Life is too short for everything to be super serious all the time. A lot of homes are not designed with the creativity and imagination of a child, and maybe it is time for that to change. We all need to summon our inner child from time to time, and so here are 3 ways to make your home more kid-friendly.

1.  Let The Kids Have A Say In The Decor

Don’t be afraid to embrace the silly ideas that your children propose to you. Ask them their opinions and what they would add to their bedrooms. For example, if they want to paint their entire bedroom pink, then seek inspiration on Just DIY Decor to get the ideas turning into reality. Letting kids pick out a few accessories here and there, won’t make much of a difference to the house overall, but it will just add a nice childlike essence. Additionally, letting children have a say in the decor of the home will make them feel more important too.

2.  Create An ‘Adult Free’ Zone

Another great way to make the house feel more kid-friendly is to give the children their own space/zone that is free from adults! If you have a spare room or a playroom, then you can fill this room up with legos, crafts, paints and toys for the kids to go wild with. It becomes a place for them to express their creativity and let their imagination flow, which is so important for a child’s development.


If your home is slightly smaller and does not have the extra rooms to spare, then that is no problem at all! Instead, you can assign a corner of a room, such as the living room and build a fort in the corner for the kids. This adds another element of fun for the kids, because what child doesn’t enjoy building a fort? Additionally, keeping it to one corner of the room means clean-up will be minimal, and that is always a perk.

3.  Make The Garden A Space They Want To Play In

Encouraging your children to play outside should always be a priority! It is good for both their physical and mental health. One way to get the kids out and about is to make the garden a place they want to be in. Consider building a treehouse, a swing, or even a sandpit! Depending on the space you have outside, you can get really creative with it and there is a lot of inspiration and ideas online to help you out. If you do have the space to build something like a treehouse or a swing, make it a family project and get everyone involved. Get the kids to pick the colours and then hand them a paintbrush to put their artistic skills to the test. You are guaranteed to have an afternoon of laughter, and most probably a bit of mess too.

So there you have 3 great ways to make your home kid-friendly. This is important for children for many reasons, but mainly because it allows them to express themselves and have fun.

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