In ancient times, a house was mostly constructed as a medium of protection from the elements of nature. They were hunters and nomads hence there was not much need for much decoration and in any case, their knowledge of decoration and home construction was minimal. Now in the modern era, the usefulness of a house has transcended sheltering, homes now are more of a reflection of the style and taste of the owner.

Out of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is perhaps the most important as it is where you rest from the day’s activities. Home decoration is beyond putting a couple pieces of furniture here and there, it requires an awareness of space management and applicable décor. Thankfully, there are room designer apps that can help you achieve the design you would really like for your room.

12 Room Design Apps

IKEA Home Planner Tools

IKEA is a popular brand and this infers that their home planner tool will at least keep up with the goodwill of the brand. You can curate a home design starting from the floor up to the furniture.


This award winning app can be used to curate room layout even with established brand products. Upon completion, you could take a virtual inspection tour and you can share your design on social media to impress your friends, contacts, and even get an expert opinion.


Is perhaps one of the most detailed designer apps in the market. The detailed nature of the app gives the user the leverage to produce designs in 3D graphics and fine tune the design using the features embedded in the software.

Design a Room

Clearly, color is a part of home design. Having the right design but the wrong color may not produce the best design. Hence, this app allows users to use contemporary, traditional, and global fusion themes in designing while also exploring different colors and finishes to get the best design.


Originally developed by Autodesk, Homestyler is a simple to use tool that allows for easy creation of designs by dragging and dropping designs into the template. Users can select their preferred décor item and ascertain its blend in their design.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

This app is great for beginners because of the preloaded layouts and you can also experiment with different walls and door styles from their gallery of interior finishes.


This app comes with a flow chart program useful for the design of floor plans and room plans. The app is free to try but is available for a price of $9.95/monthly or $297 for a single license. You can explore the repertoire of preloaded plans available within the app to kickoff your design even as you familiarize yourself with the other feathers provided in the app.


This is a great design tool that utilizes a blend of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to smoothen the process of room design. It has a gaming outlook because there are design challenges with rewards for users. It also utilizes blockchain technology as there virtual coins available.


With this app, a room can be built from scratch to finish. The design will commence from 2D but after completion, it can be rendered to 3D. The trial version of this app is free but the full version costs $14.99 only.

Sweet Home 3D

This app gives a virtual home design experience where you can add components of your floor plan from a furniture catalog or list. The home plan can be viewed in 2D. It has a free version but the advanced version is available for $13.99.


This is a user-friendly app for designing interior layouts by using scanned photos supplied by the user in creating a floor plan. The app is free for the first two projects after which will cost $9.99 per month.

The Home Renovator

This app is useful for home makeovers. You can open a worksheet and input your desired measurement and you can get a report on the materials and cost of the planned renovation.

Your room can be better than it currently looks. The only thing stopping you from having a better-designed room is your interest and desire. You can avail yourself of room design apps and tools to simplify the process of beautifying your apartment. A good home ought to be complemented with good security so you can feel safe when you are indoor. You can beef up your security by procuring a smart alarm setup for home.

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