It’s said that your sofa can make or break the style and ambiance you want to create for your living room. Also, it can be one of the most expensive components you’ll have to buy to complete your interior design. In this sense, it’s only fitting to invest in sofas that’ll complement the other components of the room you’re going to place them.

If you’re thinking of giving your living room a makeover, or maybe you still haven’t decided what sofa style to add to your new home, you might want to consider looking into the different trends that are taking the market by storm. A sofa buying guide can significantly help you understand which style to look for before you go shopping.

Here are the top five trends in living room sofas that you could check:

  1. Angular Sofas

If you want a trendier corner sofa, the angular style might suit your taste. Its contemporary vibe isn’t just for aesthetics because you’ll also appreciate how good at multitasking this couch trend is. The angular sofa is the perfect centerpiece for your living room, wherein the whole family can rest, play, sleep, work, and have great conversations.

If you want a signature piece that complements the architectural elements of your living room, angular sofas are a great option. The furniture is customizable and modular enough to create a range of possibilities depending on how you want the room to function or be used. Its angled design somehow contrasts its soft upholstery, thus creating a more intriguing appeal.

  1. Modular Sectional Sofas

Another top trend dominating the living room sofas scene is the modular sectional style. The said furniture is perfect for small and big living rooms, thus making it a popular choice among apartment dwellers.

You can opt for the multi-piece sectional couch that you can rearrange and redesign depending on your preferences.

What’s more, the modular sectional sofa comes in different fabric materials, sizes, and colors. You can mix and match the other elements of your living room based on the theme you want, and it’d still complement your sofa. This sofa style is also ideal if you’re going to create a laid-back and homey ambiance.

  1. Sofas With Vintage Designs

No matter how many trends come and go, there’ll always be a room and penchant for old designs. This is especially true in interior styling, and sofas are no exception. You can choose from the velvet settee, delicate French-style, bulky 70’s-inspired, and the classic design. You can choose from any era to draw your inspiration from, and since vintage never goes out of style, you can count on your sofa to stand the test of time and trend.

It’s said that vintage furniture pieces have the power to infuse elegance, depth, and character into any living space. Even inspired ones can already make a difference when you’re reinventing your home. The retro or vintage-inspired sofas are sleek, refined, and comfortable, and if you’re keen enough to score a good quality set, you can expect it to last for years and will indeed prove to be a valuable investment.

  1. Patterned And Color-Clashing Cushions

Who says sofas can only come in plain colors and simple prints? If you want something brighter, more cheerful, and unique, you can choose patterned or color-clashing cushions for your living room. You may have been used to buying matching colors and sizes for the cushion, but if you want to be updated on the latest trends, you’ve got to try this style for a change.

These cushions can be laid flat on the floor for that casual and cozy vibe. You’re free to mismatch the colors and patterns to help express your distinct flair and personality. Imagine having patterned wallpaper and decorative accents in your living room and finishing it off with a sofa that features checks, geometric, or floral patterns.

  1. Sofas With Metallic Details And Finishes

Gone are the days when couches were only made of wooden legs and traditional finishes. Now, a majority of homes have fixtures adorned with a gleam of metallic materials, particularly sofa legs. The style highlights contemporary glamour and adds more edge to the overall appeal of the living room.

This sofa trend goes well with almost any interior design and color palette, especially if you want to add a sophisticated air to your living room. Be it modern, industrial, eclectic, or even minimalist style that you wish to achieve, your sofa with metallic embellishments can complement it.

Final Words

A beautiful sofa is a statement piece that can complete the look of your living room. Hence, it only makes sense that you take the time, effort, and money to make sure you pick the best one that’ll suit your interior style and personality. You can choose from the top trends listed above to help you decide on a couch design for your home sweet home.

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