This is the first feature we search for when we want flooring options for our home. And it should be, but the logic changes when searching for a kitchen or bathroom flooring option.

When we search for flooring options for our living room, bedroom, or dining room, we want beautiful flooring to enhance the floor’s beauty and attract people’s minds. We want performance too but beauty comes first. But when it’s for the kitchen and bathroom, performance comes first. Because both places are involved with water. And due to this reason, among numerous flooring options, only a handful of options remain to choose from for the kitchen and bathroom.

Let’s not drag and know what flooring is best for the kitchen and bathroom?

Scroll down and run with me for a few minutes. I am gonna share the best flooring option that is perfect to use in both the kitchen and bathroom.

What flooring is best for the kitchen and bathroom?

Tile is the best flooring for the kitchen and bathroom. It’s the most durable flooring option that can be used on wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Another alternative for tiles is California epoxy flooring. This is as durable as tiles and is easily maintained.

Tile has a record of lasting longer than a life. A porcelain tile with a base of marble or granite adds luxury to your home. Ceramic tiles are extremely popular in modern houses as they can withstand extreme temperature variations and hold up well even after years of use. Let’s know about some more tile options you can choose from for your kitchen and bathroom flooring.

Types of tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular types of tile flooring in today’s market. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly. A combination of cement and clay makes ceramic tiles that are heat and cold-resistant. Hence it is a perfect fit for both the kitchen and bathroom. Just because you are giving priority to performance doesn’t mean you have to use flooring that doesn’t look good. Ceramic tile comes with varieties of size, shape, and colors options.

Plus, it can also withstand harsh chemicals or pets’ urine. And you won’t have to put hard efforts to clean it regularly; just a regular damp mopping is enough.

Porcelain tile

Porcelain tile is best overall. It’s cost-effective, stylish, and waterproof. It has a solid textured feeling like stone, waterproof like vinyl, great looking like wood, and affordable like ceramic. Porcelain is a certified water-resistant option; its water absorption rate is 0.5% or less than it.

Concrete tile

If you don’t like ceramic tile, but the budget is low, you can choose concrete tile. It’s the best alternative to ceramic tile at an affordable price.

Granite or Stone Tile

While ceramic tile is the most affordable tile option, granite and stone tile are expensive ones. If you want to go with a tile option but with a better one, you can choose granite or stone tile. It’s hardy, durable, and also gives a luxurious look. If you have enough budgets, granite or stone tile is the best option to go with.

Why is tile flooring best for the kitchen and bathroom?

Don’t be deprived of enjoying tile flooring by thinking its best only for the kitchen and bathroom. Tile has many more benefits that have made it a popular and best choice. Are you excited to know about some advantages of having a tile floor?

Let’s get to know them.


The first reason we choose tile as the perfect flooring for a kitchen and bathroom is because it is water-resistant. Due to being touched with water, the kitchen and bathroom need water-resistant flooring, so it doesn’t get damaged with the touch of water.


Tile is free of wear and tear. It can handle high traffic areas and even heavy dropping. Tile is sturdy flooring; it won’t crack or break so easily. Even scratches are rarely seen and can’t damage them.

Environment friendly

No matter how beautiful or durable flooring is, if it’s not health-friendly, let alone best, it isn’t even worth considering as your flooring option. Tile is eco-friendly. It’s made with raw materials through recycling. So it won’t cause any health problems to kids or pets or even allergic people. It will keep the house cold in summer and warm in winter.


Tile flooring doesn’t need your attention while cleaning. Regular damp mopping and steam clean once a week is enough to keep it clean. It’s stain-free and doesn’t absorb any water, so spills can’t make any changes. Just pick up the falls and damp mop.


Along with good features, tile floorings are also good-looking. If you use stone or granite flooring, you are gonna get a super stylish look. Tile is available in various types (mentioned above), different sizes & shapes, and colors like black, white, beige, cream, and many more that give a classy look.


Different types of tiles cost a different amount. While ceramic and concrete tiles are affordable, stone and granite tiles are expensive. So if you want budget-friendly, you have options, and if you want something exclusive and expensive, that too is available in tile flooring. So don’t dare to think a tile is a cheap option.

Increase the resale value

Flooring can also boost the value of your house. If you have to sell your house in the future, having high-performance, unique style tile flooring will increase its resale value. A home with good flooring that has great demand in the market.


I have told you what flooring is best for the kitchen and bathroom and why. If you don’t find any suitable flooring option among different tile options, I would like to share alternative flooring. Use vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl is extremely durable, and its humidity level is also high. So it’s also safe to use in kitchen and bathroom.

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