Being a responsible homeowner, you would be concerned about the quality of indoor air. Pollutants come in from various sources, including cleaning materials, pets, and of course, the air on the outside.

Homeowners often consider outdoor pollutants such as dust mites, bacteria, mold, pollen, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to be the prime threat and overlook indoor pollutants.

These pollutants can accumulate in stronger concentrations particularly when your home lacks ventilation. The pollutants get into your interiors easily but then get trapped! The lack of proper ventilation prevents these particles from leaving your home. This is one of the reasons why people experience asthma attacks, allergies, and long-term respiratory issues.

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Purifying Indoor Air: How To Go About It?

The following guidelines will help you enhance the quality of your indoor air.

1. Get Indoor Plants

Indoor plants effectively purify the air at your home. Studies have revealed that some plants can seamlessly filter out common VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds are produced as by-products of different chemical-oriented cleaners.

Get plants such as aloe vera which are easy to maintain. These plants also come in handy when you get a sunburn. You can also opt for spider plants in your home. These plants come with amazing purifying properties. This way, you would have a natural mechanism to enhance the quality of your indoor air.

2. Replacing your air filters

Professionals recommend replacing the air filters of your furnace at the onset of summer. For your AC, alter the filters at the start of winter. Dirty air filters allow a limited amount of air to pass through them. Over time, they would develop mold, which might cause respiratory issues in your family members.

You also need to replace the air filters in the vents and hoods in the kitchen. Over time, these filters accumulate smoke and grease.

You would have another grease filter in the microwave above the stove. Periodic cleaning is necessary for the smooth functioning of the fan. Eventually, you would be breathing in much fresher air.

3. Buy a high-quality air purifier

When you purchase an air purifier, make sure it adheres to industry standards. In case someone in your family has allergies, you may get a HEPA model. The High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter would eliminate most of the airborne allergens that are commonly found in homes.

This includes pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, and ragweed. Moreover, vacuums are available in the market that comes integrated with HEPA filters. Use these appliances to eliminate allergens present in the carpet.

4. Enhance ventilation

Good ventilation does not necessarily mean keeping your windows open all the time. You need to get trickle vents installed in your rooms. These components go a long way in recycling and purifying the indoor air.

You might also install exhaust fans as an alternative, that would eventually push the pollutants outside. Make sure you get the steam out after taking a shower. This would mitigate the chances of mildew and mold growth.

Your kitchens need proper ventilation when there’s a gas stove running. Without proper ventilation, nitrogen dioxide would accumulate in the interiors.

5. Light beeswax candles

Beeswax candles are effective in purifying indoor air. These candles ionize the air, and in the process, the toxic contaminants and compounds get neutralized. This enhances the air quality in your home. Moreover, such candles burn slowly, which eliminates the necessity to replace them frequently.

In case you get pure beeswax candles, remember that they won’t produce any scent or smoke. These candles would come to your aid if you have an asthma patient at your home. Besides, beeswax candles also remove allergens such as dust from the interiors.

Why Does Professional AC Cleaning Matter?

The condition of your air filters in air conditioning systems largely determines their efficiency in purifying indoor air. This explains the value of professional AC cleaning services.

Here is why you should maintain the cleanliness of your cooling system:

1.Remove indoor odors

At times, you would notice your aircon emitting uncomfortable odors inside your chambers. Often, the growth of molds, along with the accumulation of dirt and bacteria leads to these unpleasant smells.

In these cases, you need to reach out to a professional AC cleaner and get the issue fixed. Accumulation of mold or bacteria does not allow the unit to function properly. Seeking professional support would help you get rid of these odors, all the while maintaining proper indoor air quality.

2. Breathe cleaner air

You cannot afford to compromise with the quality of the air your family members breathe. Firstly, you need to get the air filters cleaned or replaced. A professional hand can perform these tasks to perfection. This would safeguard your family members from allergens. Regular aircon servicing ensures that all the dirt and bacteria get removed from your room.

3. Get a technological edge

While some households try cleaning the air filters of their AC themselves, others value professional services. The reason is that established service providers possess advanced technologies, which can effectively remove dirt, molds, mildew, and other allergens.

Also, experienced professionals carry adequate industry expertise and they channelize their skills to keep your system in good shape.


You should never compromise on the quality of the air inside your house. Apart from the tactics recommended in this post, you can also use an electric scent diffuser or essential oils.

Do all that you can to keep your interiors clean. Many households use activated charcoal to enhance the quality of indoor air. Alternatively, you may purchase a salt crystal lamp, which serves more or less the same purpose. Most importantly, you need to have a proper ventilation system in place.

Partner with one of the reputed AC cleaners in your city to maintain the sanctity of your indoor air. Many households seek routine AC cleaning services from these experts.

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