Buying a fish is often looked at as an easy alternative to getting a dog, cat or a hamster for example. But it’s not all easy, it really does depend on what kind of fish you get, how many you want to get and also how much time you have to give care to them. Here in the article I’m going to cover everything you should consider and/or do before making the plunge into getting a fish or a few fish. ‘

If this all seems already a little bit overwhelming for you, I recommend you get yourself down to the local pet store. Asking for advice from an expert in person would be great to clear up all of your questions and worries.

So i think it’s time we get into it, i won’t bore you anymore with any boring intros. Here is everything you need to do before buying a fish

The tank

Ok im gonna start by saying the bigger the tank the better, does that mean you need to buy the biggest one in the store. No, but be considerate. This fish will be living in the tank that you decide to spend your hard earned money on for all of its life, so choose wisely.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, we know how big the tank should be. How about we try and make it a bit more natural and normal for the fish. Getting your hands on some Anubias aquarium plants would be a great shout. There are many different species of plants like Java Fern aquarium plants, Bucephalandra aquarium plants and also  low light aquarium plants that your fish will love, it’ll just make them feel more at home too.

Now onto the next section of the tank, what is that? You may think that this is a completely unimportant factor to consider when buying fish. But this is very important for the quality of life they will have. So what’s the perfect spot? I recommend somewhere away from direct sunlight, windows, heating or cooling air vents and away from the noise of traffic if you live in a loud area of the city.

Just think to yourself, if i were a fish, how would i like to be treated.


This part is almost as important as the actual tank, having the right equipment will ensure that the fish have oxygen and that the water is nice, clear, clean and safe for them to have a life in. What equipment will you need to purchase? Well, it actually will depend on which fish you buy. But i’ll give you the basics, remember any questions that you have. I recommend that you refer to someone in the local pet store. Here’s the list i recommend

  • A good quality filter – This will filter out the water ‘duh’
  • Air pump – This is going to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the water for them to breath
  • A heater – Fish can’t actually produce body heat, so this is not kind of important. It’s really important, especially for tropical species that are accustomed to warmer waters
  • Thermometer – You need to know the ideal temperature for the fish that you have, for tropical fish it is 78º F. So keep an eye on that
  • Lighting – As a rule of thumb, keep the light on for 8-12 hours per day. This is simple, you don’t need to overcomplicate it
  • Gravel and Plants -. Plants I already mentioned, but I believe it’s important so I’m gonna remind you again. When it comes to gravel, apart from looking pretty. It will also add beauty to the tank, gravel gives good bacteria a place to live. This bacteria can help break down the waste that your fish create.


Yes, I said water. I know it may sound kind of dumb, but you cant get this wriong otherwise its not gonna be a very liong and happy life full of memories for them little fishies. Here’s the 3 top tips that i’ve got for you in this category, stay tuned

  • Conditioner : add a good quality conditioner when you add your tap water to your tank to get rid of its chlorine.
  • Cycle: “Cycling” a fish tank means growing healthy bacteria on a new filtration system so it filters out toxins, these toxins can be extremely dangerous to your little fish. You can also ask for advice on how to do this in the most effective way in your local pet store
  • Replenish: Adding a water treatment replenishes essential elements and minerals in between the times when you change the water. This helps stop the water in your aquarium from going stale or stinky

Consider this

Like I said early at the start of the article, having a fish isn’t just as easy as you think. You don’t just rock up to the store and bring it home, put it in a bowl with a bit of water, and job a goodun. No, I’m afraid that’s not how it works. In the movies yes, but a lot happens in the movies doesn’t it, it’s hollywood.

Make sure that you first of all have sufficient income, especially if you plan to have a large collection. Or definitely if you want to have any exotic or tropical fish, if you wanna take it seriously it’s a very big commitment to take on your maybe already stressful life.

I’m not trying to discourage you from buying yourself a tank and getting some fish, just remember that you will have an extra responsibility to tend to once every now and then. But on the other hand, having an extra responsibility may be exactly what you need. Maybe you’re going through a tough breakup or you lost a close friend or even a pet. FIsh are definitely a step down in terms of responsibility as opposed to a dog. But like i’ve said, keep in mind that it may not all be plain sailing.

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