There are several items you can integrate into your kitchen to make it more luxurious and look more expensive. These items, however, are not only pretty for the eyes but also practical. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces you have in the house and honestly, it is one of the rooms you spend most of the time in. Renovating your kitchen, redoing it, and decorating can drastically improve its overall value and look. In the text below, you’ll find some items you can incorporate into the kitchen to give it an extravagant look and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Granit faucet

Now, granite is a phaneritic rock composed of quartz and other minerals. Granite has found its use in the production of faucets in the last several years, because of its more than luxurious and extravagant look. These granite faucets have several different advantages as opposed to regular ones. First of all, the stains on the faucet are almost invisible which will save you the time of constantly cleaning it, it also gives the kitchen a sumptuous look and creates a rich atmosphere. The granite absorbs most of the light and has antibacterial properties making it more than convenient to keep and have in the kitchen. It does not differ much in terms of its primary function and it is completely the same, the main difference is the way it looks and feels under your fingers. The beauty of granite is its unique patterns, with each piece different from the next, as the arrangement of little flakes is the traces of minerals incorporated into the material. It goes pretty much with any color, and it looks exceptionally beautiful in white-themed kitchens.

A set of high-quality knives

The making of Japanese knives is an art form as a lot of effort and time is put into making them. They have a reputation for being the most long-lasting and most resilient knives with properties often preceding the competition. They do come at a price as they are not simply tools, rather every knife is a unique piece of art decorating your kitchen. Every cut you make respects the producer of the knife you’re using by ensuring that the basic “tool” you’re holding lives up to its name by being laser-sharp and precision-made. The beauty lies in its simplicity and in the process of making a Japanese knife set, as the whole procedure requires craftsmanship beyond our understanding. It is said, the students start learning at a very young age the art of making them and actually stay there until adulthood, before making their first pair. It will look palatial and opulent on the kitchen table, and it completely synchronizes with the lavish granite faucet as opposed to it. They are perfectly balanced and proportions are almost perfect, so your hand is cutting itself with little assistance. Do not spare a dime as these true beauties are more than convenient and look amazingly stunning.

A respirator

Kitchen respirations are an essential and fundamental element of every well-equipped kitchen. The respirator goes perfectly with the rest of the kitchen and gives it a magnificent and more than lavish look. It’s also practical, since the respirator acts as the kitchen’s lung, absorbing and expelling all of the various fragrances and odors.

Marble kitchen countertops

Marble is one of the most expensive minerals we people harvest and sell, because of its outstanding and magnificent looks. The appliance of marble in the kitchen has practical reasons as well, as marble is known to have antibacterial properties debunking the widespread myth about marble being a paradise of microbes. Actually, because of these properties, it remains the number one favorite even in elite Michelin star restaurants and at homes across the globe. Another factor why marble is the best choice for the kitchen, despite giving it the best and most luxurious look ever, is its resilience. Also, marble is known to be quite durable, lasting for a long period.

Metal-wood combinations

Another minimalistic and widespread design being incorporated into homes in the last several days has been half metal half wood combinations. The combination is a collision between the new age of technology, symbolized by the metal, having a futuristic tone, and the old school wood as it shows respect to the past. You can easily buy bar stools made from wood and steel, parts of the counter, cabinets, or the working table. This unique, affluent and deluxe design is everything you are looking for to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

We hope you’ll find these tips useful and helpful and give your kitchen a true makeover.

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