A bedroom with slanted walls is more challenging to decorate than a regular-shaped bedroom. However, with the right choices of colours, furniture, decors, and details, you can turn this room into an attractive and comfortable space. Here are some tips on how to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls.

Choose a light colour for the walls and ceiling

An attic turned into a bedroom is usually a space that has slanted walls. Since it’s naturally dark, you need to make the room bright as much as possible. Painting it with a light colour like white will make it look brighter than using darker shades. Even if it’s not an attic, light paint will give the illusion that it is spacious if it is a small space.

Add a skylight or a huge window

If you have the budget, a skylight will be a great addition to the bedroom. It’s unique, and it also allows more light to come in during the day. Plus, it lets you enjoy the gorgeous sight of the moon and stars during the night. But, of course, a large window will also do, as it will allow natural light to come into the bedroom.

Get bespoke cabinets

You can maximise the space better with a bespoke cabinet. Consider hiring a company that specialises in fitted bedrooms. They will measure your space and ensure the cabinets or wardrobe will fit on your wall, considering its shape and size. It lets you make the most out of your room. Ready-made cabinets may work for regular-shaped rooms, but using them in a bedroom with slanted walls may not be ideal since not all spaces will be used. If you have a tiny room, it’s even more crucial to ensure that you put every inch and corner into good use.

Avoid bulky furniture

Since you are working with limited space, stay away from bulky furniture. Put only the ones you need and go, minimalist. Big furniture will eat more space, making the room too tight. It won’t be comfortable to move around if you have these types of furniture. Measure the furniture and space several times to ensure that they fit. Consider the hallway and door where you will pass through to get the furniture in the bedroom.

Create a nook

You can also turn the side with the slanting wall into your private space. For example, if you love reading, create a nook to arrange your books and read them there. It can also serve as your study table. If you have other hobbies, that space can serve as your mini work corner.

Turn it into a princess bed

If you have a daughter, you can turn this extra room into her bedroom and turn the bed into a princess bed. Place the bed on the part with the slanted wall, and add a faux canopy. You can use lace or any light material and hang it on the sloping part of the wall. Add fairy lights to make it look more magical.

Make the most out of the space in your bedroom with a slanted wall through these tips. It can also increase the value of your home.

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