So, your mortgage sailed through and you have yourself a new house to call home. What’s now remaining is to customize the house to your taste by redecorating it afresh.

A well-designed space can help turn an average home into a beautiful home, while poorly designed spaces can do the opposite.

Whether you’re working with an interior designer or not, it’s important to be conscious of design mistakes that may detract from your dream home’s beauty and functionality.

Here are some of the most common design mistakes made by new homeowners, along with tips on how to avoid them!

  1. Not Taking Time to Decide on Features

When you hire an interior designer, it’s a good idea to sit down with them and decide on what you want.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional, but that doesn’t mean you have to hand over all of your creative power. In fact, working together is more likely to result in results you love.

You can help your designer focus on your personal style and they can ensure everything looks cohesive and makes sense from a design perspective.

  1. Spending Too Much on Unexpected Upgrades

Even a small job like hanging a picture frame requires a high level of skill, and any homeowner who’s hired a random person off Craigslist to hang their art has probably learned that lesson firsthand.

If you’re not trained in residential construction or DIY projects, stick to hiring professionals. You don’t have to use an interior designer but make sure whoever you hire knows what they’re doing.

  1. Hiring Unqualified Help for Tasks

If you’re like most new homeowners, you’ll want to do everything in your power to keep costs down. But when it comes to home design, don’t cheap out. Let an interior designer handle things for you.

You can easily end up saving more money by hiring a professional than you would if you did it yourself and you will end up with a better-looking space.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Color Palette

Choosing your home’s color palette is one of many difficult choices new homeowners face when they begin to plan their dream house.

But choosing colors is more than just picking something pretty to go on your walls. They must be selected in a way that makes sense for both your lifestyle and long-term goals, while also complementing your home’s interior space.

One of the biggest mistakes new homeowners make when deciding on colors is not choosing enough.

  1. Choosing Only One Piece of Furniture

Furniture can be expensive, but there are ways to save money on it. Don’t try to buy every single thing at once. Think about buying one piece at a time to avoid spending too much money upfront.

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While you don’t have to be an expert interior designer or renovator to ensure your home is safe and inviting, you do need to take your time to get it right.

The suggestions we made above will help guide you in choosing safer and more long-lasting fixtures for your home. Remember: when in doubt, stick with tried-and-true materials that withstand wear and tear well.

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