garage door, many people prefer to repair what they have. A company like Hero Garage Doors has experience in both, and can offer guidance on whether it is a good time to replace your door or not.

If you are planning to sell, consider replacing the door to improve your home’s curb appeal. Study after study has shown that changing your garage door provides one of the highest returns on investment you can make on your home. Consider your options and choose something with a timeless look most buyers will enjoy.

Choosing a new door is a decision that most homeowners usually have to deal with only once or twice in a lifetime, so make the right choice!

Consider How the Space Is Used

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new garage door is what the primary use of your garage is. Do you use your garage only to park your car? Is it a games room for you or your children? A home gym? Do you practice with your band there?

The possibilities of what you choose to store in your garage are practically endless. Lifestyle considerations will come into consideration as well. For example, if you’ll be spending time in your garage, then allowing some natural light in will be preferable.

Soundproofing may be in order if you or your kid will be playing the drums or using power tools. Insulation is another factor to consider if you live somewhere with cold winters or very hot summers. You’ll want to keep your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer if you’ll be spending time in it, and these are important factors to consider when choosing a new garage door.

Choose Something With Style

Your home’s garage door is often a missed opportunity to showcase your personal style. Be sure to choose a style that complements the rest of your property and is in keeping with the general feel of the area. If you’re not the kind of person who’s likely to keep on top of repairs and maintenance, then avoid naturally finished woods, as beautiful as they may be.

Know yourself and what kind of maintenance and upkeep you and your family are likely (or unlikely) to do. Remember the kind of beating the door may take before purchase and don’t necessarily just make the decision based on looks alone.

The Bottom Line

Buying a new garage door isn’t something you have to worry about often. However, it is an important decision that can affect the visual appeal of your home and thus its value on the market. Taking time to make the right decision for you and your family’s lifestyle can save you a lot of hassle and expense down the road.

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