Farmhouse lighting provides a simple, pocket-friendly, and effective way to achieve a modern home design. Whether you want to revamp your kitchen lighting or emphasize your high ceiling, this lighting solution creates a great way to increase your home’s overall appeal.

While farmhouse lighting is still a relatively new trend, it has rapidly become popular with real estate agents and home buyers. Including this feature not only improves aesthetics but also significantly increases property value. So what exactly is farmhouse lighting, and what value does it add to your home?

What is Farmhouse Lighting?

This type of home decor refers to lighting fixtures that hang from a chord. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and flush mounts all fall under this type of decor. The primary advantage of farmhouse lighting is its ability to integrate and complement modern interior design solutions. At the peak of its powers, this decor provides warmth and simplicity.

Type of Farmhouse Lighting

While this type of lighting has a country vibe, it has a variety of components that fit more contemporary home decor. The various types of farmhouse lighting solutions include;

Pendant Lights

These lights are simple, beautiful, and efficient. They work as individual units or merge with your entire lighting ecosystem. They have fewer bulbs and hence are easier to install.

Wall Sconces

Unlike pendant lights that hang from the ceiling, sconces anchor to the walls. These fixtures are suitable for small spaces because they have one bulb. While you can use them in several places, they work for window seats, hallways, and bathrooms.


The most common type of farmhouse lighting is the chandelier. This lighting solution acts as a centerpiece for rooms with large spaces. Chandeliers come in different shapes and sizes. Primarily, this solution is best for large spaces mainly because it is low-hanging.

Flush Mounts

Like Chandeliers, flush mounts provide the perfect solution for ambient lighting. You fix them to the ceiling, and they illuminate entire spaces. Flush mounts don’t dangle. This feature makes them suitable for small areas like bedrooms and hallways. Flush mounts are more permanent fixtures-this makes them safer and less vulnerable to impact damage.

How to Choose the Right Farmhouse Lighting for Your Home

Farmhouse lighting is a simple but effective way to improve the ambiance and beauty of your home decor. It’s cost-efficient and easy to install. For the best solution, there are a few things you should consider


Most farmhouse lights hang down from the ceiling. If you have minimal headspace, consider components fixed on the walls. While chandeliers work in large spaces-they are risky for small ones. Flush mounts and wall sconces are more suitable in this scenario.

Color Preference

The fundamental role of farmhouse lighting is to complement your decor. Ensure you pick a fixture that matches your style. Choosing too many color varieties will create a contrast and ruin your entire setup.


Fixture placement is also a contributing factor when setting up home decor. Even bulb positioning affects the quality of light you get. Downward-facing bulbs are brighter, while those facing upwards have a softer glow. Different areas in your home require different light intensities. You may need to consult an expert to know the best location for your farmhouse lighting fixtures.

Bottom Line

If you are toying with improving the ambiance in your home, farmhouse lighting should be at the top of your list. This solution is compatible with many home ecosystems, and they provide reliability at every level.

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