Misconceptions and myths can be found in every possible field – be it technology, science and even in the world of carpets. Misconceptions cloud the common consumer’s judgement and thereby forces him or her to make the wrong choices time and time again. But, if you tackle myths or misconceptions, then only the truth will appear right in front of you.

Therefore, to help you in your pursuit of truth, we have formulated this guide containing all the popular carpet cleaning myths & misconceptions that you should be knowing about. 

Well-Known Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions Busted


  • Vacuuming Can Damage Your Rugs


According to professional Sydney carpet cleaners, most modern rugs are manufactured in such a manner that they can easily withstand your daily vacuuming process. You must remember that daily vacuuming will not hurt your carpet or rug. Instead, vacuuming your rug regularly can help you reduce the overall amount of dirt by almost 80 per cent. 

Always keep in mind to vacuum your carpet or rug at least once per week. However, we’d suggest you practice vacuuming even more than that, if possible. 


  • Hairsprays Can Help In Cleaning Carpets


Some homeowners believe that using hair sprays directly onto their carpets will readily clean them from all dirt, dust & stains. Even though using hair sprays can improve the look of the surface of your rug or carpet in the short term, the damage can be brutal in the long term. 

This is because hairsprays leave residue after usage, which will attract further dust & other contaminants onto your carpets or rugs, making them dirtier. 


  • Newly Bought Carpets Don’t Require Any Cleaning


It doesn’t matter whether your carpet is one week or two years old – you have to take care of them similarly. You might not notice dirt, dust and stains on new carpets or rugs easily, because the fibres are new and they’ll have a shine on them. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll completely skip the cleaning process

Remember to vacuum your new carpets at least once every week, so that it stays in good shape. Additionally, you have to deep clean it once or twice per year. 


  • Ammonia Can Be Used To Clean Carpets


It should be realised that ammonia can be used to eliminate stains from your carpets or rugs. But, the usage should always be kept to a minimum. On the other hand, you cannot use ammonia for cleaning your carpets or rugs. Ammonia is highly alkaline and can directly damage the fibres of the rug or carpets. 

Instead, you can use proper carpet cleaners such as baking soda, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. You can also utilise store-bought carpet cleaners for your cleaning needs. 

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