Working in a cozy environment improves the quality of your work simply because you will be more creative and productive while feeling comfortable.

No matter if you are doing most of your work from home or in the office, your work space has to be well organized and contain all the essentials required for your projects.

Can you imagine working without a desk or a chair? – Probably not. Additionally, you can choose the ideal option for your needs, such as single desk or two person desk.

The main benefit of the desk for two is the ability to work in a team without lack of space for any of two individuals.

Also, you and your partner may need to work at the same time and not having a 2 person desk for home office would make it much more difficult for the both of you.

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Working alone constantly can affect a person negatively and reduce their productivity.

By having a home office for two, you can make a working experience so much more fun and easier!

You and your partner can assist each other anytime, find solutions to many problems that any of you could have and enjoy the breaks together with a coffee and little interesting conversations!

Desk for two design ideas

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Although having a home office has so many benefits, the design and functionality of the room, especially the office desk for two, plays the most important role.

Before putting this idea into practice, you should make a detailed plan that usually involves compromise in certain areas, such as owning a 2 person computer desk.

By choosing the ideal design that will satisfy both, your partner’s and your needs, you will save a lot of space, avoid the struggle of having to create two different rooms and making your work harder.

For this reason, make sure you think of all the fields that need to be covered in order to create a perfect office for the two of you.

Tips and advice

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Creating an ideal work space can be a real challenge. It may seem easy but choosing the colors and adding some crafts is not enough to make the room comfortable and functional.

However, by coming to an agreement and making smart changes, you can achieve even a better result than you thought you would!


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Finding space for your lamps might frustrate you because you simply won’t feel like they belong anywhere you try to place them.

In case that happens, you can try and hang the pendant lights over the work stations and see how that functions! This may positively affect the vibe within the office as well.


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Since you and your partner will both need enough space for your personal items and documents, you can choose a two person computer deskwith the drawers and cubbies placed on the side.

This way, you can both access them easily without disrupting the work of one another.


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One of the things that you will benefit the most with an office for two is the space saving. Modern homes mostly have personal offices and the rooms they choose do not have to be too spacious or exclusive.

Since the main objectives are the comfort and functionality, attics and lofts are mostly converted into workshops. They are isolated from the rest of the house, which is ideal for a peaceful work environment.

By adding a nice table that will brighten up this place, you can get more than surprised by the positive result you will get from a room that you may have used as a storage before.

Phone use

In case you and your partner use a phone once in a while, it is recommended not to stay too close because you will disturb each other.

However, if you use a phone a lot, a desk for two people is probably not a good choice for any of you two because you won’t be able to think or focus.

Tech tools

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One of the things that you will need to consider closely is the usage of tech tools and how easy it is for both of you to access them while sitting in your chair.

You can share the scanner, fax machine, printer or phone unless one of you has to constantly use some of these. Adding unnecessary tools is really not recommended because you will lose space that could be well used.

Putting the larger peripherals between the workstations is the best choice because you will both have an easy access to all of them.

However, when it comes to smaller gadgets, you should get separate ones.

In fact, it is recommended to buy phone chargers, headphones and similar devices in different colors so you avoid mixing them up.

Make sure the electrical outlets are available for each workstation or use extensions if necessary.

Seating arrangement

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Having a personal little space makes us feel way better than having to share it. Make sure everyone has a unique seat, no matter if you are designing an office for you and your partner or a workplace for your kids.


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Setting the basic rules and dividing the storage is fundamental for the shared office. You both need to learn how to share and respect the space of one another.

Staying well-organized and avoiding the mess will make the functionality easier because you won’t have to keep looking through every drawer to find something, you will know exactly where it is!

Zen Space

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If the space you are planning to convert to your office is large enough, you can consider a long desk against the wall. It will give a small personal area to everyone and still be functional.

Interaction style

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A large desk for you and your partner sitting on the opposite sides is a good option in case you are interacting with each other a lot or you simply like collaborating and enjoying the company of one another.

The only situation where this type of desk is not a good choice is, as mentioned before,when one or both of you use telephone too much.

Small Spaces

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No space is too little if you know how to use it. A 2 person computer desk is a great choice if you want to create more desk storage and still have enough space to move around comfortably.

Storing items

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Putting certain papers in the middle of the desk is not a big problem. However, if the documents are important or you need to have an easy access to them anytime, you should have a special storage for them.

Tucking a filing cabinet beside or below the workstations is a good alternative. You can also consider mounting the wall cabinets and shelves for a better organization and clear divisions of spaces. Of course, with a little bit of creativity, you can create additional drawers and cubbies that will give you even morespace.


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A shared office does not mean that any of you has to adapt to the style of the other. You should both express your opinions and desires that will make this working area comfortable and homely.

Personal touches

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One thing you should remember while creating a home office is that it’s a part of your home. Therefore, do not be too formal. Hang your favorite paintings or photos on the wall or add something personal that makes you feel nice.

Modern and sleek

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In case you are concerned about the lack of space, going vertical is the best option! Despite the desk you choose, both you and your partner will have enough space to be productive and well-organized.


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Designing a home office for two is slightly more complicated than designing it for you only. For this reason, you and your partner should consider all the aspects regarding this next move and plan it carefully. Take your time together coming with ideas and suggestions that will make this work place comfortable and useful for the both of you. Remember that you should both have enough privacy, be able to function well, be comfortable and add personal touches to the area! You can be creative and think of designs, such as a pair of love seats or armchairs that will inspire you and take the work pressure off your shoulders. A great office desk and environment will bring many benefits for you and your partner, which will reflect on better work results!

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