There are many things to consider when building a house. One of these is choosing between a one-storey or two-storey home. If you’re confused between these options, you’re not alone.

Many homeowners actually struggle to decide whether to settle with a one-storey or a two-storey home. Although both are great choices, it all boils down to your personal taste, budget, land suitability, and lifestyle choices. All of these can contribute to your final decision.

Regardless if you decide to hire home builders to help you or not, below are the things you should keep in mind to know what’s right for you:

Personal Taste

Personal taste will win out once you’re deciding to purchase a one-storey or two-storey home. Often, a one-storey home is prized and could sell quicker than a two-storey home in suburbs, while some prefer a two-storey building in a city neighbourhood. Also, if you don’t want to run into some resale issues, never purchase or build a one-storey home surrounded by two-storey homes.

Lifestyle Choices

s 2 Storey VS 1 Storey Homes: Which Is Right For You?

As with any kind of investment decision, it’s crucial that you don’t only consider your plans, but you must also think of the future. For this reason, your layout must be flexible with any possible changes, whether you choose a one-storey or a two-storey home.

One-storey homes can be a convenient option for couples or small families. On the other hand, two-storey homes are best for a family with two or more kids, and for those who want more space. For instance, musicians may need a music room downstairs and have some impressive rooms for guests upstairs.

Knowing the layout that would fit your lifestyle and budget can make your decision for a one-storey or two-storey home more visible. Other than that, it helps to make a list of your needs and speak with an architect and builders to see what fits better with your floor plans. In other cases, spending more money on a well-designed and spacious one-storey home can be as appealing and effective as a two-storey home.


Two-storey homes are slightly costlier than one-storey homes, but that shouldn’t be your only consideration. While you may expect to spend an additional cost on your two-storey home, you get an additional value of yard space.

If you’re not concerned about yard space, you can comfortably fit a two-storey home on small blocks without sacrificing the size of the living areas. However, it’s important to note the ongoing costs of cooling and heating your home. With this in mind, a one-storey home can be cheaper if you use air conditioning regularly.

Property Aspect

If your land is surrounded by natural views, it’s best to think of making the most of your property by considering a two-storey home. You may also maximize the natural light’s thermal benefits with a two-storey home. These days, a popular trend is placing living areas on the top floor to enjoy such benefits while keeping the bedrooms on the lower floor.

In addition, it’s worth considering the aspect of the properties in your new neighbourhood, especially if you plan to live in a housing development. Several homeowners don’t want their properties to loom over other properties if most of them are one-storey structures.


A primary benefit of two-storey homes is added privacy they can provide for the family’s individual members. Families with teens can have several bedrooms upstairs or downstairs for more privacy. It’s also a benefit if you’re housing your elderly relatives and you need to have as much space as possible.


No matter what your preferences are for your home, your family and your health situation will be a huge factor in your decision. If you have children, you may find a two-storey home a better option. However, if you’re searching for a house to spend your retirement in, you can find that a one-storey home a great choice since mobility and aging issues often go hand in hand. Just make sure to keep your budget and needs in mind.

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