In many apartments and private houses there is a very small entrance area, its area can be 4 or even 3 square meters. m. But, if you know certain rules, the interior of small hallways can be made functional and comfortable. If the rules are not followed, and focus only on fashion trends and personal preferences, there will be big problems with the placement of the most necessary things and with cleaning.

What to consider in the interior

There are a number of pieces of furniture that must be in the entrance group, especially if there is no spacious storage room or dressing room in a private house or apartment:

  • a large-format mirror – the height of a person;
  • shoe rack or cabinet for shoes;
  • a place to sit or to put on the shoes;
  • open and closed hanger.

The absence of at least one of these items significantly reduces the functionality of the hallway. A mirror is necessary to quickly examine yourself when leaving the house. Shoes are much more comfortable to put on while sitting. Under the seat, you can arrange a shelf for its open storage. A closed shoe rack may not be enough, as shoes are often wet. The same applies to open and closed clothes hangers. Need to install a small hallway furniture like foot stools.

They will greatly complicate cleaning, which is already difficult in such a small and overloaded with furniture space. It is much more convenient to clean the hallway, in which cabinets and shoe racks are located on the floor, without gaps.

Small square hallway

A square room is convenient with space on both walls. Modular furniture can be placed along one wall here, for example, a mirror, an open hanger, and a shoe cabinet with doors and drawers. The other wall will have room for a closet.

A universal solution: put radius lockers in the corners, and take the remaining space along the walls with low shelves for relaxation and a couch. Shelves can also be placed under the seating area.

Narrow little hallway

An elongated rectangular room can also be made more comfortable by just changing the arrangement of the furniture. It is necessary to use the space near the front door and above it as tightly as possible. Narrow storage systems can be installed along the walls. A shoe rack with angled shelves and hinged doors will help organize the space.

Lighting in a small hallway

In the hallways and entrance corridors, as a rule, there are no windows. This means that you should take care of good artificial lighting. It is appropriate to place one or two small chandeliers on the ceiling and complement them with LED lighting or wall sconces. Warm yellowish light will create a cozy homely atmosphere, and cool white mirror lighting will help you see the face as it will look on the street.

The distribution of the light flux visually changes the proportions, and this fact can be used in the interior of a small hallway.

  • lamps located along the walls lengthen the spaces;
  • located in one line on the ceiling – make the room higher;
  • installed around the perimeter – visually expand.

If reflectors are installed on the lighting fixtures that transmit the light flux upwards, the ceiling seems higher. If the reflectors direct the light onto the walls, the ceiling appears lower.

Design rules

The best color scheme in the interior of a small hallway is light neutral tones: gray, beige, cream, even white. They visually expand the space and are appropriate in modern stylistic directions: in the loft style, Scandinavian, minimalism.

  1. The interior of a small hallway in a private house is best made to order, then every centimeter of the area will be “spent” with benefit.
  2. Even a large amount of furniture will not make the interior bulky, subject to the first two conditions.
  3. Furniture design should not be too pretentious, and it is better to choose the color exactly to match the wall decoration.
  4. It is advisable to provide a place in the entrance area in order to take off and put on street shoes while sitting, it is much more convenient. If there is no place for a cabinet with a seat, you will have to put on shoes, leaning against the wall. The decoration of such a wall should be made as resistant to wear and dirt as possible: decorative artificial stone, or embossed plaster, as an option.

Color palette

A harmonious version of the interior of a small hallway is a single color palette for the ceiling and floor, which significantly increases the space. To create interesting options, shades of the same color are used. The color scheme necessarily takes into account the chosen style, as well as the layout of the hallway. If not one, but several doors enter the hallway, they should match the walls in color. The entrance hall will become lighter and more modern with a glass door or a stained-glass window.

To pick up furniture in a small hallway, you will have to consider several options, carefully measure the dimensions, and seek help from professionals. The wardrobe is still considered the best storage system for small hallways: it is easy to choose its depth in accordance with the area and layout.

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