Attics and basements are usually for storing stuff no longer in use or just for safekeeping, like holiday decorations and old toys from your childhood. But these attics and basements can be more than just storage for items, and there are many beautiful ideas where you can transform these storage spaces or awkward spaces into habitable and beautiful rooms.

Transforming your attic needs much preparation. Make a checklist of what’s around the room and see if there are any exposed wires or leaking water pipes because this will delay your project. Install a hatch attic access door for these kinds of issues so that no problems will arise later.

Here are some ideas to transform your awkward spaces into your new dream room:

Children’s Playroom

Since your childhood toys are just in a box or plastic container in your attic, why not make the attic become the playroom? Add cute decorations for the children, like colorful string lights, bean bags, and handmade signs.

Paint the space with children-friendly colors so the children can feel at ease and be amazed while playing with their favorite toys. Some child-friendly colors include; blue, green, light pink, yellow, and orange. These colors uniquely affect children as they are non-stimulating to their eyes.

Game Room for Adults

Attics and basements are the best places for game rooms for adults. Set up gaming peripherals, chairs, and even a minibar to make the games with your friends and family more enjoyable. This idea is best for adults who love games and hanging out with friends and creating beautiful memories with their friends with this lovely idea.

Gaming peripherals you might want to add in the game room:

  • Dartboard
  • Billiard table
  • Poker table
  • Arcade cabinets
  • Pinball machines

Additional Dressing Room Space

Most of the time, attics store clothes that are not in use, like out-of-season clothing or those that don’t fit anymore. Instead of making it a room full of boxes and containers of clothes, why not make it another dressing room? An additional dressing room is perfect for people who own many clothes, shoes, and accessories.

All you need to do is paint the walls with the color you prefer and add some cabinets, dividers, and mirrors, and your additional dressing room is right around the corner. Invite your friends and family to try on some clothes and have a fun fashion runway.

A Guest Suite for your Guests

The attic and the basement are the perfect room for a guest room with spacious room, but if you’re going to let someone stay there for a couple of hours or days, you might as well go all the way and design it the proper way.

The guest room’s design should not make guests uncomfortable with random decorations because this room is unfamiliar. Design that will make them feel at home with a proper color theme, fabric, and overall vibe. And remember to put essentials like cabinets for their belongings, tables, chairs, and adequate lighting, and you can put a set of board games and magazines to pass the time.

An Additional Bathroom

If you transform your attic or basement with any of the above ideas, you can add a bathroom so that the person or people in these will not have to leave the room for a bathroom break. This idea is perfect for a guest room so guests can enjoy a bath in their own space. Just fill it with bathroom essentials like a shower, sink, faucet, and clean towels.

Final Thoughts

Transforming the attic or basement in your house is an excellent way to eliminate awkward spaces because all the rooms and open spaces in your home, a playroom, guest room, or any room you want, a little bit of tinkering with your design is just what it needs.

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